Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Paris Massacre: The Light and the Darkness

It's not going to be easy to write this post, because the anger I felt earlier today, has been replaced by sadness and shock.

Sadness for those who were killed, and those who loved them. Shock at the bestiality of those who would murder others for the "crime" of wielding a pencil.

For as you might have guessed, while I have no time for crazy religion, and I hate bullies with a passion.

I do admire cartoonists a lot...

For telling the truth that so many others dare not speak. 

And what disturbs me the most is that I know that right-wing governments and fascist groups all over Europe will use this insane massacre to swell the ranks of their supporters, by taking maximum political advantage of the situation. And dragging us all into their hideous darkness.

As will, as I pointed out in my last post, Stephen Harper.

You know, Great Strong Closet Leader.

Who will almost certainly use that senseless massacre to try to hang on to power, by cranking up the Fear Factor, and trying to scare Canadians into voting for him. In what now might be a very early election.

Even though nobody has done more to suppress the truth, or bullied, intimidated, or terrorized more people in this country than he has. His latest victims being these Canadians. 

A Halifax environmental group that survived a special "political activities" audit says it has become more cautious — even suggesting it backs off issues — since being targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency.

And his crocodile tears about the death of journalists, are laid low by the fact that he has left the Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy rot in an Egyptian prison for over a year...

For the "crime" of doing his job.

But I'll have more to say about Harper and his foul Con gang, and how we must counter the fear and the fascist tactics that they are sure to use against us, in some other post.

Tonight, I just want to say this to all the right-wingers, fascists, religious maniacs, violent bullies, and savage terrorists of the world:

We will not let you take away our freedoms, or turn us into a police state, or force us to play your terrorist game.

Terrorism is no ordinary crime. It depends on consequence. It can kill people and damage property. It can impose cost. But it cannot occupy territory or topple governments. Even to instil fear it requires human enhancement, from the media and politicians. 

That is why the most effective response is to meet terrorism on its own terms. It is to refuse to be terrified. It is not to show fear, not to overreact, not to over-publicise the aftermath. It is to treat each event as a passing accident of horror, and leave the perpetrator devoid of further satisfaction. That is the only way to defeat terrorism.

We will mock you mercilessly...

For it is what you deserve. And you hate it so much.

The pen or the pencil IS mightier than the sword...

For even when bloodied, by the enemies of freedom.

It only comes back stronger...

For we are all Charlie now.

That is the light in the darkness...

And like freedom, the truth cannot be murdered, suppressed, or muzzled.

And in that regard, this is my message for Stephen Harper and his would be merchants of fear.

Let me be clear, my dictator, and would be foul fascist.

You will STILL be defeated.

And like so many others, we are not AFRAID...

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  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    How to prevent further terrorist acts in western countries: Get out of the Middle East. This is all down to Tony Blair and George Bush and their greed for oil.

    1. hi anon...I have always believed that western intervention in the region has done nothing but harm, and yes it has been mostly about oil. But in this case it doesn't seem to have anything to do with that. It seems to be the work of religious fanatics aimed at avenging the way that publication mocked their beliefs...

  2. Talking of freedom of speech, truth and creativity.......
    Recently Advertising Standards Canada has been sponsoring some PSAs on TV about 'Truth in Advertizing', on showing that painting a blank canvas white does not an artist make and another showing that dressing up as a concert pianist does nothing for the performance. ( It seems to me that these spots could well speak of the Ads, paid for by the taxpayers, issuing from the Harper Regime, is there potential for a viral U-Tube hit here featuring a certain arrogant AH? Any creative video enthusiasts out there?

    1. hi Rural...if you remember the advertising standards people did weigh in on a Con ad that was promoting a program that didn't exist, and had to be pulled from they porky website. But not before I had made a copy and turned it into a YouTube that you can watch here:

      I have quite a collection of their foul propaganda and you can be sure I will be making more YouTubes to mock them in the future...

  3. First of all Harper has been irresponsible with his making terrorism a wedge issue. The good Muslims in Canada and the world are collateral damage. The best way to prevent terrorism is to have the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and Imams of terrorists alert the authorities. So instead of using dog whistle language to attack Islam world leaders need to act like leaders not punks. They need to face the real root causes not hide behind the "they hate freedom" talking point

    The fact is there are 1.5 billion Muslims, a war on them is .....

    1. hi Steve...I completely agree with you, something like terrorism should not be a wedge issue. But then as you know Lord Harp tries to turn everything into some way to pit one group of Canadians against the other. And you know how he feels about "root causes." He is in the end just a cheap demagogue, and does nobody in this country a favour with that kind of approach...

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Did anyone in Paris lock themselves in a bathroom and/or, hide in a closet, to save their own hides as Harper did, to save his own miserable hide and to hell with anyone else?

    I am very sorry for the families of the victims, in this terrible tragedy.

    I am with Anon 7:16. Those countries hate we infidels and want us out of their countries. I am for getting our people out of their countries and for expelling those countries people out of our counrty and keep them out. They can also take Harper with them. Harper would make a good General for them as, he has no principals nor ethics, what-so-ever.

    1. hi, unlike our Great Leader, the Charlie Hebdo had no chance to hide in a closet, and were real terrorists. But as I explained above this shooting seems to be more the work of religious fanatics rather than those who were objecting to the intervention of western countries in the Middle East. But your solution is too radical. We do not need to expel people just because they come from some country or other, because the vast majority are good citizens, and do us no damage...

  5. e.a.f.1:56 PM

    What I found so interesting is once again con harper was so fast off the mark sending condolenses, etc. just like he did when they had the murders in Australia. In Canada we have 1,200 murdered women and what does he have to say, "it isn't really high on our radar, to be honest."

    Perhaps con harper could start being a tad more concerned about the murders of Canadian women. Of course that might not get him the publicity he wants, but just the same, they are Canadian and Canadian lives matter just as much as Australian and French lives.

    1. hi e.a.f...I too objected at the way Harper came racing out of his closet to try to seek political advantage. As I wrote in my last post, a friend in Ottawa told me the Cons were "jumping around like cats on a hot tin roof." I only wish we had a Prime Minister whose motives can be trusted. But we will not have one until we get rid of Harper and his ghastly gang...

  6. Charlie Hebdo is no political friend imho. For years now it has deviated to the field of mainstream thought and participates loudly in the development of a left-wing Islamophobia. No one can or should rejoice in the execution of journalists and nothing can justify this heinous act. But this attack should not silence the criticisms of publications like Charlie Hebdo and it's so-called humour.

  7. hi Omar...I don't disagree with you. I am not a fan of the kind of material that magazine produces. And if you noticed I didn't run any of their cartoons, as so many others did. Although I'm an atheist, and do criticize religion when it infringes the human rights of others, baiting the beliefs of Muslims or any other group is not something I would do. So when I say Je Suis Charlie it's only because they were murdered, which cannot be justified by anything that magazine ever did. I would only add that France is officially a secular country, so what passes for humour there doesn't translate well here....