Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Incredibly Dangerous Delusions of the Corrupt Con Regime

I must admit that when I first read that Kory Teneycke was defending the Con's latest disgusting attack ad, by claiming: "We’re better than news, because we’re truthful." 

After a moment of shock and disbelief, I practically fell out of my chair laughing.

Even though as I later pointed out, him and his Cons should be arrested, for spreading terrorist propaganda.

But then, just a few hours after I wrote that post, I had a terrifying thought. 

What if Teneycke and the other little monsters in the PMO really believe what they're saying?

What if it isn't naked hypocrisy? It's terrifying self DELUSION !!!!

What if the PMO now resembles a snake handler's revival tent? 

And the Con cult and their desperate and depraved leader have finally gone over the deep end. 

Because surely only that can explain that they are now posing as champions of democracy, accusing others of electoral fraud. 

The Conservative Party wants federal elections officials to investigate whether third-party groups, including one started by former Liberal and NDP strategists, are violating the law by posting attack ads against his party that can be seen in three Ontario ridings where byelections are underway.

And deluding themselves into believing they can get away with it.

Even though they were the ones who tried to steal the last election with the robocall scandal... 

The one featuring Michael Sona, and all the other mystery members of the Poutine Gang who still haven't been arrested.

Even though the Cons were the ones who had Harper's demon child Pierre Poilievre fix the so-called Fair Elections Act...

To disenfranchise four million Canadians, and make it easier to steal the next election.

Even though PMO Productions recently brought us the ghastly movie of the Prime Minister's parliamentary secretary. 

Shuffling or clanking his way to the Big House...

After being convicted of electoral fraud.

And even though, as David Akin points out, there are no cheaters like Con cheaters. 

Three elections. Three cheats. One party leader. We’re talking about the Conservative Party of Canada and its leader, the incumbent prime minister now actively seeking re-election, Stephen Harper. 

For three elections in a row, a judge determined that a Conservative or the party itself cheated. And there could be more.

And no leader like Boss Harper.

Once might be an accident, twice is unlucky but after three consecutive elections in which a judge finds your team cheated, maybe it’s time for Harper to tell his party’s donors and the country’s voters what steps he has taken, as leader, to ensure there will be no Conservatives in front of a judge after this fall’s election.

Who as Stephen Maher points out, not only has an appalling record, and appalling judgement. 

Critics of the prime minister say his judgment is poor, pointing to a long list of accused fraudsters and expense chisellers whom he has placed in high office.

He seems curiously blind to his regime's corruption...

When Del Mastro was accused of having personally cheated, Harper kept him by his side. Why? The evidence for his guilt was strong. And the party and PMO surely had more information than was publicly available. 

The slow motion train wreck that concluded with Del Mastro’s perp walk in shackles raises questions about both the ethics and the savvy of Harper’s palace guard.

And most hypocritically, would have his flunkies accuse others of corrupting three by-elections with "Big Union" money.

While fixing the Election Act to make sure that his Big Money plays a bigger role in EVERY riding in the country.

Del Mastro was convicted of exceeding a $92,567 spending limit. Under the new law, the byelection to replace Del Mastro (which will be cancelled when the real election starts) will have a limit of $508,000.

So yes, we should ALL be worried.

There is good reason to be nervous about the conduct of the election this fall. Harper, who has not commented on Del Mastro’s sentencing, could give Canadians comfort by making it clear that he won’t defend cheaters in the future.

For Stephen Harper lost his moral compass a long time ago. He is desperate and slowly going crazy.

He has deluded himself into thinking he can get away with ANYTHING.

He is the leader of the most corrupt government in modern Canadian history...

Stephen Lautens

So unless the police catch up with him and his Cons in time. Which seems unlikely since they work for him.

Or one of those snakes in the PMO bites him, like sometimes happens to other leaders of other loony cults...

Him and his Con gang are quite capable of trying steal the next election.

And the MSM should understand that asking him to promise anything is absurd, after the way he lies all the time. Appealing to his decency is waste of time since he doesn't have any.

You really can't make a purse out of a sow's ear.

Or a vase out of Great Leader...

When he said he was going to change this country beyond recognition he wasn't kidding.

Even if that means breaking every rule in the book, violating all our Canadian values, and lying and cheating like a thief.

And neither we nor our democracy will be safe until his corrupt, rotting Con regime is finally defeated.

And the Con artist in chief is finally sent to the place where he truly belongs...

He was always as bad as he is now.

But because it took so long for so many to recognize his monstrous evil.

It almost destroyed this country...

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    When David Akin of the now defunct Sun News network, and a colleague of Ezra Levant and Kory Tenyke, and a known admirer of Great Closet Leader, writes an article calling him and his party as the only cheaters in the last 3 elections, you can be sure things are really bad, eh? And Akin even rubbed it in by pointing out that he was the leader of the party that had been caught cheating (recall the infamous Harper quote about at the end of the day, the leader is responsible for everything, in reference to Paul Martin trying to claim innocence in the Sponsorship scandal).

    I wonder what kind of an upbringing Great Closet Leader had, eh? Most of us tell our kids that they should not cheat in school or out of it and that if they are caught, they deserve to be shamed and punished. Yet here we seem to have a bunch of people who call themselves tough on crime and upholders of law and order who cheat in elections and seem totally undisturbed by their conscience or morality. Seems that "Conservative" is now synonymous with "cons" after what has happened in the last 9 years. It seems that it has been one con after another, no? These guys appear totally beyond redemption.

    1. hi anon...yes I was encouraged by the Akin story, and he has also done some good stories on the amount of money the Cons have been wasting. So I do have some hope that some in the MSM are finally seeing the light. Goodness knows it has taken them long enough...

  2. They didn't "try" to steal the last election. The DID steal the last election.

    Who knows what will happen now that they have more money, new software, more practice, and the Fraudulent Elections Act to help them?

    1. hi thwap...I'm reluctant to give them that much credit, because they did make some elementary errors. And had the Chief Returning Officer and the RCMP had the power to compel witnesses to testify Sona would have had company in jail. But yes, like you I fear what those desperate fanatics might do in the next election, now that they have made it even easier to steal an election. The progressive parties need to organize some kind of poll watch communication system, so they can counter any signs of dirty tricks as soon as possible. We really are living in a Banana Republic...

  3. Not only has Steve's staffing judgement been a bit dicy he was/is pretty close to completely incompetent in foreign affairs too. Step one, really annoy the Chinese by attacking their human rights record (admittedly poor) but one probably should not to it when a guest, annoys the Americans, and even gets the Canadian Forces kicked out the Emirates while we are still fighting in Afghanistan And that last was sheer stupidity. And gets us involved with Iraq and Syria .

    1. hi you probably know, until Harper became Prime Minister he had hardly travelled abroad. So he has been playing catch-up since he came to office. He views everything through a Cold War prism, and all his work abroad seems designed for crass political purposes. Considering the great diplomats this country has produced in the past, it really is a sorry situation...

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Yes they are delusional and actually believe the media is out to get them. According to this is a common belief for authoritarian parties. Unfortunately their delusional views and belief in doing whatever it takes to defend them doesn't stop there.
    A consequence is that this type of behavior can elicit the same type of response from the other parties. This can confuse the average voter. eg some PAC funding bad some ok, disclosure vs non disclosure of special interest group funding, etc. We need to stick to the high road as they already rule the swamp.

    1. hi RT...yes they are showing all the symptoms of an authoritarian party in the final stages of decomposition. Ever since Nigel Wright left in a hurry, the PMO has been out of control. Wright could tell Harper that he had crossed the line, but none of those young fanatics would dare put the brakes on their Great Leader. Or want to rein him in. And yes I reluctantly have to agree with you. We need to stick to the high road, if only to make the Cons look even worse than they already are...

  5. Yes, Harper has always been this bad. In the past he had people like Flaherty, and Baird, and others who were able to moderate, talk him down, push back a little, but they're gone now and we are seeing the real Stephen Harper for perhaps the first time.

    It's not a pretty sight.

    1. hi Punned It....yes I think you're right, we may be seeing the real Stephen Harper for the first time. And I hate to imagine what he might become or do as we get closer to the election. As I've said before I truly believe that we are heading for the dirtiest election in Canadian history. And I would add a constitutional crisis that will threaten the unity of this country. He is bad and he is desperate and that's a very dangerous combination...

  6. e.a.f.1:06 AM

    if Steve is trying to scare people into voting for him, he can forget it. What people may decide it is best to get out of that war and not piss ISIS off.

    Showing these types of videos is doing the work of ISIS. I do hope they arrest some of those cons who put it up. Of course on the other hand its another form of pornography. Its like watching a "snuff' film. I would have to say the Cons have now gotten to the end of the road, they are showing "snuff films" to be re-elected.

    Actually I always thought production of "snuff films" was illegal and showing them was also. If I'm correct then the cons ought to be arrested for showing "snuff films". it doesn't matter that they didn't produce them, but they are using them to make money, i.e. raise funds for their election campaign.

    1. hi guess is that barring another terrorist attack, none of his era mongering will work, and may actually do more harm to him than it will the opposition. And you're right, that latest video can be compared to a propaganda snuff film, The good news is that it's so bad that it can probably be used against them, and the Del Mastro perp walk should prove absolutely devastating. I bet after the Cons in the PMOI saw that one they started debating whether to drink the Kool Aid now or later... ;)