Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stephen Harper Gets Three Slaps in the Face From his Own Supporters

As you know I've started portraying Stephen Harper not only as a cowardly puppet, and the most monstrous leader this country has ever known.

As well as a hopeless incompetent, and the turkey king of Canada.

But also as a leader so long past due, the flesh is falling off him and his rotting government.

And as more evidence of that, I have three examples that demonstrate that even some of his own natural born supporters think he's so far gone.

That they are giving him one slap in the face after the other.

Starting with his fellow RepubliCons in the U.S, who at a time when Harper is increasing jail sentences, and swelling our prisons to the bursting point, are doing exactly the opposite. 

“Is he just being weak on crime?” Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said upon announcing a slate of proposals on Monday. “The answer is no. This is smart justice. This is about being better and smarter at what we do.”

Snyder, an accountant who depicts himself as a data geek, made his Monday speech at Goodwill Industries, an organization that trains and hires ex-convicts. He called for more non-prison sentences for young offenders and non-violent offenders, less incarceration before trial, and better job training for people who are imprisoned.

Which really has to make you wonder whether Harper is hopelessly dumb, or out of his mind?

Or gets a perverted pleasure out of jailing Canadians....

For as we all know his depravity knows no limits.

And then there's the slap in the face from, of all people, his masters at Big Oil. Who are demanding tougher environmental regulations and a carbon tax. 

Big Oil is urging Alberta's new government to toughen up the province's environmental policies.

"We think climate change is happening," Williams, Suncor's chief executive, told reporters. "We think a broad-based carbon price is the right answer."

At a time when he's torching those regulations like an deranged arsonist, and is so opposed to a "job killing carbon tax" he is using the spectre of one to go after the NDP and Justin Trudeau.

As only him and his creepy cult could.

Which can only make you wonder why Harper keeps posing as a Great Economist Leader? Can he be charged with FRAUD?

Or wonder, as in the previous example, whether he's crazy AND dangerous.

And then there's the third massive slap in the face, which involves the monstrous monument he's building to himself in the heart of Ottawa.

The so-called Memorial to the Victims of Communism....

Which he is only building to glorify himself, pander to the ethnic vote, and screw the Supreme Court which was planning to put up a new building named after Pierre Trudeau.

And is spending gazillions of our money, even though it turns out most of his own Con supporters think it's a really BAD IDEA. 

Opposition to the Harper government’s planned Memorial to the Victims of Communism is staggering—with even the prime minister’s supporters strongly opposing its design and location, EKOS polling data shows. 

Sixty-three per cent of those polled who intend to vote Conservative in the upcoming federal election oppose the memorial, a project of the Harper government that has been vigorously backed by senior Conservatives despite controversies about its location, its lack of architectural merit, cost and political symbolism.

Which again can only make one wonder what inner demons are driving Stephen Harper?  Which voice in his head is giving him orders these days? 

And whether he's now so out of touch with reality and so scared of EVERYTHING...

He's unfit to remain in office.

And the good news? Most Canadians haven't heard about that monstrous project, so the more we spread the news the more damage we will do him.

For at a time when the desire for change in this country is so strong, anything we can do to portray Harper as a man so past due he is rotten to his very foundations.

Will make it easier to topple him...

Three strikes and you're out.

Three slaps in the face, from his own supporters.

And he's gotta be good to go...

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  1. if we are to build monuments to victims then we should erect one to the victims of our own colonialism right here at home

    1. hi another post on the monument story I suggested the same thing. Clearly great minds think alike... ;)

  2. The problem with hideous monuments like that one - strangely, they remind me of something Nicolae Ceaușescu would have built in Bucharest - is that they are impossible to get rid of, without accusations of loving Stalinism or some such rot. There is a VERY ugly massive thing to the Jewish Victims of the Nazi Genocide in Berlin - dark piles of concrete; I'm sure most of those victims would have preferred a park with trees and flowers. Noises were raised in favour of monuments to the lgbt and Roma victims of that genocide, and have been built as well, but not on the same scale, or the same degree of brutalist ugliness.

    Here is someone (not a Holocaust denier, of course) who agrees with me about that thing:

    1. hi're right, the irony is the planned memorial couldn't be more totalitarian in design. But I'm not worried about Canadians saying that demolishing it, or more correctly scrapping the plan, would be Stalinist. I don't have any objections to it being built somewhere else, as long as there is another monument nearby to the victims of fascism. And yes, that Berlin monument is extremely ugly. I've always believed that a monument to the victims of oppression should also be a celebration of the lives of the victims that were snuffed out by the brutality of others...

  3. I maintain that of all his sins the worst are his constant attempts to infunce and degrade the institutions that seperate Canada from a third world existance. People should question just how indpendent are the RCMP?

    1. hi Steve....trying to decide which of Harper's many crimes against Canada are the worst would be a difficult task. We'd have to have a royal commission to try to decide that, and would probably end up writing them all on small pieces of paper, and holding a lottery. As for the RCMP, as you know I have taken to calling them Harper's Police, and when this nightmare is over there is going to have to be a full investigation...

  4. I'd like to slap him too but I'm not about to become a supporter no matter how good it would feel.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I would not slap him, but the contempt in my eyes would be punishing enough....

  5. e.a.f.2:44 PM

    The Americans are changing their narrative on jailing people because it is bankrupting some states. its not because they have "finally seen the light", its economic. Republicans can't keep 2 million people in jail and pay for it without having to stop paying for basic education, etc. they have rewarded their corporate private prison friends for years. now the party is over.

    Oh, Steve's mountain of crap to glorify himself, the great anti communist. Well if communists are so bad why is he so friendly with the Chinese Communists. Let us not forget he signed a 31 yr deal with Communist China, which we can not get out of for 15 yrs. It will trample the rights of Canadians all for the sake of Communist China. Perhaps that is why Steve wants the "mountain of crap", as a sign of things to come because we will become victims of Communist China.

    Oh, I do hope some one asks him about that at the debates.

    The "job killing" carbon tax. the oil companies are suggesting it because they see a way to make money out of it and avoid increases in royalties. I don't agree with carbon taxes. corporations simply pass on the cost to consumers. I want a carbon cap and then if the corporation exceeds it they get shut down, until they solve the problem. If the real issue is carbon and pollution, companies need to be told to stop and stop they will if they can't produce anything.

    1. hi e.a.f...I really don't know what is the best solution to reducing our dependence on oil, but at this point anything that encourages the research and development of green energy is good enough for me. I should point out that although Scotland has its oil reserves, it has developed enough green energy sources to provide for the country's energy needs. They have large wind farms, and are working on underwater ones that are powered by currents, so it can be done...

  6. Not only can he charged with fraud but he is crazy and extremely dangerous.

    You nailed it Mr. Montreal.


    And Yo e,a,f, consumption needs to let up and yes corporations need to be made responsible. What a carbon tax? Let's have a green lawn tax eh?


  7. As was mentioned on Sunday's "West Block" (Global), Harper "micro targets" who are the Canadians most likely to vote for him eg. the parents in 2-parent families, especially the richer ones who would benefit from income splitting, etc. He only needs 39% of voters to win.