Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Full, Frank, and Totally Sober Defence of Elizabeth May

I didn't think I'd have to ride to the defence of Elizabeth May again. I thought one post was enough. 

But since she has been mercilessly pilloried, and some are actually suggesting she should resign.

And you know how I hate bullies.

I thought I better write another one, and restate the obvious.

(1) When May said Omar Khadr had more class than the whole Con cabinet she WAS speaking truth to power. And it's a view shared by millions of Canadians all over the country.

(2) If somebody is shocked, shocked I tell you, by the use of the F-word, they should shut their ears, or get a life. 

(3) If you fly to BC and back in one day, and you're both sick and tired, even two glasses of wine can be fatal...

I know because I don't drink, I never have, I just don't like the taste.

And when occasionally my wicked friends fool me into consuming a similar amount of alcohol, in one toast after the other, or disguised in a delicious fruity sangria, I too pay a heavy price. 

Having been known to dance on a table and burst into song. Before being forced to stagger to the nearest toilet and barf. Or pass out and have to be carried home on the shoulders of my companion, like a sack of potatoes.

Thus proving the ominous warning of my Scottish granny who used to declare that "those who start drinking late are the WORRRRRRST."

In short: anyone can make a fool out of themselves after having a little too much to drink. It's not a character flaw, it's just part of being human.

(4) Boozing can lead to all kinds of embarrassing incidents, just ask Stephen Harper.

An 18-year-old girl was rushed to hospital in the wee hours of Sunday morning with suspected alcohol poisoning after a party at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the prime minister and his family.

The Prime Minister's Office refused to say whether alcohol was served at 24 Sussex or whether there was any booze at Ben's birthday party.

Who better not gloat at May's embarrassment, because if the booze hounds in the MSM had followed their noses, or followed up that story, he might be out of office today. Or in prison.

For among his many other crimes, setting such a bad example to our precious youth...

Or being such a hypocrite.

(5) If you think you can wing a comedic performance, instead of using a script and practicing in front of a mirror until it looks spontaneous, you ARE going to get into trouble. Especially if you've had a few drinks.

(6) Elizabeth May is not the only leader to embarrass herself or himself at a Press Gallery dinner.

As Rick Mercer tells us in this 2007 video...

Which also unfortunately proves that even Rick Mercer can be horribly wrong.

(7) While the history of the Press Gallery dinner does tell me that if William Lyon Mackenzie King could make a fool out of himself by dancing on a table I can too.

Or ANYBODY can ...


That dinner strikes me as an anachronism. A throwback to a time when the good ol' boys threw themselves a stag party every year. Seeing the media playing footsie with those they cover has always made me uncomfortable.

And seeing those partying in that manner with a Con regime that is strangling our country makes me want to vomit. 

So if it can't be scrapped, could they at least dispense with the leader's speeches, and hire some professional entertainment.

More suitable for the times and the Harperland we live in....

As for the rest of us, let's just stay calm and carry on.

Elizabeth May is still a good person, still a good leader.

And still a great Canadian...

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  1. Simon, Saint Joan. There'll never be any shortage of people just waiting to take her down.


    1. hi Mound...I hope not, she is a very good person, and it really could happen to anyone. We are becoming very judgemental in this country, and everybody does need to take a valium. I think Elizabeth May is wonderfully human and I hope people give her a break...

  2. Mr. Goody Two Shoes has proven to me ( once again ) that he is NOT HUMAN!

    1. hi Kathleen....I'm only sorry Harper wasn't there, to hear what Elizabeth May had to say. Although who knows he might have been there. Did anyone check all the closets in the room?

  3. Anonymous7:39 AM

    The Prime Minister didn't face anything like this when he was caught using a cheat sheet at the leadership debates when it wasn't allowed. He should have resigned then. Do we want a leader who cheats like that? No. If he had been in school he would have been expelled. Or do we want a leader who hangs around with crooks all the time. No. AND when Rob Ford was drunk and on drugs and more than profane what happened to him. He went to a barbecue with the PM.

    1. hi anon...I quite agree. I thought the reaction of the Press Gallery types was way over the top. When if they had been as outraged over the behaviour of Great Closet Leader, he would have been out of office long ago....

  4. Let's F-Bomb them all! Here..how about the National Energy Board next for passing laws that no longer protect our waters!

    1. hi Teddy....well that's not a bad idea. And certainly the National Energy Board would be a good candidate. But unfortunately there are so many Con departments that deserve the same treatment, for having been corrupted beyond recognition by the Harperites, so you're going to have to take a number... ;)

  5. the worst thing is it allwowed the media to forget about Harpers Horrible week and focus on Ms May who IMHO was not very drunk, and the Welcome back Kotter was very funny.

    1. hi Steve...it may have taken the spotlight off Harper for a day, but for all the reasons I pointed out and others, it will not shelter him for long. The fact is the Dictator is running scared, and his days are numbered...

  6. If anything, I blame her for apologizing..she should have stood her ground, but politicians being who they are, apparently none of them are allowed to 'inhale' or do any thing else normal..the word fuck is in common usage, and no one is truly shocked by it, but ms. May being the professional that she is means there is a large target on her back for the sycophants of the Con regime to use to attack her..this is totally stupid, and she should have never apologized...it's about time some one said it..about time that someone spoke publicly in support of Khadr...I say withdraw your apology, Ms. May, you have nothing to apologize for, at all...

    1. She buckled to the bullying in apologizing. There has never been a truer Canadian politician, bar none. Therefore she did what the balance sheet told her to do, not for the people that know her, but for those which have yet to come to.

    2. hi mizdarlin...I think she felt she had to apologize for the profanity, but she didn't apologize for the remarks about the way Omar Khadr was treated. That will be what will be remembered, and history will judge her favourably. As have at least two columnists in the MSM I should add, who said that comment was not only right, but is shared by many Canadians. And as I pointed out the other day, because so many people have changed their opinions about Khadr, I doubt the Cons will use that clip against her, because they will only hurt themselves further...

    3. hi James....yes no doubt she was under a lot of pressure, with so many sanctimonious media hacks in Ottawa condemning her. But as I told mizdarlin, I imagine a lot of Canadians feel the same way, or would have said the same thing. So instead of hurting her, that episode may actually help her...

  7. These soirees were conceived for reporter and politicians to party, act out and say outrageous things without any gotya. It was thought that such bonding could relieve some of the stress resulting from the adversarial relationship.

    The only surprise here is the fact that there were reporters sober enough to remember the festivities.

    1. hi rumleyfips....I just found out about an hour ago, that reporters are encouraged to take Con ministers to that dinner as their dates !!! Had I known that, I would have had a few more choice words to say about that event. I mean can YOU imagine taking Jason Kenney to what is apparently known as the "Nerd Prom"? I can't either.... ;)

  8. Simon I agree and E. May is one of the more eloquent speakers in the house. Harper is a blathering idiot Mulcair is good Justin I don't know what to make of him who is he really. If I was on stage at that Press Gallery dinner I would have used stronger language to denounce the cons vs Omar. Ya know like George Carlin I would have used a never ending string of cuss words.



    1. hi Mogs....George Carlin was a comedic genius, who is much missed. But I could never remember such a list of cuss words. So had I been there, and had a couple of drinks. And had Harper been there I probably just would have said "Harpe you bastard this is for YOU!!!" And mooned him... ;)

  9. e.a.f.1:53 PM

    LOVED WHAT SHE SAID! She has my support. No need to apologize. Harper and his Cabinet ought to apologize to Canadians. Trying to cut $30 billion out of our health care in 2017 will actually kill people. Weren't those the same people who decided to claw money out of the Veterans budget while they were killing themselves at a rate which exceeded what was killed in the middle east wars. Wasn't it the Cabinet, which thought it was o.k. to claw back money from the RCMP's anti child porn budget?

    if there is same in this country it lays with the P.M. and his Cabinet. Now lets remember some of their "mistakes".

    Paul Sona, guilty--in jail
    Del Mastro, guilty--waiting sentencing
    Arthur Porter, in jail--awaiting deportation, $22 M. in fraud
    Duffy, on trial, 31 charges
    Wallin, under investigation
    Brazeau, under investigation, and charges.

    just a few of the things which makes the cons such a bunch of cons. Now lets talk about Ms. May again shall we. Not in jail, no charges, not under investigation. Oh, right she used the F word, in front of a bunch of at the trough do nothings. Come to think of it some politicians have used that word before.

  10. hi e.a.f... As I said in my post, Elizabeth May only said what millions of Canadians feel. I doubt the F-word would have bothered them, but will make Canadians remember it all the more. Which considering the way the Cons are now running away from the Khadr story, can only hurt them...

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      a man wouldn't get away with that