Sunday, May 03, 2015

Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney's Con Clown Tour of Iraq

It looked like a scene out of one of those On the Road movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

Except that this movie is not a comedy it's a horror show.

It's Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney on the road in Iraq,

Giving themselves another big, fat, juicy photo-op with OUR money. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a surprise trip to Iraq Saturday, meeting with the country’s prime minister and announcing a substantial new aid commitment for the war-torn region.

The trip comes as a scheduled fall election looms back home, and as Harper positions himself as a leader who will stand up to global terrorism.

Just so Harper can pose as a Great Warrior Leader for crass political purposes....

The only man who can save us from the terrorists, and their accomplices Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair.

And of course try to dispel the unfortunate impression, that when trouble does strike Great Chicken Leader is the first to run for cover...

But then Harper has always used the military to try to make himself look good. More like a manly manly man, instead of a chubby wonk or wanker from Etobicoke.

And the problem he has now is that he won't be able to use the military to lift his boat anymore. Not after its heroic image has been shattered and the ghastly truth revealed. 

The Canadian Armed Forces is a terrible place for women. No, scratch that, gay males would do well to stay away too. No, change that, most men should avoid the place. For the men I know and like wouldn’t want to work with men who treat women so badly. 

But if you think of women — as well as LGBT people — as lesser humans to be demeaned, bullied, sexually harassed and assaulted, the Armed Forces is offering you a dream job. Sign up now.

And the Cons know that. For what else can explain that neither Harper nor Kenney have said ONE word about that shocking story?

Apart from the fact that they are both grotesque misogynists, and anti-gay bigots who have voted against every LGBT human rights bill that has ever come before parliament.

They don't want to play up the scandal because they still want to use the military for their purposes. And the depraved bully Stephen Harper and his sidekick Kenney do corrupt everything they touch or grope.

You know, this horrifying revelation couldn't have come at a more unfortunate time. 

On the 70th anniversary of what I consider to be our army's proudest achievement, the liberation of Holland.

Canadian troops, punching above their weight, helped to pry the Nazi jackboot off a tiny country left shattered and starving after Hitler's brutal, five-year occupation. The Netherlands was on its knees and, as much as any one country can claim credit in what was an Allied fight against the Germans, it was the Canadians who lifted the desperate Dutch back on their feet with deadly sacrifices the grateful nation still honours.

For it was a brutal bloody struggle, we couldn't have liberated a nicer people, and the thousands of tulips they send us every year has to be the most beautiful present one country could give another....

Along with the flowers Dutch children lay on the graves of our dead soldiers, and the candles they light for them at Christmas...

Which still makes me choke-up every time I think about it. And makes me feel so proud of those soldiers, and proud to be a Canadian.

But then that army isn't this army. 

There are so many vile quotes to pick from in the new report, but it mentioned a commonplace saying: women join the Forces to “find a man, to leave a man, or to become a man.”

This army is Harper's Army.

Some men hold a negative attitude towards having a woman in the military, and instead of calling her a soldier or a sailor, she is labeled as an “ice princess,” a “bitch,” or a “slut.”

Male victims of sexual assault are even less likely than women to report what happened to them. Deschamps heard stories about violent sexual attacks involving men, including gang rape. The report found that male victims may be afraid of being seen as weak, or potentially as gay in a culture that continues to have “strains of homophobia,” which prevents them reporting the crime.

So this is what we're going to have to do to take it back, and honour the memory of the heroic dead who died in the cause of freedom.

First we're going to defeat the scummy, low life Con regime.

And hopefully put them on trial for their crimes against Canada and its values...

Then we are going to purge the army of all its corrupt generals, and all its women-hating gay-hating soldiers.

Then we will instruct those remaining that from now on they will respect our values instead of disgracing them

Will honour not bury our precious peacekeeping traditions ...

And will become once again Canada's Army, not Harper's Army.

Which will be the day of our own liberation.

And the glorious day we get our country back

What a day that will be.

And it can't come soon enough...

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  1. Our best allies the Saudis have a new plan. There was a time before 206 when the Goverment of Canada had priniples and giving high tech weapons to fundimentalists would be verboten.

    1. hi Steve...the Harper regime's close ties with the Saudis makes their Great War on Terror nothing more than a farce. For the Saudis are the very nexus of terrorism, and a barbaric regime like few others...

  2. The people are not stupid, no matter how the conservative try and rally the stupid vote

    1. hi was the parson Preston Manning who first sounded the warning by declaring that his young policy director Stephen Harper thought he "owned the truth." So he has always thought he is smarter than others,...

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    It's no surprise that the despicable traits of the Cons has permeated through the ranks of our military as it has through most if not all government departments. The upper brass turn a blind eye to these indecencies for fear of demotion and in turn the rank and file adopt these attitudes that they think is acceptable. It shows how Harper's insidious agenda permeates on downward like a bloated corpse that gets even more disgusting by the day. October cant come soon enough for me.

    1. hi JD...yes ten years of this filthy regime have corrupted every corner of government. The army, the police, the civil service, the Canada Revenue Agency etc etc. When the Cons are defeated there is going to have to be a massive investigation. And the biggest purge in Canadian history. The collaborators must be exposed and shown no mercy...

  4. A parade passed by my down town Toronto condo on Saturday. Thank You Liberators! Thank you Canada! read the banners. People waved Canadian and Dutch flags. There were 3 bands, a few trucks, a tank and I found myself in tears that this was still remembered and honoured. Tears also for the sacrifice and the senseless deaths.

    The bus was painted with Lest We Forget. The original meaning of that phrase was not for us to remember and glorify war, but to remember the horror, the cost, the sacrifice and to never go to war again.

    I guess we have forgotten - or at least, some of us have.

    1. hi Punned it...As I said in my post I am not a militarist, although I come from a family with more than 500 years of military service. So I honour the real heroes who laid down their lives to save us from the fascists. But when I tend the graves as I do every summer of Canadians who lost their lives in the Scottish highlands learning to fly at an RAF base near where my family lives, I always think of the tragic waste of human life that all wars bring....

  5. CTV Question Period (Sunday, May 3)

    Craig Oliver: (12:02) "But the timing IS suspect. I think there's a lot of political choreography going on here. We're gonna see all of the tape shot by the Prime Minister's own crew during the election campaign. Let's hope that the party's paying for those crews. I'm sure they are. And we'll just I think recognize that this is more than others this is a campaign trip very early to another part of the region, take advantage of the Prime Minister's ability to be seen on the national stage and the other leaders can't, and the fact that he is the only national leader who supports this mission."!/httpFile/file.mp3

    1. hi David...yes all these photo-ops are all been shot by a small army of cameramen and the trusty crew from Harper's propaganda YouTube channel 24/7. Everything he does now is a campaign opportunity and they've all but given up governing. the question I have is whether the frantic pace of that campaign means he is going for a much earlier election. Because quite frankly, when i take a look at him these days I don't think he can keep it up for another six months...


  7. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Ya know Simon those that really think "they know it all" really piss off those of us who really do ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. e.a.f.2:08 PM

    He may call an early election, but then so did Prentice and that doesn't seem to be working out so well for the Alberta Cons.

    I suspect Steve is getting his campaign ready now with the cameras, will then take a vacation with the family and come out in the fall, rested, thinner, better make up artist and be ready to hit the trial, starting with the Calgary Stampede. Of course with any luck he will take a pass on that because he'll be greeted by an NDP Premier.

  9. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Who is that woman????