Saturday, May 02, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great Turkey Budget

Gosh. What a difference a day makes. The other day I was lamenting that an Abacus poll seemed to suggest that enough Canadians had liked the Con's porky budget so much they had given given Stephen Harper a big boost.

But now an EKOS poll suggests that while nobody is complaining about being bribed.

The budget hasn't moved his numbers. 

The good news for the Conservatives is that their massive, publicly-funded PR campaign is paying off on one front — three-quarters of Canadians say they’ve heard about the budget, and budget announcements made last week drew a high level of voter attention. The bad news is that this doesn’t seem to be translating into a shift in voting intentions. The budget simply doesn’t seem to be having much of an overall effect.

And the reviews are not good.

Overall, the budget was not well received. While it wasn’t a disaster, responses were underwhelming and negative reactions outnumber positive ones by a margin of two to one. Furthermore, the budget is seen as having almost no positive consequences for average Canadians. Those in the largest bloc of voters rate the budget as being neither good nor bad; of those who do have a firm opinion on the government’s fiscal plan, most see it as a net negative. This budget seems to be faring worse in terms of public opinion than the 2010 budget.

Which explains why the Cons threw in $13.5 million of their money, on top of the $7.5 million of OUR money, to promote it even harder. If that's possible.

Because by now Harper must be desperate. He's tried everything, fear, war fever, bribes and bigotry, but it's just not working. 

His budget is a turkey, so he's apparently going to try bigotry again. 

By going after Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum.  

Ontario's new sexual education curriculum will be a "wedge issue" when Canadians go to the polls in October, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne predicts.

Wynne said she has heard federal Conservatives might try to mobilize opposition to the Liberal sex ed. program in attempts to hurt federal Liberal candidates on the campaign trail later this year.

And using his good friend the bloated bigot Charles McVety to whip up a little homophobia and disinformation.

Anti-sex education monger Charles McVety, leader of the Institute of Canadian Values, is twisting the curriculum’s new focus on “consent” by saying that “teachers will be forced to teach little children how to give permission for that child to engage in sex.” The curriculum actually teaches kids how to say “no” and to understand the concept of consent before engaging in sex.

So he can use it as another wedge issue in the next election.

Because at this point Great Depraved Leader will do ANYTHING to try to win another majority...

For that's how low that political pervert has fallen.

But the good news is that he wouldn't be doing that if he wasn't desperate. The Duffy scandal is closing in on him. The Great War on Terror isn't working either. 

No matter how hard he tries. 

His infamous Bill C-51 won't help make him more popular. And now he's blown all the bribe money and got nothing in return.

So no wonder he's slowly going crazy.

The budget is a turkey.

And so is Great Leader....

Now isn't that a delicious image?

We've survived another week in Harperland.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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  1. Surprise visit to Iraq.......give me a break! Harper has become sooooooooooooooooo predictable.......get out of town when the going gets 'Rough' !

    1. I agree he is becoming more predictable. Interesting though that he chose Iraq to run to. I don't think though that his running away means much anymore, because when he is in Canada, he pretty well stays out of site, hiding behind closed doors

    2. Noah Patterson1:07 PM

      No kidding. I saw that this morning and immediately thought "oh look things are bad in Canada so let's run away for another photo op".

      Harper going after the Ontario Liberal's sex-ed curriculum is only going to appeal to the Con base here, it won't win any votes and if anything could increase rallying behind the Liberals in the federal election.

    3. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Did he rake his closet with him?

    4. hi Kathleen...yes isn't that a nice photo-op? And on his way to another photo-op with the vets in Holland. And of course all paid for with OUR money...

    5. hi Pamela...I think he feels he needs to stir up war fever a bit, because it's slowly subsiding as it always has before. And of course make himself look like a Great Warrior Leader which considering his closet performance couldn't be more absurd...

    6. hi Noah...I hope you're right about the sex-ed curriculum, because as i said in my post it really is an evil campaign. The Cons are using it to cement their bonds with ethnic communities, and appeal to the worst instincts of Canadians. But you know you might be right about it backfiring. If we can prove that they are choreographing the protests it could indeed hurt them...

    7. hi anon 5:13....well of course he took his closet with him, and I wouldn't be surprised if that giant C-17 he flew there in contained his personal armoured limo. Like the one he took to India, for the price of about half a million dollars. Great Leader know how popular he is all over the world and he's taking no chances...

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    They say you can attract more flies with honey but Harper's budget will only attract the ones with a taste for bullshit because that's what it is. Pure, unadulterated, Canada grade AAA bullshit. Just like (as Kathleen states above) his trip to Iraq is. What next? He'll be photo-opping with our troops of course, dressed in fatigues as if he's ready to do battle. Hope they have a mobile closet he can run to if the going gets tough.

    1. hi JD...I hope you're right about the porky budget, but I wouldn't be surprised if you are. I do think that those who want to get rid of him will take the money and still vote to throw him out. Especially since the opposition isn't planning to take those increased child payments away. As for his photo-op in Iraq it's so obviously a photo-op I doubt he will get any mileage out of it....

  3. The caption reads I'll show you some. It should actually read I'll show you a little.

    1. hi rumleyfips...heh heh heh...good one. You know there's not many leaders you can portray as a pervert, but he definitely is one of them...

  4. Exactly! With the Duffy trial showing that Harper may have known more than he is letting on, coupled with the fact that it was essentially against the rules to appoint Duffy as a senator from PEI in the first place, Harper is TRYING TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL by going to Iraq now.

    I'd love to see CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" or someone else do a video with a Harper-look-a-like rapping "ISIS, ISIS, Baby" ( a take-off of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice)

    1. hi I told Kathleen, I think he just trying to boost interest in the war, which is sagging badly just like it always has in the past. Especially as the memory of the attack on parliament fades. My guess is that once it fades, unless something dramatic happens, it won't help him in the election...

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Harpo is not out to compete with the opposition parties rather he wants to destroy them along with the senate and parliament itself.He has really beggared the country with his constant spending and running deficits all the time.He is bent on leaving the cupboard so bare that neither of the opposition parties could take over government with out raising taxes so eventually he will become the king of the mountain.Wynne is doing the same but not as a plan.He blew a surplus in two years and has added 170 billion dollars to our huge debt and now busy buying votes with his incredible handouts of cash as we speak but not a thin dime for the colossal debt he has imposed.

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Now he is heading to the Netherlands to attend at a celebration for our veterans who fought and freed the Dutch from the Nazis.I have to ask did he take Fantino with him? After treating our veterans so badly during the last decade he will now make a big fellow of himself as usual.

    2. hi anon 5:25...yes that is his ultimate objective to shrink government so much that he can drown it in a bath tub. He is leading us into a permanent statutory deficit where the budget can only be balanced by making more cuts. Hi whole anti-tax mantra is all about that. Luckily polls show that is NOT what Canadians want so hopefully it will come back to haunt him...

    3. hi anon 7:20 am...I'm not sure Fantino is going, I don't think Harpe wants to remind vets of that useless Con. But Kenney is going so that's just as obscene, and after what they've done to the vets, I doubt they will be impressed by Harper's photo-op....

  6. e.a.f.10:03 PM

    The budget is a turkey and people have seen there isn't much in it for them. The few dollars steve may send out, come from somewhere and those few dollars are not going to help those in Vancouver and or Toronto buy a home or pay the rent.

    Unemployment is rising as are part time jobs. People can't make ends meet, so if Steve needs to "bribe" the electorate, its going to have to be more than nickels and dimes and with his "balanced budget" that isn't going to happen.

    They may try to turn voters in Ontario against the Liberals, but that doesn't mean they will turn to the cons. It will leave them voting Green or NDP. Not smart at all. Many parents are more concerned about feeding, housing, and clothing their children these days than about sex ed. Its also a new generation of parents, who were already being taught sex ed. The new sex ed. isn't new in terms of where the younger generation is coming from, the parents of today. Targeting the Ontario sex ed. program, appeals only to the con base, and some of them may even start to see the cons as very bad people, they lie, they steal, they cheat, and they have the criminal records to prove it.

    Of course the really big thing is our health care system. Steve plans on reducing the transfer payments for health care by $30 billion in 2017. That ought to make a lot of parents think about who they will vote for. Their kids getting sick or grandpa dying because of a lack of health care, not going over so well.

    B.C. is now starting the contracting out of surgeries to for profit companies on Vancouver Island. How that is going to work, we all know, given all the trade agreements. health care maybe the big election issue. When people are faced with an American style system, they will vote ABC.

    steve may have to sign the health accord and put money into the system to win an election. One of the key things Canadians identity revolves around has been our health care system.

    1. I WHY aren't Justin/Tom/and Elizabeth pushing the Health Care Issue???????????????????


    logical 47
    There's no stone this man will not leave unturned to try and win the next election. If there wasn't an election in the next few months you wouldn't see Harper anywhere near Iraq. It wouldn't surprise me to see him with a shovel in Nepal with the Canadian flag on his back.

  8. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Watched the CTV National News and CBC National News with Harper's photo ops in Iraq.
    Harper's Porky Action Plan certainly applies to himself. He is getting fatter and fatter.

  9. e.a.f.4:33 AM

    yes, Steve does have a weight problem, must be too many years at the trough. of course there with Jason, right behind him, perhaps we ought to check and see who gained the most calories in the Parliamentary lunch room.

    All those lovely campaign pictures of the "great diplomat" out in Iraq. Checked some other papers, including Al Jazeera and not so much. would appear "great leader/warrior/economist/diplomat" only in his own eyes and the Canadian newspapers who pander to the greatless one.

    It would be nice of Steve could spend a little of our tax dollars in Canada. The last time I checked most of the medical centers in the north still did not meet standards and there hadn't been much of an attempt to fix it either.
    Its not that I don't think Canada shouldn't spend money on the refugee problem, but lets have a look at the other countries which are up to their eye balls in money giving a little to the refugees. Its nice of steve to send money to ensure unrest amongst refugees doesn't spill over into Saudi Arabia and some of the other oil rich countries. If steve really wants to help refugees, why doesn't he let a few into Canada. Oh, right they're arab and/or muslim and that doesn't work for steve.

    I am so tired of seeing this buffon waddling across all sorts of "stages" with his toupe and make up mascarading as a Canadian P.M. No one else pays attention to him on the world stage. Why should we. Its not like he is doing anything positive. All he wants to do is bomb people and kill them. So much for his good Christian faith.

    After all the lives lost in Afghanistan, it doesn't look like things are going so well there for women. So what was the point of all the money and lives lost there. Did we really change anything? will peace talks with the Taliban result in the loss of small gains women have made? Steve is of course silent. He's on to his next war, his next photo op. We need to get out of these foreign wars. Nothing is gained. Nothing is changed. Just a lot of dead Canadian military personnel, who aren't taken care of when they return to Canada.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes he really is a buffoon, and an embarrassment to us all. I also think he is making it up as he goes along, and all of his recent actions are a product of desperation. It also struck me the other day that maybe he is overcompensating for his closet experience. But one way or the other I doubt that Canadians will be impressed. What is important though is that the progressive parties expose his porky budget before the election, or we will have to spend time demolishing it later instead of focusing on our plans and vision of the future...