Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Real Reason Stephen Harper Wants To Sabotage the Election Debates

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about Stephen Harper's plan to torpedo the party leader debates, or shrink them until he can drown them in a bath tub.

And I said how shocked I was to see many in the MSM, and even some progressives, swallow the Con line hook, line and sinker.

And proclaim that this move was good for democracy, diversity blah blah blah.

When in fact it's a monstrous assault on our democracy, it's not good for diversity, and it's just another grubby Con scam.

So I'm glad to see that at least one person in the MSM, knows a scam when they see one. 

In the debate over the leaders debates of the upcoming federal campaign, common sense suggests that the public interest would be best served by ensuring that they are available to the largest possible audience.

The latest Conservative proposal fails that test. Rather than build on an already large audience it stands to fragment it.

It's NOT a plan to make the debates available to more Canadians, it's a plan that would ensure that fewer people watch them. One that could be only cooked up in the reptilian brain of the depraved Stephen Harper.

And in the tiny brain of his fanatical fluffer and fellow Con artist Kory Teneycke...

Who wouldn't recognize democracy if it swam up his nose, or his rear orifice.

For this scummy Con plan is an affront to what's left of our democracy. And in an officially bilingual country it's also a slap in the face to all French Canadians who don't live in Quebec.

Under the Conservative plan, TVA would alone produce one of the French-language debates. That’s fine as far as Quebec goes but the province’s main private network does not reach far beyond its borders. 

By excluding Radio-Canada from the list of organizations whose invitation to debate they would consider, the Conservatives stand to limit access to the French-language debate(s) outside Quebec to those who can stream it on a computer.

Can you believe that? Making French Canadians feel like second-class citizens in their own country. What are those Con clowns thinking? 

And no, it's not just a plan to force Justin Trudeau to participate in more debates, in the hope of exposing him as a light-weight. 

The Conservative proposal has been cast as an attempt to trap Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau into taking part in more than the usual two debates. Based on Trudeau’s question period performance, conventional wisdom has it that he will be at a net disadvantage on the leaders’ podium. 

But Harper’s bid — as it now stands — is more certain to lower the profile of the debates and hence the risk that they could turn into a game-changer for one of his opponents than to put Trudeau on the spot.

It's a sordid scheme to protect Stephen Harper from having to publicly defend the ghastly record of his criminal regime.

And shield him from having to answer questions like these...

Michael Nabert.

While his massive propaganda machine bombards Canadians with his versions of the truth. Or one lie after the other.

And of course, as I pointed out the other day it couldn't be more cowardly...

But the danger is that some suckers out there, including some progressives, might think that it would be GREAT if the debates went ahead without Stephen Harper. 

As the consortium is planning to do.

Even though that would only be playing into his hands.

The next election is set to feature a three-way national battle on a scale unprecedented in the past and the Conservatives’ re-election prospects rest heavily on a division of the opposition vote in their favour. 

Harper may feel that he has more to gain from letting Thomas Mulcair and Trudeau spend a few evenings in prime time going for each other’s jugular than from sparring with them. 

And what progressives should be doing is pointing out all the above, and trying as loudly as possible to embarrass Stephen Harper into taking part in debates that can be seen by MORE not less Canadians.

Because if after that he STILL refuses to join the other leaders, he will be diminished,
and exposed as both a miserable coward AND a political pervert.

And consigned to the debate location he deserves...

You know, if we are going to defeat his criminal Con gang, with all their money and their lies, we are not just going to have to work harder than ever. 

We are also going to have to be very, very SMART.

For the very future of this country is at stake. Idiocy will kill us.

And failure is not an option...

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    It really is very simple. Justin and Tom should accept the Consortium debate especially if Closet Leader declines. However, they should use every opportunity to inform voters about Closet Leader's misdeeds instead of attacking each other's policies. No matter what the question, the answer can always be slanted to pointing out the attacks against democracy, the misdeeds of this government for the past 9 years.

    And the best part .... Closet Leader would not be there to even try to lie his way out of it, eh? Would the Libs and the NDP be up to this? They could if they put the country ahead of their own parties' interest.

    1. hi anon...well if after exposing his motives Mulcair and Trudeau could hold a debate like that one it might work. But if they spend their time attacking each other, they will only diminish themselves, and play in Harper's hands...

  2. Considering that few if any watch the debates at all, and that TV isn't exactly the most appealing form of media for the young, in any language, and those are the folks we need to target for voting, it hardly matters what the Harperoids do..
    Hopefully the mainstream debates will go on without him, and the MSM will be streaming the other leaders online as well as on TV, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll catch some of those desirable young people..but even that is doubtful..
    Don't find this shocking or surprising at all, although I agree that it is designed to fragment the viewers, what few there are...It's right up there with prorouging, which I would bet is another chance he'd take if he had to to avoid a vote altogether...
    This is more of an example of the lack of foresight in the PMO a lack of understanding of just what is happening in the media today. If Harper could grab enough selfies with celebs that mattered, he might have a chance....and isn't that a pathetic excuse for anything?

    1. hi mizdarlin...more than 10-million Canadians watch the debates, and if the consortium hold even more debates even more could watch them. So they are important in a country as complacent as this one. And since Harper never has to face serious questions about his appalling record, he shouldn't be allowed to dodge the debates or diminish them...

  3. e.a.f.11:00 AM

    We haven't defeated Stevie yet. The cons have cheated in the past and may well do it again. with Bill c-51 becoming law, opposition to steve may become a crime.

    If Steve doesn't show up for the debates, fine. The other parties can simply go ahead with a debate, but it ought to be a tad on the civilized side, no tearing each other apart. The other parties could take the time offered to introduce their platforms and why its in the citizens best interest to vote for them. All other parties could have a nice time pointing out why Steve and his Cons are not the best party for Canada. The other parties don't have to tear each other apart. They could enter the debate with a more positive attitude and show some respect for each other..

    They don't have to show up at the debates, harper wants to hold. That leaves him on his own. it will do him more harm than good. We have all heard what the cons want to campaign on, they've been doing it with our tax dollars. another "show for steve" isn't going to change things.

    1. hi position is the progressive leaders should debate him anywhere, but they should insist on the consortium debates as well, because only the big three English TV networks and Radio Canada can deliver the essence they deserve....

  4. Harper does not want to debate on the MSM, becuse they would have approx. 10million viewers watching.For those who haven't noticed Harper does not communicate with the Canadian majority. He rules from the sideline, never wading into to the majority crowd.. In fact he goes nowhere near the majority. There is no way he is going to let the majority view him in a debate. Once again he is giving the finger to Canadians. His campaign is a tightly choreographed, stategic process, meant to speak as little as possible to the majority.

    1. hi pamela...exactly, this scam is intended as a way to suppress the viewership as he would suppress the vote, and fragment the coverage so it doesn't have the same impact. And yes, once again he is giving the fingers to Canadians and to our democracy...

  5. A debate where the moderator is a con job, is a farce. If Tom Mclair agrees to this he is an a hole

    1. hi Steve...yes I agree, but remember we need the debates more than Harper does, so we can only criticize the moderators, but no use them as an excuse not to participate...

  6. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Okay, let's be smart; let's ignore them.
    Harper has taken himself out of the game - he is no longer of any consequence. Let's treat him that way.
    Put our federal focus on Liberal, Green or NDP, Conservative is no longer an option:)
    Yeah, finally - what a relief!

    1. hi anon...I understand why you say that, but it would only play into Harper's hands. We need to put him in front of as many Canadians as possible, and tear his record apart...

  7. Do you see how frustrated Tom Clark gets with Teneycke's non answer?

    1. hi David...well of course Clark was frustrated, because Teneycke has no real reason he can admit for taking this unilateral action. The guy is getting worse with every passing year....