Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bill C-51: Learning How to Raise Our Voices to Denounce a Dictator

They rallied all over country from St John's to Vancouver, in the sun and in the rain.

In a country which is normally so quiet and complacent, they raised their voices once again to let Stephen Harper know what they think of his dangerous Bill C-51.

And it was a wonderful sight, that sent my spirits soaring like a bird or a rocket.

Because although they can't stop the bill from passing, and they were only thousands, instead of millions as I might have hoped, I was so proud of them.

For I know Canadians are not the demonstrating kind, except in Quebec. But that sinister bill has brought many of them into the streets for the first time...

So they have come a long way.

And I know that they are not just protesting against that police state bill. They are showing their disgust for Stephen Harper and his brutish Con values. 

His real values are indicated by the assault on parliamentary democracy and the courts, a quasi-police state terrorism bill, the chopping up of the tax system for partisan advantage, gaming the electoral laws, the assault on environmentalists and environmental laws and even on charities that dare suggest government should do more for the poor. Then there’s the priority of ideology over evidence as demonstrated by the muzzling of government scientists, a war-mongering foreign policy and more. 

All this in the name of authoritarian control in the prime minister’s hands, with the aim of bending the country to his will in the creation of a right-wing society not unlike what the American Tea Party preaches.

Which couldn't be more grotesque or less Canadian.

And what makes my spirits soar even higher is knowing that resistance can only grow, as more Canadians find out how Bill C-51 threatens our freedoms.

Or why in the hands of a maniac it could be so dangerous... 

And the best thing is, not only has our increasingly desperate dictator, or would be Big Brother, brought many Canadians into the streets for the first time.

Thank you Great Crazy Leader.

His cowardly decision to boycott the leader's debates with the biggest potential viewership, has also alienated the major TV networks... 

So as Ralph Surette points out, they too might finally stand up to him and cost him even more feathers..

I’ve always had the impression that, given how dirty and nasty the Tories could be, punches were being pulled by the TV networks. My suspicion is that as the election nears, and especially if the Tories are seen to be slipping, there’ll be a “no more Mr. Nice Guy” move afoot, which will coincide with a burst of explosive little tips rolling in from inside government by Harper’s emboldened and long-silenced enemies from within. 

Now I don't want to suggest that raising your voice in public is easy for many Canadians, who are as I said a quiet people. It isn't, I know that all too well myself.

Because I'm so soft spoken many people have trouble understanding what I'm saying. And I'm so shy that raising my voice in public is almost impossible.

So when Prince Philip once visited my school, and I was designated to stand up in front of all the other students and shout: "three cheers for the Duke of Edinburgh hip hip hurrah" I practically died of embarrassment. 

Which is why for years I let my fists speak for me when confronted by any kind of bully, or let my drum speak for me at demonstrations.

But I have been working on that, I'm pretty confident that should Harper's sinister motorcade whiz past me I would be able to shout "down with the dictator" or just "shame." Before I was shot.

And I'm happy to report that last Friday I did have my little moment of triumph.

When while biking on the island I saw a commotion near the ferry docks, and came across the King and the Queen of Holland !!!

And since I absolutely LOVE our special relationship with the Dutch, and I'm so proud that our brave Canadian soldiers liberated that country from the Nazis. And because I thought the seven orange tulip chairs the royal couple gave us are so cool.

I felt I just HAD to say something eh?

So when the Queen passed by about ten feet away I summoned up my courage and shouted "long live our beautiful friendship !!!"

And although it wasn't much of a shout, more like an amplified whisper, I actually think she heard me because she turned in my direction and smiled. So when I cycled home afterwards I felt pretty proud of myself.

And I guess my message, as the darkness of Bill C-51 descends upon us, would be this one: 

Don't be afraid to stand up and denounce Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime. Or raise your voice in defence of our precious Canadian values. It's not that hard, and our country is counting on us in its hour of need.

If I can raise my voice ANYBODY can.

If we could liberate the Dutch.

We can liberate ourselves...

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jrkrideau said...

I must say Ralph Surrette is a real Harper fan. :) I had not thought of the idea that the media in general would turn on the PM but it makes sense. I certainly have had the impression that the CBC has not been pulling any punches recently.

And I love the idea of tips.

Anonymous said...

Okay my only answer to the remaining Hrper-cons is Twisted Sister enjoy Harper looks like the dad in the entry:

Enjoy you Harper cons because we ain't gonna take it anymore....

Anonymous said...

Rocco Galati should have no problem getting crowding funding to take this bill to the federal court and supreme court if necessary.As he says at the rally yesterday no MP or party who voted for this bill should be re-elected..Here's a short video.

Hugh said...

The Canadian Bar Association represents all Canadian lawyers.

How often does it urge Canadians to march in protest over a Federal Government Bill?

David said...

Part One


"And I'm sorry but Mr. Trudeau has got the wrong answer. YOU CAN'T SUPPORT SOMETHING YOU SAY YOU DISAGREE WITH."

Kelowna Forum to Oppose Bill C-51 (Part One)

Kelowna Forum to Oppose Bill C-51 (Part Two)

Published on May 14, 2015
The is part one of a public forum on Bill C-51. Panelist: Michael Harris, award winning Canadian Investigative journalist & author of "Party of None". Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President, Union of BC Chiefs. Norah Bowman, Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, Okanagan College and Charles Boylan, radio broadcaster & activist, coordinator of the Working Group Against C-51. Meeting took place at the Kelowna College on May 12th, 2015.

e.a.f. said...

this bill will permit Harper and his Cons to silence the media, his opposition, and let foreign interests take priority in Canada.

There is no oversight by opposition parties. Its just Steve and his Cons. Now given the number of crooks there are around in that party, I'd be hesitant to hand them the keys to anything. We ought to remember the Cons and their friends, look like a Hell's Angels chapter when it comes to crime. Now would you give the hell's angles this type of power in your country? Me not so much

Anonymous said...

When you listen substitute Brewer and Shipley's lyrics one toke over the line for one step over the line dumb assed Harper. Bill C-51 is a dictator's dream come true Hitler Goering Goebbels and Mussolini would have been proud of Harper the black hole of Canada.

Harper truly is the Spanish diablo, I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Simon, I just wanted to say that this post brought tears to my eyes. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and I admire your relentless courage (and talent). Canada is in a very good place with people like yourself. I'm 70 years old and share your optimism. One day this loathsome creature will be gone... and we can all breath again. Cheers bob

Simon said...

hi jrkrideau...yes I like Ralph Surette a lot, although I sometimes feel he holds back what he REALLY thinks of Stephen Harper. ;) But it's good to see anyone in the MSM telling the truth as so many disgusted Canadians see it. And I think he may be right. Harper has disgusted so many people that they will be lining up to see who can bring him down...

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks a lot for that link. I'd heard about that band but I had no idea they were so rocking and so hilarious. And yes the maniac in that opening sequence does look and sound a lot like Great Ugly Leader.
And Twisted Sister is right we are not going to take it anymore....;)

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks for the link and I am glad to see Rocco Galati is still taking on the Cons. He has done his country great service, and I wish him luck with his new challenge...

Simon said...

hi Hugh...yes, good question, and good for the Canadian Bar Association. And remember they were among the experts the Cons did NOT invite to the C-51 hearings. That by itself tells us all we need to know about that farcical hearing, and the dangerous nature of that hideous bill....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... yes no doubt Harper is hoping the bill will at the very least intimidate his opponents, or muzzle them during the campaign. But the good news is that it is sure to be held up in the courts, and even if it survives a legal challenge, by the time it comes into effect Harper and his gang of political thugs will be on their way out, or on their way to prison....

Simon said...

hi Mogs...yes I think you're right, Harper is about a mile over the line, he is opposed by most decent people in this country, and hopefully they will all come together to defeat him. So he can put that in his pipe and smoke it...;)

Simon said...

hi Bob...thanks for that sweet comment, I was extremely moved to read it, although I'm sorry it made you sad. I don't normally like to write about myself, except in the most general way, because as you can probably guess I'm a quiet and private person. But I just wanted to explain why I believe it's so hard to get Canadians to protest in the streets. I wanted to say we are a quiet people, and what I should have said is that's OK, because we don't want to be as loud as our beloved but sometimes frightening neighbours in the U.S. As for my shyness problem, I want you to know that I have come a long way from the days when I was a boy and hardly said a word, despite the best efforts of my kind and loving parents to coax me out of my shell. But now when I'm in the company of people I trust and love I can chatter away like a parakeet, blabbing away about all the things I think we need to do to build a better world, until I'm quite sure some would like to muzzle me. ;) But yes, we must all young and old do what we can to knock that monster off his perch. And we must never lose hope. We WILL get our Canada back, and it will be a glorious day...

Anonymous said...

Harper I know from my 60 years of life's experience is a 'trained seal' for the 1% so since we are the 99% majority we can defeat them I feel positive about that.

Have no fear we all unite take their wealth away and redistribute it to people who really need it. I ain't talking about Communism or even Socialism I'm coming from a purely centrist point of view [POV]

Simon protect yourself block your IP address as whistle blower Edward Snowden suggests. I will not give you a link only because I know you are astute enough to figure it out on your own. Also I do not want the crazies in the CSIS to know how we do it.


Anonymous said...

Alright Simon,

Bob Anon is 70 I'm 60 do you see how many people you have touched? In a very positive manner?

Okay that being said perhaps you should ask for donations I am not telling you what to do but hoping your blog is around for a a long time not a short one:

Ya hey it is finally summer across Canada eh.


Anonymous said...

Harper is like the father in this twisted sister vid and:

Also well:

Kim Jong-un
North Korea, Supreme leader?


Anonymous said...

That was me Simon I forgot to post my name Mogs because I was rockin out on the feed oh well none of us are perfect. We do what we can eh?


Anonymous said...

Simon let be it our National Anthem "We aren't gonna take it any more" thanks twisted sister you don't know how we can use this to defeat the Harper cons eh'

How about this one eh:

It is fun for me comparing my sixty years alive with music. My Mum was a concert violinist first string.her violin was a Stradivarius go figure...

It was handed down through generations. She my mum was an excellent player.

I miss her dearly.


Then there is this I love music and flowers and organic food and real down to earth real people:

okay so we did not start the fire but we need to put it out


Um ya we did not prevent it either. We are all collectively guilty none of has an excuse not to stand up to Government terrorism is the the way I see it. So when we become Mars two?


Mogs Moglio said...

Your comment above reminds me of me. I was very shy too. Then when I was eleven years old my mom left my dad and us three kids me and my two older sisters. My science filth grade teacher noticed a big change in me. I am grateful to "Mr. Shannon" today still 49 years later. When the bell rung everyone including me got up to go. He said the rest of you are free to go but Mogs I want you to stay behind. Oh shit I thought what did I do wrong now. When you are in that introverted mode you always blame yourself. Well Mr. Shannon always dressed in very clean pinstriped suits sparkling white shirt and a colorful tie. He was a big man and made his grade five science classes interesting and entertaining. Thank goodness I did not have to dissect a frog. I like frogs I like all forms of animals I am sensitive and no longer shy of admiring that hell I even like bats and black widow spiders and tarantulas I'm not afraid of snakes.

So to pick up where I left off Mr. Shannon asks me to come to the front and I'm quaking in my boots literally. So he is looking down on me he was a big man and I prepare for hellfire unleashed. He folded his arms allot and he had them folded. We were given corporal punishment by the 'strap' in that school for stepping out of line. So I was readey to accept that. So what happens next? He is looking down at me and does not look angry or mean just regular Mr. Shannon. So he asks me what happened? I reply what do you mean what happened? He replied you were one of my most brilliant pupils participated by rasing your hand more than most to answer questions and were a minumum of 90% correct I enjoyed that what happened to you to quit participating? I hung my head in shame I said nothing. Because I was in pain but did not want to tell him of the disoulution of our family that had been my anchor untill then now I was ruderless and all the wind had been striped from my sails. I was beginning to drift. Thank goodness I caught myself and tacked to freedom and understanting as a balanced [best I can do] human beiig. No I am not religious I am spiritual.

Well Simon thanks for sharimg and see what happens in return eh? You are not alone and I have had gay female and male freinds alike. I was never afraid of them I knew they were not going to poach my grand childern.

Keep at it Simon you are both informative and entertaining who can beat that eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jolly roger said...

Simon -- this is not a matter of wishing him good luck, this is matter of backing him to the HILT- there are countless people WORLD wide watching this development, - I hope you have read the basis of this, of what can be only described as capital grand larceny by the govn. of Canada, the IMF, the world bank, -- in other words the NEW WORLD ORDER CRIMINALS trying to get control of the whole money supply and control prices.. If we let them succeed we are doomed..