Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stephen Harper's Strange and Desperate Spring

He is still campaigning furiously all over the country, sprinkling dollars all over the place, trying to buy the next election.

But the spring has gone out Harper's step, he seems listless at times, his cold dead eyes seem deader than usual. He's packing on the pounds.

The events of the last two weeks have clearly taken a terrible toll. Every day seems to bring more bad news.

And yesterday was no exception.

A new Forum poll seemed to confirm, what an Ekos poll had suggested the day before: Despite all that campaigning, and all that money, his numbers are going nowhere. 

The Liberals, Conservatives and NDP are now locked in a dead heat in terms of popular support, according to a new public opinion poll by Forum Research. The survey, conducted Tuesday and Wednesday, has the Conservatives and Liberals at 31 per cent and the NDP at 30 per cent — a three-way tie, factoring in the poll’s margin of error.

And if you compare the Forum tracking poll:

To the Ekos tracking poll: 

You can see they seem to agree on what's happening.

While the NDP numbers are soaring, his are flattening out, and if an election was held tomorrow, he would not get his precious majority.

If these results are projected up to seats in a 338-seat House of Commons, the Conservatives would capture a minority with 131 seats. The NDP would remain the official opposition with 111 seats and the Liberals would see 95 seats, Forum says.

And the NDP and the Liberals would have more than enough seats combined, to legitimately and incontestably topple his ghastly regime.

And that's before the Duffy trial resume in two weeks. Because there's also bad news for Harper on that front. 

Canadians assign more responsibility in the Senate controversy to suspended senator Mike Duffy and Prime Minister Stephen Harper than they do to Nigel Wright, a new survey has found. 

The Nanos survey, released Friday, found that when assigning points out of 100 for the responsibility in the Senate controversy relating to the personal cheque, Canadians assign 40 points to Duffy. They assign 34 points to Harper and 18 points to Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff.

Slowly but surely he's been dragged into that trial, and that too can only hurt him.

You know, maybe it's just because it's Spring, the time when everything comes alive again...

But I can't help feeling that a wind of change is finally starting to blow across this land.

History is moving on and leaving the old tyrant behind, as history always does to those who have been in power long enough, and are now good to go.

After such a long and horrible nightmare we finally do have something to lift our spirits. 

Enjoy your Old Dead Queen/Two-four (one week early) weekend everybody.

Better times are coming...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope so. Denmark doesn't accept immigrants. And it won't accept refugees from Canada. But they did have a wonderful idea. If he gets a majority and charges anyone for not agreeing with him everyone who doesn't like him should do the same thing. He can't put 60% of the population in jail.

Anonymous said...

Michael Harris over at iPolitics had been documenting how Dear Leader/Cons Party had cheated at every election since 2006 .... In and Out, robocalls, Del Mastro, etc. Question is: what is he going to pull this election now that he is even more desperate?

I think Maher's article today about how thing may get ugly with legitimate voters being turned away from casting votes is wrong in only one aspect ..... not "may", but "will".

Already, my university age daughter got a strange phone call. Since I answered the call, I asked who it was and what it was about. The person refused to answer. I then said too bad, you cannot talk to her. She then asked me if I was going to vote in the coming election. I said "yes". Then she asked me if I was going to vote for the Cons party. I refused to answer and she said thank you and went away.

Not too difficult to figure who the caller was likely calling on behalf of. I am sure my address has already had a frowny face which is why she was probably asking for my daughter at the start and not me. Now I get two frowny faces. Lol

Omar said...

I posses a plethora of reasons and feelings for why I despise Stephen Harper and his bent ideology. But if I were to pinpoint just one I'd have to place it on the fact he does not, he simply refuses, to govern for all Canadians. He purposely chooses to govern for the 25-30% of this nation's populace who think and believe in the things he does. For example in Truro, NS yesterday he stated "even the liberal media" is taking issue with Trudeau's recently released policy idea. I mean, come on. No one but his most fervent believers buys into that well-worn canard any longer. He can't help himself though. It's worked for him before and he has nothing left to offer. It's not a winning strategy imho, but I hope he carries on with it. The proof is in the polls.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this--
Hard working people lose money for a harper photo-op

Filcher said...

problem one: we may see liberals and ndp fighting for second place rather trying to unseat harper. ABC works fine as long as the other parties are willing to accept third spot,
problem 2: are we that much better off with a minority government, as liberals appear fine with much of the conservative policies that have been passed. There is a definite lean towards the right in politics; NDP have become what the old liberals were, while the liberals appear headed to the old policies of the PC.

rumleyfips said...

Slithery Steve was in Truro NS ( far too close for comfort ) with short pants Scott the other day. Press reports detail 200 or 300 protesters outside but are carefull not to mention the number at the wake inside. It makes me think the event tanked and arms of the press were twisted.

e.a.f. said...

I wouldn't be so sure. The Americans have a couple of millions in jail and the prisons corporations are making a fortune. Count nothing out with Stevie.

e.a.f. said...

it was interesting to see the figures around who Canadians blame and Nigel got off easy, compared to Steve. Guess the "charm" is wearing off and people are starting to see Stephen Harper for what he truly is, a mean spirited, ideological idiot. Who is neither a great leader, great warrior, great economist. He is most likely going to be a great past P.M. and the sooner he become a past P.M., the greater that will be.

People are not doing well economically with the Cons. A recent article about how Canadians don't take road trip vacations any more was interesting. Even with the price of gas down. One of the factors is people simply don't have the money to go camping. Because so much work these days is part time families simply can't organize their lives so they can go for vacation. When people ask themselves is my life better or worse, many will be saying much worse with the cons. Then there is Bill C-51 and I believe that is truly why harper doesn't want a proper debate with the other leaders.

who knows when it all shakes out the Greens may hold the balance of power in Parliament. What we do need to ensure is that all those repressive bills the Cons passed be repealed immediately upon another party taking office.

As to will we have an "honest" election? Not in my opinion. the Cons may simply see it as their way of "protecting Canada and Canadians". We can simply look back at the reasons they did not want parliamentary over sight, they couldn't trust the other M.P.s that is just nuts and oh, so very undemocratic. Even the American polorized system, has joint over sight on all sorts of things.

rumleyfips said...

Do you know what the turnout was. The lack of numbers in the press makes me suspicious.

Omar said...

I'm not sure. I heard/read there was 200-300 protesters outside the event . The inside numbers are pretty much irrelevant as those attendees are the usual pre-screened, photo-op drones Harper has come to rely on for this type of event.

Marmalade said...

I live in Truro and I stayed home!

Marmalade said...

and made a 'big announcement' the next day at the Rath Centre.....Whoopiedoo!