Thursday, May 14, 2015

Omar Khadr: The Supreme Court Gives Stephen Harper Another Slap in the Face

It's the third time the Supreme Court of Canada has been asked to rule on the case of Omar Khadr.

Twice before it has ruled in his favour, and today it did so again.

And the way it did couldn't have been more of a slap in the face, or a kick in the head, to the Con regime and its depraved leader. 

The Supreme Court of Canada dealt a blow to the federal government Thursday in a case involving Omar Khadr, the former teenage al-Qaeda member freed on bail last week in Alberta. It said Mr. Khadr should be treated as if he were sentenced as a juvenile. The federal government had argued that he deserved to be treated more severely, as an adult.

For instead of taking weeks to reach its decision, as it usually does with most decisions, it took only MINUTES.

The ruling is unusual in that it was delivered from the bench shortly after the court heard arguments from the federal government and Mr. Khadr’s lawyers. Usually, the court considers its rulings for several weeks before releasing a decision. The promptness suggests that the court found the legal principles too obvious to require any more time to think about.

And somewhere in his kinky dungeon Stephen Harper, who loves to inflict pain on others, must be screaming in pain himself....

Because this case has exposed him as a depraved sadist.

And from the moment Canadians finally got a chance to see the real Omar Khadr, and saw that he was not as Harper had claimed, a monster...

It has started to do real damage to him and his filthy regime. 

By making many Canadians wonder who is the REAL monster? And whether a man like Harper can be trusted with ANYTHING.

So as I predicted the other day, after all his years of being jailed and tortured, Omar Khadr may actually help bring down the Con regime.

And while that thought needless to say gives me enormous pleasure. As do these words from a decent Christian Canadian. 

Last week we saw one of the worst examples of what it means to be an Evangelical Christian. Following Omar Khadr’s release on bail, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who claims to be an Evangelical Christian, at least when he’s looking for your vote, appealed Khadr’s release and lost his challenge but continued to press on with his merciless attack on this young man. He just won’t let up no matter what the courts say. So much for his commitment to law and order.

How did our government become so blinded by their ideology? Maybe it is true “that a child shall lead them,” even if he is a 28-year-old man who has paid for his crimes. I say, “Let’s welcome Omar back home and show him what Canadians are all about, even if our government won’t.”

Right now I'll settle for this smaller but wonderfully human moment. 

For years Omar has dreamed of riding a bicycle.

And yesterday his incredibly noble, and truly Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney bought him one, and watched him peddle off happily down the street.

And now according to Mrs Edney they can't get him off it.

What an amazing moment, the Guantanamo Kid rides free again.

And soon it will be our turn...

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Anonymous said...

I can just picture Harper hissing and spitting in a white hot rage over this latest smackdown from the Supreme Court and I love it! Thank God we have them to protect us and Omar from this maniacal freakshow of a PM. Maybe we can use Bill-C51 to throw Harper in jail for continually terrorizing Omar. Leave him alone Harper you big bully!

Grant G said...

Thanks Simon....You, and others warmed my heart...

Here is what I wrote about Omar Khadr a few days ago in the Tyee..

"Omar Khadr was a child, a child plopped into a war zone, a war zone in land not owned by America...How many of you commenters here at the Tyee at age 14 or 15 would not abide by your father`s direction?

Omar Khadr today(aged 28) is a well spoken, well heeled man, he needs to be given an opportunity to live..

Elizabeth May needed to tell parliament, in the parliament that Stephen Harper`s war mongering tactics are out of line, fear and loathing as a
vote-getting-tool is offensive to average Canadians..

In the last week alone, CSIS reported that terrorism is our number one threat...Then...

Mr. Vickers was dragged(dredged up) to comment on his nightmares on having to discharge his weapon..Then..

and only yesterday another Harpercon supporter was yammering about the evil Twitter accounts that urge ISIS support.

{Can`t you people see through Harper`s fear stageplay?}

Omar Khadr being free, well spoken, even Canadian like is counter to
Harper`s narrative...If one listens to Omar Khadr, they don`t hear a
crazed maniac hellbent on destroying Canada, they hear a man talking with clarity and conscience..

I like Lizzy May, was disappointed in her feeble apology on CPAC..

What she should have said in her CPAC interview...

{Stephen Harper is a war mongering disgrace, he paints everything in
black n white, you are with us or with the terrorists, you are with us
or with child rapers, ..Stephen Harper is a Canadian disgrace, flying
around the world for photo-ops, breaking rules designed to protect our
military, using taxpayer money for partisan purposes}

I could go on and on with describing Harper`s thinly disguised veneer.

Lizzy May used the wrong word when she said "Omar Khadr has more class than the entire federal caucus"

What Elizabeth May needed to say, in parliament...

"Omar Khadr, despite his childhood nightmare speaks honestly, and that`s
something we haven`t seen or heard from Stephen Harper and his caucus for 9 years"

Stephen Joseph Harper, a pampered baby who was suckled on
tar oil, raised with wealth, with privilege, raised in a large home with
walk in closets..{Some habits are hard to break eh Stephen Harper?}

Elizabeth May...No apologies, define what you said, sharpen the message and own it."

Good Day

Anonymous said...

From this: :

"Standing in the vast marble foyer of the country's highest court, Edney repeated the accusation that he first levelled at Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week.

"I come to the conclusion ... Mr. Harper is a bigot," he said. "Mr. Harper doesn't like Muslims and there's evidence to show that."

What next? Closet Leader to take a page out of Bibi's electoral strategy and warn that the Muslims are coming out in droves to vote?

Except that now he can't be sure that even those socialist Albertastans may heed his message. Or worse, when they flock to the polls, they vote for the NDP. Lol.

David said...

0:34:57 Omar Kadhr

David said...

0:54:40 more on Supreme Court's slapdown of the Harpercons

(Gerry Kaplan: "Well, I think it makes them [government] look like complete idiots..."

Simon said...

hi JD...yes thank goodness for the Supreme Court, which has served as the last bastion of Canadian values, or I can't imagine what this country might have become. And yes, Harper is the foulest political bully this country has ever known. But as I pointed out, Harper's depraved obsession with Khadr is now starting to work against him, and making people wonder who is the real monster. And that can only hurt his chances of winning the next election...

Simon said...

hi Grant...thank you, I can't describe how happy I am to see Khadr finally go free, for that ghastly travesty of justice really bothered me, and made me ashamed to be Canadian. And nice comment in the Tyee. I was sorry that what Elizabeth May said was overshadowed by the fuss over the way she said it, but you're right it was the truth and she had no reason to apologize...

Simon said...

hi anon...I can't tell you how much I admire the decent Dennis Edney, who has fought for Omar for eleven years, and has now invited him to live in his home. People like Edney are the kind of people I aspire to model my life after, even if that won't be easy. ;)
And yes the way Harper has used anti-Muslim bigotry for crass political purposes has made me sick to my stomach, and even more determined to defeat him...

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for those links. I actually think Kaplan was a bit too kind. Those idiots have spent almost $700,000 losing one case after the other against Khadr, and they really should be charged with fraud, and hopefully jailed...

e.a.f. said...

loved watching the Chief Justice bringing down the decision. How much fun was that I can't begin to tell you. Made my day.

Then that fat f..k from the Cons coming down the stairs at the house of Commons saying his thoughts were with the family of the victim. Gee why aren't the cons thoughts with the families of the victims, you know those 1,200 Canadian First Nations women. why aren't their "feelings/thoughts" with the families of all the Veterans who killed themselves. Now a cons thoughts are with the family of an American soldier, who went to war as part of his job description.

Mogs Moglio said...

Not only that it was undeclared war making the Americans illegal combatants under International Law. Suck on that Harper you have attacked Afghanistan Iraq Syria Libya without a formal declaration of war that makes you not only a war criminal but a serial killer.


Mogs Moglio said...

I love the big grin or smile Khadr is able to keep after all he has been through.

Now that is something to cheer about!!!!!!!!!!!