Saturday, May 30, 2015

Did the RCMP Release the Zehaf-Bibeau Tape for Political Reasons?

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, although I do believe that when living in Harperland paranoia can be a higher state of consciousness.

But here's one for you: 

Why did the RCMP choose yesterday to release the unseen video of the crazed gunman who stormed Parliament Hill? 

The RCMP have shared the previously unreleased 18 seconds from Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's video manifesto. It includes two prayers to Allah — and a curse — all of which are spoken in Arabic. 

 "Lord, open for me my chest, ease my task for me and remove the impediment from my speech. In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful," the RCMP's translation says.

And why did they feel they needed to shield those agitated prayers from us in the first place?

Was it because it makes Zehaf-Bibeau look more like a deranged religious fanatic than a cold hearted ISIS terrorist? And would undermine the other part of the message they released a few months ago.

Because this explanation strikes me as ludicrous.

In a written statement released Friday, the RCMP said they initially held these parts of the video in order to "fully analyze the language used, including the dialect of Arabic being spoken" and to talk to experts about its content.

And the timing of the video's release strikes me as highly suspicious.

Coming as it did the day after this documentary about Omar Khadr played on the CBC...

Which shows Khadr to be the furthest thing from the monster Stephen Harper has tried portray him as for years.

And as I have pointed out is really bad news for the Con regime, because that cognitive dissonance can only lead more Canadians to ask themselves the obvious question:

If Khadr isn't a monster what does that say about Harper?

Which isn't only bad for his image, but also hurts the Con Death Machine which depends on the hatred for Khadr, and other Muslims, to raise money from the Con's rabid base.

So it seems to me that the fanatics in the PMO might think it a really good idea for the RCMP to release that video the day after the Khadr documentary.

In a desperate attempt to undermine its impact, and help stoke terrorist fears again. 

It's a deeply disturbing thought, but I might have left it at that. 

Had I not noticed this tweet from Jenni Byrne, the most ferocious pitbull in the PMO...

Who is clearly still desperately trying to portray Omar Khadr as some kind of dangerous terrorist.

And if you read the following story, is among other things, Harper's enforcer and the live wire to the Con base. 

She is willing to do what Mr. Harper asks of her. She is especially good at “issues management,” which means making messes go away..She does not mind playing the bad cop, and might even enjoy it. She is not terribly interested in policy, but presents herself as deeply in touch with the Conservative base, and speaks on its behalf in the corridors of power.

And is so powerful that if she should stamp her foot, or her hoof, is quite capable of getting Con ministers to follow her orders, and command the RCMP to release the tape for purely political reasons.

Especially since right from the beginning the RCMP has been synchronizing its message on terror with the one from the PMO. 

In what could be seen as a case of I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. 

On Tuesday, the RCMP announced they had stopped 10 alleged jihadists from flying out of Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport. On Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to Montreal to re-announce increased funding for the RCMP’s anti-terror unit.

Now as I said at the beginning, I'm not big on conspiracy theories. But neither am I big on strange coincidences, not in this monstrous Harperland.

So let's be absolutely clear what all this could mean, if it isn't just a coincidence.

It means that Jenni Byrne is capable of ANYTHING...

As I always warned you she was.

It means the RCMP is now Harper's Police.

And it means that Stephen Harper is now armed and dangerous...

And we are already living in a police state.

But luckily it only makes what we need to do even more obvious. 

Or we unite to defeat him, and drive his dangerous Con regime from power. 

Or we really could end up in a living in a country we don't recognize...

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  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    You are overlooking the obvious. The royal conservative mounted police couldn't release the tape, or portions of, until it had been properly "vetted", a.k.a. edited, to suit the purposes of the p.m.o. They (the amerikanz) kept Bin Laden alive for years using that very same tactic and technology and, after all, what's good enough for the amerikanz is good enough for heil harper. Goebbels would have been proud of stevie.

    1. hi anon....well I'm sure the Cons screened the tape, or were given a transcript. But I'm still not sure who decided to edit the tape. But whether it was the Cons or the RCMP it raises a lot of disturbing questions. And one day we will have to investigate what exactly is going on, to determine what kind of country we are living in...

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Don't worry Simon Canadians are uniting to get the cloven hoofed Harper and his cloven hoofed cons out of Parliament. We have had enough...


    I'm going to the largest outdoor Farmers Market today in the Okanagan oh my I just realized that was anti Semitic because I refuse to go to a grocery store that sells Israeli tinned and bagged food. I guess I'm a street market terrorist for buying local eh? Harper's mind: he got the Mercedes Bends and Tiffany twisted and he got a lot of pretty pretty boys he calls friends in the PMO welcome to the hotel Ottawa you can check in anytime you like but you can never leave [says Harper]. Wrong bucko they are all abandoning you.

    I am laughing so much ROFL I gotta quit typing before I drop my keyboard oh and I did not buy the Israeli version. Oh shit here comes CSIS pounding on my door HA-HA.

    Cheers and keep humorous scientific claim that you live longer if you do. That is one of the reasons I love political satire and cartoons. You do an excellent job at that and mixing in facts.

    Love cheers and humor upon you,

    1. hi Mogs...Wow a farmer's market in the Okanagan, that must be really amazing. I hope you had a good time. I'd probably leave about twenty pounds heavier. But yes, I've always thought that laughter is the best medicine...

  3. When I read about the "rest of the tape" being released first question was "who cares?" My second question was "why now?"

    Then I thought.....O yes.......more fear-mongering.........I'm shaking in my boots!

    1. hi Kathleen....yes the Cons will do anything to crank up the Fear Factor, at this point it's all the have left. But he good news is if the Cons were hoping to reignite their terrorist hysteria they seem to have failed miserably. Because from what I see the missing video was greeted by most Canadians with a big yawn...

  4. This is about the supposed BC Legislature bombing in 2013:

    "Forget looming questions of incitement and entrapment. Why was this stage-managed operation allowed to continue for so long when the accused seemed as zealous at the start as at the end? And why would a case with no victims and nobody else involved except undercover cops and the two accused require the Crown to play minute-by-minute surveillance tapes for weeks on end?"


    "The extravagance of this operation is redolent of a make-work project by the Mounties and the federal justice department to bolster the rhetoric of the prime minister."

    1. hi Hugh...I'm afraid I'm not up to speed with that case. But as in the case of others I sometimes wonder when do undercover agents stop being investigators and start being provocateurs? It's a very fine line, and as you point out it could result in making it look like we are facing dangerous terrorists, instead of dangerous crazies, and could be used by people like the Cons for crass political purposes...

  5. They want to make it Linger, only really good sexy terrorist they have

    1. hi're right, the deranged Zehaf-Bibeau is the only terrorist they have, and they will try to make that mentally ill man look like part of a larger conspiracy, for as we know they are capable of anything...

  6. Not only to try and discredit Khadr, but to minimize the publicity given to the Ratty McKay desertion..didn't work though, hardly a stir about the tape...

    1. hi mizdarlin...I'm pretty sure that trying to undermine the impact of the Khadr interview was the main objective. Because as you point out it didn't work, and the MacKay story helped bury the tale of the tape. However expect to see the ghost of Zehaf-Bibeau play a starring role in the Con propaganda campaign...

  7. I'm not big on conspiracy theories either Simon, but your observation of why the RCMP released the previously unreleased, unseen video from Ottawa gunman Zehaf Bibeau, the day after the documentary about Onar Khadr was shown is very relevant.99% of what this PMO does is calculated to influence viewers. It's getting pretty old though. People are starting to catch on. Harpers rhetoric on terrorism is not working. They really think they can manipulate people into agreeing with them. It shows the complete contempt they have for the Canadian people. Manipulation is there number 1 method of communicating. Like all manipulators Harper under estimates the people he's trying to control. His base will follow him regardless. The majority of Canadians who are the target of his manipulation and who he is constantly giving the finger to are turning out to be not at all malleable.

    1. "People are starting to catch on." Yes.

    2. hi Pamela....I was immediately suspicious when I saw that after holding on to it for months they would release it one day after the Khadr interview. And I must say I'm disappointed that the MSM hasn't questioned the ludicrous RCMP explanation for holding back that deranged prayer. But as I said in my post Jenni Byrne and the PMO gang will do anything to play up fears and cater to their rabid base, so they are dangerous. But yes, as you point out, Canadians are catching on to their game, so they more they play it, the more they lose....

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Ethics are severely bent but I do not think its reached the conspiracy stage yet. Politicians have been wading in the toxic side of the ethics pond forever. There are enthusiasts like Duffy who jump right in and then are surprised they have acquired a strange smell and itchy rash. There are others that wear galoshes and remain safely tethered to shore. This results in strange legal proceedings where a bribe was solicited but none were paid; quite independently a civic minded individual decided to make this right with the public purse. Next there are those that wear hip waders but keep a close eye on the depth and retreat to shore when there is a risk of a breach. For these individuals a quick hose off followed up with a shower and you can be in the pub by 6:00 to recount the days events with you buddies. The final stage is a full hazmat suit with independent air supply. Still effective but there is always a danger of running out of air before the job is done! We can only hope but will have to keep a watch for a sudden pre-election replacement of a guy with waders by someone with a full suit. Its got to be lonely at the bottom of the pond and you can't do all of the heavy lifting by yourself!

    1. hi I said in my post I'm not sure it is a conspiracy, because it's all circumstantial. But I am worried that the same political control or message control the Cons now exert over all their departments, is being exerted on our military and our police. And that can only be dangerous...

  9. e.a.f.2:11 PM

    if only Harper can save us from the terrorists, who will save us from harper?

    I vote it was released for political purposes, to some how link in the public's mind both men pray the same prayer. Well try as he may, it won't work. All of us who went to public school in the 50's and 60s said the lord's prayer at school. some went on to be serial killers, murderers, etc. the rest became normal tax paying citizens. give it up steve. It isn't going to work. Omar Kahdr, has a great smile and it isn't going to go away. No one is going to believe he is a killer or terrorist.

    I believe Zehaf-Bibeau was a killer, he killed one person. I also believe he was mentally unstable. In my opinion Zehaf-Bibeau was not a terrorist, any more than another other person who killed some one is a terrorist.

    Now if we want to talk terrorist, I'd suggest whomever is murdering First Nations women, especially the 1,200 murdered to date. that is a lot of dead women and no one is looking to see who murdered them. So here we have one guy who killed another guy and he's considered a terrorists, but we have several hundred men killing 1,200 women and the government doesn't care. Go figure.......

    1. hi e.a.f...I do believe the PMO had a hand in determining when the tape was released, even if I have no proof. The Cons are no longer governing they're campaigning full-time, and everything has to do with improving their chances of winning the next election. Ad when I see somebody like Jenni Byrne putting out tweets like that one I can't help but be suspicious. Because she is a ruthless fanatic and she is capable of anything. I mean she has to be, she was once Pierre Poilievre's girl friend and you know what he's like... ;)

  10. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Canada's Reichstag Moment. Harper brings in Fascist rule while Canadians run in fear. Defense Industry and contractors profit ginormously.
    There are several things that bother me most about the whole 'Parliament Hill shooting episode':
    1. At least one innocent person had to die.
    2. There were recent reports that police weren't able to organize themselves efficiently because there were MANY authority figures (ie. provocateurs?) running around with black scarves and other clothing similar to Bibeau. What?
    3. Did Bibeau have to be killed intentionally to ensure that he was kept quiet forever?
    4. Too many edits / cut tapes / speeches came out immediately and then after an exceptional pause giving cause for concern about control exerted on the situation.

    Tin foil hat or not, there's a lot of messy stuff about this dark moment in our history. Let's not let Harper make things darker by letting him play us for fools.

    1. And how does a guy walk into the Parliament building carrying a rifle?

    2. hi anon...I don't think the Zehaf-Bibeau attack was a false flag operation. I think it was a case of a mentally ill man catching an obviously ill prepared security force by surprise, in what was basically a suicide by cop situation. But yes, I want to know more about the circumstances surrounding that tape, because I can't help feeling that some kind of political manipulation is involved. It's always dangerous when a government and a police force both stand to gain from inflating a terrorist threat and trying to make it work for them...

  11. They were only following orders and are as innocent as Himmler.

  12. e.a.f.9:45 PM

    yes, as innocent as Himmler which brings me to the topic of genocide. The report on the residential schools is out. It says it was genocide. given the numbers of children who were killed or died within 5 years of being released, the experiments conducted on the children. it just sounds so, Nazi. My question is when will there be arrests in Canada for crimes against humanity. There are politicians and beauroctrats who are still alive.

    They are still arresting and bringing to trial people who participated in crimes against humanity 70 yrs after WW II. they have arrested and tried people who murdered in Cambodian, Serbia, Croatia, etc. When does Canada go on trial. this did not happen in a vacumn and we now have a P.M. who says the murder of 1,200 First Nations women was not on his radar. Well that, in my opinion, supports my theory of the government being involved in genocide. All those dead First Nations children. All those dead First Nation women. Not on the P.M. radar, I am sure. Its about time harper wasn't on our radar. It is his type of attitude that led to this horrific situation.