Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Desperate Struggle to Block Stephen Harper's Monument to Himself

Today is the day the National Capital Commission will vote to decide whether to break ground for the building of Stephen Harper's monument to himself, the so-called Memorial to the Victims of Communism.

And although the ugly Stalinist monument has been denounced by hundreds of groups from architects to veterans, as an absolute monstrosity.

The corrupt Cons are taking steps to fix the vote. 

The Conservative government is shaking up the board of the National Capital Commission ahead of a key decision on the future of a controversial memorial to the victims of communism.

Five new board members were announced Wednesday and most have Conservative connections.

And wouldn't you know it? 

The ratty little Con Pierre Poilievre, the Minister of Democratic Reform, is at the centre of this latest controversy...

Pierre Poilievre, the minister responsible for the commission, said in a statement that the vacancies required “the most qualified and experienced individuals to ensure the National Capital Commission continues to represent all Canadians” and he is pleased they accepted the challenge.

Even though the Cons and the so called Tribute to Liberty group are the only ones defending the project.

And a coalition of distinguished Canadians has just become the latest group to denounce it. 

A coalition of architects, planners and landscape designers is urging National Capital Commission chairman Russell Mills to appeal directly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to relocate the proposed Memorial to the Victims of Communism. 

And demand that the land be used for what what it has always been reserved for, the building of a new courthouse right next to the Supreme Court building. 

“Canadians value their Parliament and their courts,” the open letter to Mills states. “That either Parliament or the courts should be asked to play second fiddle to a monument — any monument — is outrageous. Anyone who dismisses a courthouse as “yet another government building” and fails to mention its importance as a keystone to our justice system affronts our Canadian democracy.”

But then Stephen Harper doesn't give a damn about our democracy, and he has always intended it as an affront to the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice he hates so much... 

Especially since he found out that the new courthouse was going to be named after Pierre Trudeau. And really did soil himself.

So you can be sure that he will not be moved by any appeal.

And the good news?

Final approval to begin construction is still months away. So a new progressive government can move quickly to change its designation...

Or better still, send in the bulldozers to demolish it.

And build a more appropriate memorial to Stephen Harper in some lonely place somewhere...

So this ghastly Con horror story can still have a happy ending.

First we destroyed the monster.

And then we destroyed his monument...

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David said...

Democracy (with apologies to Leonard Cohen)

It's coming through a hole in the air
From those days in Confederation Square.
It's coming from the feel
That this ain't exactly real
Or it's real, but it ain't exactly there.
From the war against the veterans
From the attack ads night and day,
From the fires of science research
From the tar sands far away
Democracy is coming to Canada, eh?

Anonymous said...

Padolsky: Misplaced monument

Steve said...

Harper is ISIS spelled Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Simon have you seen the youtube video 'Harperman it's time for you to go' with folksinger and Unitarian choir?

Anonymous said...

The lengths Harper will go to to get his way is astounding. The only monument befitting this douchebag despot is a brand new penitentiary for he and his cohorts.

e.a.f. said...

If people don't like the idea of such an ugly thing sitting in Ottawa, they can ensure it doesn't get built by ensuring Steve and his slimers are not re-elected. Very simple solution.

If Veterans are unhappy with the "build" they just need to remember that at the polling station and ask their friends and families to do the same. its just that easy.

Steve said...

Simon posted it a couple of days ago, it is excellent