Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Dirty Sexist Game and the Woman Who Fought Back

It's a dirty game, a bestial assault on women, and one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on TV.

One that began just over a year ago with this video in Cincinnati, as a female reporter covered a train derailment.

The video got more than five million views, more than 31,000 thumbs up, and all over North America other depraved men started imitating that hooded pervert.

So you can imagine how happy I was to see Toronto TV reporter Shauna Hunt stand up to those bullies the other day. 

Or how absolutely delighted I was to read this story. 

A social media firestorm touched off by a female TV reporter who fought back against sexually explicit taunts hurled by several soccer fans has cost one Toronto engineer his job.

A Hydro One spokesman said Shawn Simoes, an assistant network management engineer with the company, was fired for violating the company's code of conduct.

Because sexist pigs like that one deserve to be punished. Shauna Hunt is right, enough is ENOUGH.

Hunt said her confrontation, which triggered a flood of social media support, came about after almost a year of nearly constant harassment. 

"I hit my limit and I had to push back," Hunt said in a telephone interview. "I wasn't going to stand for it anymore. It was time to say something."

And needless to say she's my new hero...

And an example to others all over the world. And I mean the WORLD.

But what bothers me the most about the disgusting behaviour of those cowardly men, is that it seems to confirm the disturbing feeling I have that women's rights in this country are going backwards instead of forward.

For as I have mentioned in other posts, I have been sickened by all the stories I have read recently about women being being sexually harassed and assaulted, hurt or murdered.

I just can't believe something like this is happening, fifteen years into the 21st Century, and after all the progress I thought we were making.

I don't know whether it's their parents, or the school system, or the media who are failing to teach those men to respect women. Or all of the above.

But what I do know is that a fish rots from the head down. And that Stephen Harper's foul Con regime has done NOTHING to tackle the problem.

He has spent almost a billion dollars promoting his porky action plan, and not a penny on ads promoting women's equality, or fighting sexism. And the indifference of his foul government couldn't be more damning.

For it has now been almost two weeks since a shocking report on sexual violence in our military was released...

And Jason Kenney, our so-called Minister of Defence, has STILL to issue an official statement on its horrifying revelations.

Participants reported of dubious relationships between lower rank women and higher rank men, and date rape. In extreme cases, sexual violence was used to enforce power relationships and to punish and ostracize a member of a unit. The use of the word “cunt” is commonplace, and rape jokes are tolerated.

And as I have said before, and will keep saying, his silence speaks volumes...

And since the MSM doesn't seemed to be bothered by that silence, I would ask them this question: if even women in our army aren't safe, what chance do the others have?

Should we really be surprised if other men think they can harass other women in the crudest manner, in public, and get away with it?

And what kind of future does a young girl in Canada face, if on the question of women's rights, we are going backwards instead of forwards....

In a country with a leader who has undermined women's rights from the day he came to office, is by all accounts a ghastly misogynist, and whose missionary church teaches him that women should be submissive.

And even the generals think they too can get away with ANYTHING.

Weeks before the release of a scathing report into military sexual misconduct, Canada's top general issued orders for the military to plan to ignore key recommendations, including the creation of an independent centre to take complaints and provide support and expertise.

And you know what I think? I think we are facing an epidemic of sexism in a country Harper has corrupted.

And we will not be able to properly fight it and defeat it.

Until the day we defeat him..

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Anonymous said...

Should we really be surprised if other men think they can harass other women in the crudest manner, in public, and get away with it?

Well, when feminists spend a tremendous amount of time and energy demonizing and vilifying men, yeah, men tend to trend in a profoundly negative direction. The dirty little secret of the modern western world is that women are achieving significantly more than men, and much of it has had to come at the expense of men.

Yet another reason why I'm Catholic; we don't see gender relations as a zero-sum game, and lately the Holy Father has done a stellar job of defending what could be called the traditional understanding of gender. And you thought he was going to liberalize the Church didn't you? Synod's in October again, this will undoubtedly be very interesting.

And thanks to that, and my knowledge that biological sex is complementary, not oppositional, my girls will have a very good chance of success because they'll be carefully elevated into fine young women, as opposed to the shrieking harpies who have to resort to committing criminal offenses to silence their critics.

But nevermind, there's no room for the politically incorrect heresy in the camp of the gender ideologue that men and women are actually supposed to work together! And that when they do, wonderful things happen.

On the other hand, when they work against each other, we get atrocities like contraception and abortion. Sooner or later, that shoe is going to drop. Will you be ready when it does?

Anonymous said...

How loved they are, those young Canadians who liberated Holland. How decent they were. If the present Canadian military had done it what would it have been like with their tendency to sexual harassment. How I honoured my brothers who served in WW11. How disappointed I am in the -present bunch.

mizdarlin said...

It's actually quite simple, Simon...(sorry, couldn't resist...)
All over the world, the stories of women being kidnapped, stoned, gang raped, beaten for not covering themselves, denied education, stripped of reproductive rights, etc. have created a society, world-wide, where to read is to ape, and men feel no compunction anymore about being abusive in whatever way they can get away with..
Women have been fighting for a long time, and there will always be setbacks, just as in racial tensions..when we think we have become an enlightened society, we read of the abuse of women, gays,persons of colour, children and the list goes on and on..that old expression, "the struggle continues" was never truer than today...
Once again, those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it..
Conservatism ism I hope, rearing its ugly head world wide for the last gasp...a revolution seems the only solution, since voting is getting no one progressive anywhere..still, we will keep voting, and hoping that progressives eventually win the day and we can quit writing about the horrors of daily life under their fascist thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Destroying a real man's livelihood is exactly the kind of CUNT move you should expect from the thought police and free speech haters..

Mogs Moglio said...

These woman haters fall into Harper's category and some nameless Anons:

"The Reptilian Brain. The archipallium or primitive (reptilian) brain, or "Basal Brian", called by MacLean the "R-complex", includes the brain stem and the cerebellum, is the oldest brain. It consists of the structures of the brain stem - medulla, pons, cerebellum, mesencephalon, the oldest basal nuclei - the globus pallidus and the olfactory bulbs. In animals such as Palaeos com reptiles, the brain stem and cerebellum dominate. For this reason it is commonly referred to as the "reptilian brain". It has the same type of archaic behavioural programs as snakes and lizards. It is rigid, obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic and paranoid, it is "filled with ancestral memories". It keeps repeating the same behaviours over and over again, never learning from past mistakes..."

Sounds like Harper to me.

"The old mammalian brain residing in the limbic system is concerned with emotions and instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual behaviour. As MacLean observes, everything in this emotional system is either "agreeable or disagreeable". Survival depends on avoidance of pain and repetition of pleasure."

As an addendum the mammalian brain holds emotion such as loving your children spouse or others the reptilian does not have that capacity.

Now the third brain at the top of our skulls consists of two hemispheres one is responsible for rational thought processes the other for what is referred to as intuition. Non linear and hard to understand sometimes called 'the sub-conscious'...

So now I know Harper is not insane but he is operating from his reptilian brain coupled with the thinking rational side of the left brain neo-cortex. He ignores his mammalian brain which gives warmth and kindness and ignores his left brain [the intuitive side]. So therefore my conclusion he is "unbalanced" that is the scientific reason he seem so odd to the rest of us.

We need to use all four parts of our brains in balance. We also need to use all four of our bodies in balance the physical the mental the emotional and the spiritual. Spiritual does not mean you have to do the religious dogma dance...

Quotes from:

Related articles:

So these 'boys' are operating from their mammalian brain based on sexual pleasure and not using their upper right or left brain and heavy into the reptilian brain.

Mogs Moglio

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17 - You have no clue what free speech is. Free speech doesn't allow for yelling fire in a crowded room. Free speech doesn't allow for one person to threaten another with assault, nor does it mean one can sexually harass some one (in this case a female) while they are on the job. So drop your phoney free speech warrior rhetoric.

mr perfect

e.a.f. said...

In a society where men feel they have "lost" their rightful place and the growing uncertainty about jobs and the economy, there are few places where some can feel "superior". Taunting a woman while she tries to do her job, is a way of trying to put women in their place. if this guy had tried this at home, his Mom or wife would most likely have back handed him for his bad behaviour. When it is done in a group, these types of men feel "brave". I'm not surprised this is going on. Its just it gets more "air time" these days. Good on Ontario Hydro for taking action. even if they can't fire him, a long suspension could be achieved. They have said enough is enough. They are doing something the Military ought to be doing.

Now of course what is all so interesting about this, is that we have yet to hear anything from the Cons about this type of behaviour, which in another manner is saying its o.k. If the murder of 1,200 First Nations women isn't on the P.M.'s "radar" and we have a General not that interested in "fixing" the issues of sexism, harassment, etc. in the military, well it says its open season on women. But if you try to boycott products of Israel its considered a hate crime but if you say hateful things to women or murder them that is all o.k...........

this doesn't sound too good. I do hope women remember that when they go to vote or rather that they go out and vote in mass and remember the cons aren't interested in them. There are any number of other political parties who are.

Simon said...

hi anon...this has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with using crass and vulgar sexist comments to prevent female reporters from doing their jobs. It's nothing less than assault and those responsible should be arrested....

mizdarlin said...

While everyone is busy feeling sorry for the guy who lost his job..gotta say, wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been wearing the corporate logo for everyone in media-land to see...and Big Business doesn't want to be identified with such am a-hole... if he'd had on something else, this would be a non-story...sickening but true...