Friday, June 05, 2015

The Con Clowns Go After the Veterans Again

Oh no. Not Erin O'Toole. Not Stephen Harper's shiny tool. Again.

Why it seems like it was just yesterday that he was making an absolute fool of himself, claiming that marijuana doesn't help veterans with PTSD, and that it's dangerous.

Despite considerable evidence to the contrary.

Now he's going after veterans with PTSD again, claiming they're making misleading videos. 

Calling it "seriously irresponsible," the veterans affairs minister is accusing a public service union of trying to deliberately mislead people with a new ad campaign about mental-health services for veterans. In the video campaign, the Public Service Alliance of Canada uses stories of veterans to highlight what it says is the impact of the closure of veterans' services offices in the past two years.

Even though the harsh facts speak for themselves.

An auditor general's report late last year said one in five ex-soldiers seeking mental-health care had to wait up to eight months for their application to be reviewed.

Even though wounded soldiers are still being treated in a cruel and bestial manner. 

A decorated Canadian soldier who was released from the military for severe post-traumatic stress disorder has since been assessed by Veterans Affairs as having simple anxiety, making access to benefits and services more difficult. 

And even though the videos O'Toole is honking and squealing about couldn't be more truthful or more powerful...

And if O'Toole had a shred of decency in him, he would listen to those veterans instead of his depraved leader...

But of course he is his shabby shuffling Con tool, who would dare to suggest that the humble videos of others are misleading

Unlike their filthy porky propaganda...

Because they do have gazillions of dollars of OUR money to spend on brainwashing us, but not a few million to help repair the shattered brains of some of our wounded veterans.

And the good news?

We will use all of this against them on the campaign trail.

We will join with the veterans to defeat them.

And we will fire both of them...

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Marmalade said...

Next all the War Memorials and Legion Halls across Canada will be destroyed !
Wake-up, Canada!

Mogs Moglio said...

The despondent look on all those veterans faces says it all that brought tears to my eyes literally. The Harper con government has abandoned them after ORDERING them into a theater of war. Harper is more cruel than the devil himself. I hate that Jew worshiping man hide in the closet Steve Joe Harper. Cons are gutless wonders waiting for their over the moon pensions to come funded by the rest of us while allowing vets to commit suicide.

Disgusting to me my Mum came from a a Swiss family that long served in the military. Switzerland prefers to stay out of wars and uses their military in case some country wants to invade them. It is more like a civil defense. My Papa also came from a long line of military in Austria. I don't know why Simon but after watching real war footage of WWII as a child I swore to be a pacifist and never enlist I had choices. I started working for myself when I was quite young and never looked back. I taught myself carpentry [had some help along that road] became a Master Carpenter then I learned Joinery, which is the art of making furniture doors anything made out of wood produced in my own woodworking shop. I worked for the man [boss] a couple of times but I could not put up with the rules and the intimidating environment in the work place. People figuratively stabbing each other in the back stealing my ideas and trying to get into the bosses office. Not for me working on your own is a joy and a pleasure you can come and go as you please and you have nobody starring over your shoulder. Sweet relief.

Cheers Simon,

Marmalade said...

You are a smart man, Mogs.......thank you for sharing!