Monday, June 01, 2015

The New Con Attack Ad and the Disgustingness of Stephen Harper

As we all know Stephen Harper was the man, or the monster, who introduced the most disgusting attack ads this country had ever seen.

Extracting them from the bowels of Republican America, with his teeth or his tongue. And using them to destroy his political opponents

We also know how well they worked for him, until his ads aimed at Justin Trudeau backfired, and started making Harper look like a grubby pervert...

So now as I'm sure you also know, the Cons are filling the airwaves with a new ad aimed at Trudeau, and trying to portray it as a kinder, gentler one...

When in fact it's the same kind of political pornography, the same kind of smarmy politics of personal destruction, or just a stinky Con turd with a sugar coating.

It distorts Trudeau's positions on the economy and the war on ISIS, makes light of his legitimate stand on the legalization of marijuana, and makes it sound as if he would scrap income-splitting for pensioners. Which is a Big Lie or absolute baloney. 

There is no truth to the Conservative assertion that the NDP and Liberals would scrap pension income splitting should they form government. Both parties have explicitly said they would keep the measure.

For these reasons, the claim that opposition parties would do away with pension income splitting is "full of baloney."

But what makes it even worse, or even more disgusting, is that once again the Cons are questioning Justin's masculinity.

As if to assure Canadians that they hadn’t completely deserted the political low road, Conservatives tossed in a gratuitous poke at Justin Trudeau’s appearance in their newest attack ad, released this week. “Nice hair,” says one of the panellists reviewing Trudeau’s resumé in the ad. It is not meant as a compliment. 

The hair jokes, the pixie dust in earlier ads, the whispered sneers about how he is riding on the coattails of another man’s intelligence or money (in this case, his father’s) — it’s hard not to see these insults as variations on the question of whether Trudeau is “man enough” to lead Canada.

Which is of course absurd, considering that Harper wouldn't last thirty seconds in the ring with Trudeau...

Before wetting his pants, or calling for his mommy. Or hitting the canvas with a sickening thud.

Or for that matter last thirty seconds in a no holds barred debate with Tom Mulcair.

And whatever the Con propagandists, or the voices in his head might tell him, he is no Great Macho Leader...

But beyond the macho bullshit, what makes the ad so obscene is that running through it is a yellow streak of homophobia and misogyny that could only have come from the reptilian brain of Stephen Harper.

Who is the furthest thing from a real man. Because real men, whether they're gay or straight, don't bully others and may be strong or gentle, but never cruel and cowardly.

And the fact is whatever Canadians might believe, this country and this world need more macho leaders like we need a hole in the head.

What we really need are more strong and decent leaders like this one...

Not one who lost his moral compass a long time ago.

And definitely NOT a political pervert like this one...

And of course one thing is for sure.

Our country will not be clean and decent.

And our Canada will not be our Canada again.

Until we send this depraved monster back to the sewer where he belongs...

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  1. Funny. I'm paying for Slithery Steve's toupe washer and not paying for a Trudeau hairdresser .

    1. hi rumleyfips....yes when you have a helmet head all you have to do is wax and polish it...

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    The Cons keep repeating the formula of attack ads because too many Canadians are too stupid to see past the name calling and petty politics. They fail to understand that as long as Harper deflects from his own lame duck policies and performance, he'll do OK. Also, attack ads with mainstream media companies (many of which are paid for with public funds) keep the companies flush and happy to keep endorsing Harper to keep the cycle of funds flowing.

    Ultimately, we'll get the results we deserve in 2015. If we're collectively too moronic to appreciate REAL leaders (as opposed to our closet clown Con), we'll continue to suffer the boot heel of these thugs.


    1. hi anon....I think many Canadians are waking up. Where once Cons dominated the comment pages of the newspapers now most reactions are negative. The level of contempt for Harper and his regime is really quite something, and I have to believe that most Canadians will do whatever it takes to defeat them...

  3. e.a.f.1:20 AM

    Steve is over the hill. the aging baby boomers may think he is one of them, but really not so much. aS we have aged, our bank accounts have gotten smaller and our children aren't doing as well as we did. Unemployment is going up and he plans to cut $30 Billion from health care just as we will need it more than ever.

    Justin Trudeau is simply blessed with good looks and it doesn't matter what the Cons ads say, it may not stick to him, as it did to his predecors. Trudeau hasn't made any bad mistakes. he holds the promise of something younger and better. if young people get out to vote, they won't vote the old man , who looks old, they may vote for Elizabeth May, because she's Green, they may vote Trudeau, because he is closer in age and has 3 young kids. They may vote Mulcair because he talks about trying to provide a better life for the young people who are going no where fast.

    The key to this election will be younger people. the people who didn't vote before. Now they may have a reason to vote, their very lively hoods, their environment, their health care, their ability to buy a house in their own province.

    Harper did not improve anything for the 20/30 somethings. So what do they have to loose if they vote for another party. They don't have anything to loose, they can take the gamble.

    Now that the report regarding First Nations has been released, Harper's phrase about the 1,200 murdered/missing First Nations women not being on his radar will come back to haunt him. First Nations haven't been on many governments' radar, but the only one who said it out loud was harper. In this election, if First Nations all vote against Harper more than a few of his M.Ps. will be gone and with them the majority which has caused some many problems in the North. No adequate food, water, housing, education. The list goes on. Harper is now heading a country which will have a very black eye on the international stage. Canadians will take notice he did nothing to change the plight of the First Nations, not even provide adequate drinking water.

  4. hi're right the Harper regime is showing all the signs of being way past due. He's running against his own foul record AND history. And the more people hear from him the more they despise him. Which suggests to me that the massive propaganda campaign they are preparing to hit us with may well backfire. The only thing that might save him now is a terrorist attack, and you can be sure he's praying for one....