Monday, May 04, 2015

Stephen Harper's Depraved Attempt to Revive the Terrorist Menace

As you know Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney made a surprise visit to Iraq, to try to whip up interest in the Great War on Terror. 

Which has been flagging badly as the days get warmer and most Canadians tune it out.

And as the war fever fades, so do fears about the Great Terrorist Menace. 

Especially since the ISIS crazies have yet to attack us, despite all Harper and Kenney have done to provoke an attack, by blowing hot air out of every orifice...

So the Cons are now so desperate they're going after Omar Khadr. Again. 

Lawyers for the federal government will bring an emergency motion before Alberta’s Court of Appeal Tuesday morning in an attempt to stop the release of former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr. 

A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney confirmed late Sunday that Ottawa will seek what’s known as a stay in proceedings, which would stop the bail order and keep Khadr detained until the government can argue its appeal.

Which couldn't be more disgusting. Because first they announced that they would appeal the decision to grant him bail, but could give no sound legal reasons.

Now they're declaring an emergency, and trying to get a stay based on a claim that he threatens the safety of Canadians.

A single Court of Appeal Justice needs to be convinced of three factors to issue the stay, the most contentious being whether the release of the 28-year-old would cause “irrevocable harm.”

Even though that young Canadian is no threat to anyone, is a model prisoner, has suffered long enough, and should have been released from jail a long time ago.

But then Harper is desperate. The Duffy scandal is closing in on him.

His smoke and mirrors budget isn't boosting his poll numbers. 

He's NOT going to ride the economy to a new majority...

Because it's going nowhere.

So he needs the terrorism issue badly.

And if he can't get a real Muslim terrorist to scare Canadians, he'll paint Khadr as the Great Terrorist Menace, and use that to pleasure his rabid bloodthirsty base.

Who as you know want a piece of him...

And so appalling is Harper's continuing persecution of Khadr that it can only be described as sadism.

And one really has to wonder whether he's still mentally fit to remain in office.

Or whether he has inherited the vindictiveness of his first ancestor, Christopher Harper. Who has you may know, had to be forcibly removed from office.

He had risen to the post of justice of the peace by the time a judicial inquiry found him guilty of, as one historian put it, "violent and oppressive measures" - vindictive to a point beyond all reason.

For Stephen Harper's persecution of Omar Khadr fits that pattern exactly. It's deeply disturbing.

And at a time when he is preparing to pass his infamous Bill C-51, which would give him new powers to go after his enemies. ..

Canadians need to ask themselves whether ANYONE could trust a man as vindictive as that?

And by the time the election arrives, and we've raised that disturbing question over and over again, I think I know what their answer will be.

The man is a dangerous maniac, a political pervert, and a sadist.

And if we are to be spared his depraved vindictiveness.

He must be removed from office, like his ancestor.

As soon as is humanly possible...

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  1. Desperate people do desperate things!

    1. Anonymous10:37 PM

      Like toss grenades at medics? I really hope some lefties get wasted by Khadr, wouldn't that be poetic justice!

    2. hi anon...please get your facts straight. Omar Khadr could never have thrown that grenade because he was riddled with shrapnel and blind in both eyes. The grenade was most probably thrown by a Taliban fighter who was also still alive in the ruins, and opened fire on the Americans. But whose presence the Pentagon tried to conceal. Secondly, the soldier who died was not a medic. The Special Forces have no medics, just fighting soldiers trained to treat wounds. And Omar Khadr was a child soldier dragged away from his home in Canada by his crazy father, never had any choices about his fate, and is by all accounts a decent young man whose freedom is long overdue. I hate you dumb right-wingers who repeat your lines like robots...

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Omar Khadr my heart is with you you were a child caught up in a war zone against your will and now the grand terrorist Steve Joe Harper is trying to make you his "Poster Boy" for terrorism. I agree Simon Steve Joe is apparently 'mentally unbalanced'...

    So leaks are starting in Harper-con's boat.What is obvious from reading this article is that Harper knows he can't win so he is manipulating his wife Laureen as body Armour. Sick and depraved he is following the American Republican playbook. Come election time I wouldn't put it past the nasty Cons to hack your website be prepared and get ready. The rabid ones [cons] are psycho like their master Steve Joe...

    Cheers it is nice and sunny out here I think I'll go for a walk or a bike ride to the beach and forget about Harper. He is hiding in Holland trying desperately to scrounge up the "Dutch Canadian" vote. Many Dutch citizens moved to Canada after WWII their country in tatters and after five years of Nazi occupation who by all accounts were mean bastards. It was sweet relief when Canadians liberated them. When the Nazis learned the Canadians were coming they fled like chickens from a coyote. After all we taught Germany a lesson during WWI we Canadians were the only ones that had the resolve to break their front line. We were out gunned and out maned but with our Canadian ingenuity dammit we did it. The British couldn't the French couldn't we did.

    Not without casualties though.


    1. hi Mogs...yes he is using Khadr as meat for his rabid base, because he is a depraved coward and has no decency or shame. But yes the liberation of Holland was a glorious moment for a young country like Canada. A proud moment. The Dutch are a very nice and civilized people and I couldn't be happier to be their friends...

    2. Sigh Simon I was born there I was exactly one year old on my first birthday when our parents moved the family to Canada. We flew over and I consider that to be my very first best birthday gift ever getting to come to Canada on my first birthday. Wide open spaces beautiful country that Harper is destroying. He is ruining my first birthday gift and he is stumping in my birth land and I wish the Dutch would arrest him and take him to DenHagg [English The Hague] where both the International Peace Palace resides along with the International Court of Justice that is where I was born Harper continues to disgust me and hide in the closet chicken has not bought my vote by going to the land of my birth.

      Harper repulses me. I think I'll email him and tell him he was not in my view being born there [Holland] welcome on the soil of the land of my birth by dutch Canadians.

      Cheers Simon Cheers,
      Keep your head high,

  3. e.a.f.1:57 PM

    while Steve and his Cons spend millions on loosing cases in the Supreme court of Canada, and trying to keep Khadr in jail, the medical centres in the North need all sorts of improvements and money

    The only conclusion I can come to regarding Khadr, is Steve and his cons are afraid, very afraid, if Khadr's story becomes public, Canadians may find out he was simply another man who was grabbed by the Americans, with Canada's blessing, tortured, and kept in jail for no reason. Steve is most likely afraid of another law suite.

    Khadr will be staying with is lawyer once he has bail, Elizabeth May says he can stay with her also. Just to let Harper and his Cons know I'm not afraid of Khadr, I sent them a letter volunteering my home also. I think it might be interesting if thousands of Canadians sent Harper and their M.P.s letters saying Khadr was welcome in their homes, as a demonstration that we are not afraid of the young man. I'm afraid of Steve and his cons and what plans they have for my country. I'm afraid of his Bill C-51, I'm afraid of Steve's plans for my health care. I'm afraid of Steve's warmongering around the world. The one thing I'm not afraid of is Omar Khadr.

    Given the Cons criminal records these days, I really don't know what Steve is on about.

    1. hi e.a.f....that was very decent of you to offer up your home, and yes that is a good idea. I give thanks for his decent lawyer who has fought so hard for his freedom and will now shelter him in his home.
      And yes, the same thought struck me when I read about all the money we're spending on that war and those photo-ops. How about flying over the North and showering some money on our own people, some of whom are living in third world conditions, with not enough food, or proper homes, or health and social services. I say liberate this country before we liberate others....

    2. I am not so sure that the Cons are really afraid of Khadr so much as they (the PM and a good bit of his cabinet anyway) are just vindictive b*** who never miss a chance to kick a person when they're down.

      I did not record the inteview on CBC but when man who killed his badly handicapped daughter (James ??? perhaps) was asking for his parole previsions to be changed slightly the Con gov't was very opposed. The rcently retired Director General who had been in charge of the parole service said that what she thought was that is was 'nastiness for the sake of nastiness". Sounds like Steve.

      Of course, maybe the Cons actually believe the verdict in Guantanamo. They do not understand the concepts of 'evidence' or 'fact'.

      And, then, the PM has the idea that one needs draconian penalties to discourage crime. Of course this flies in the face of all the evidence but never let it be said a Con would let a little thing like facts get in the way. How low the Cons have fallen. Even Sir John A. was of the opinion that the real deterrent was the chance of getting caught more than the sentence.

    3. Hi E.A.F.

      Yes I could not agree more.


    4. Khadr can stay with me any time he is a victim NOT a terrorist.

      Steve Joe Harper though? Certainly a terrorist.


  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Like a punch drunk fighter on the ropes Harpo is really begging ISIS to come and visit us and they just might do that.Not as a huge army but as a small group well planned and armed.So Harpo's going to war with ISIS has made life in our country much more dangerous.Brilliant.

    1. hi anon...I may kid about it in my posts, but I honestly do believe that Harper would welcome a terrorist attack, ideally about a week before the election. And yes for all his talk about making us safer he actually is making our lives more dangerous...

  5. Noah Patterson4:11 PM

    e.a.f., that is a brilliant idea! This needs to be a letter writing campaign.

    1. e.a.f.9:33 PM

      go for it, I've sent my letter to my M.P. and c.ced Steve.

      if some one wants to post something on the website, they may let you run with it there. I just think it would be good if Canadians told Steve and his stlimers how out of touch they are with Canadians. We believe in justice for all, not just Steve's version of justice for him and his cons, yes that refers to their political party and those in the judicial system, they're cons also.

  6. I am really worried about ISIS walking down Younge St Attacking Tim Hortons without recistance. What I wonder is why have the Conservaties copied the ISIS sex education plan?

  7. I've said this before.... During the election campaign I wouldn't be surprised if the RCMP arrested and charged some home-grown "ISIS sympathizers" that the RCMP have been following for months or even years, and said they were planning to blow up something. Co-ordinated by the RCMP and the PMO in order to scare Canadians into voting Con.

    1. hi David...I'm worried about any kind of loonie attack because I know Harper would milk it for all it was worth. I'm already seeing zodiacs full of anti-terrorist police flying across the bay drilling for the Pan Am games which like the G-20 monstrosity will also be in my neighbourhood. So I have to have that to worry about and can only hope it won't turn into the same security nightmare....

  8. Noli Timere.......'don't be afraid'!

  9. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Regarding the link Zizek et surveillance

    ths is the complete interview

    keep up the work you are doing.