Friday, June 05, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great Desperate War on Terror. Again

Nothing could tell us more about the dilapidated state of the Con regime, than Stephen Harper's absurd attempt yesterday to crank up the Great Terrorist Menace.

For there he was at yet another staged photo-op, with his travelling "Protecting Canadians" sign, trying to make Canadians believe that our country is besieged by hordes of dangerous terrorists or tourists.

In yet another other desperate attempt to scare Canadians into voting for him, so he can turn this country into a police state.

When in fact, if you take a close look at his face, it's pretty clear that the most desperate and frightened person in Canada is Harper himself.

And with good reason. For with just a few months to go before the election everything is going terribly wrong.

His polls are heading south. He can't claim he's a Great Economist Leader anymore, not after his oily delusions of grandeur have been shattered. 

There are new signs that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's dream for Canada as an "emerging energy superpower" may be in trouble. A report this week from Barclays showed Canadian production tumbling. The global giants with a stake in Canada's oil sands have stopped expansion plans and many have walked away.

His police state bill C-51 is as I pointed out yesterday, threatening to become his Waterloo.

And is causing even some of his most loyal supporters to abandon him...

Just as his old buddy Nigel Wright threatens to come back into his life, at exactly the wrong time. 

The trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy will run at least into the summer months, butting up against the federal election campaign.  

This means that witnesses including senior Conservative senators and the prime minister’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright could be testifying just as the party leaders prepare to hit the campaign trail.

And not when his claims to be a Great World Statesman Leader couldn't be more laughable. 

A group led by former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan is condemning Canada as an international climate laggard that falls short even of impoverished Ethiopia in the effort to combat global warming.

Or more humiliating...

But what must be making Stephen Harper even more crazy desperate, is as John Ivison points out, the restlessness of Canadians, and the burning desire for change. 

At the start of May, the Conservatives were riding high on the back of a successful budget. But Stephen Harper’s smiling optimism – “people should be confident about the future” – has melted like a wedding cake left out in the rain. 

A month later, the Tories are still level-pegging with the Liberals and NDP. But the auspices are not good. The word comes from divining omens from the observed flight of birds. In this case, the flock has changed direction en masse because of choppy headwinds.

Which as that Abacus poll I linked to yesterday suggests, just keeps growing.

Abacus says there has been a seven point jump in those who think it would be good to have a change in government in Ottawa to 76 per cent. When three in four voters think it’s time you should spend more time with your family, it’s like a pirate being handed a black spot.

And unless he can reverse that fatal trend, by scaring or bribing Canadians.

The Conservatives have 20 weeks to fight back with more tax cuts, which are set to emerge in the platform. In the meantime, they must hope against hope that the economy picks up and that the public doesn’t tire of gloomy talk about the end of civilization. Otherwise it really will be la fin de décennie Harper.

It will be the end of his filthy Con regime.

Now isn't that a reassuring thought to get you through a Friday?

You can't breathe life into a rotting corpse.

And you can't put lipstick on a maniac...

He can twist, he can turn, he can run, he can hide.

But time is his biggest enemy.

And it will destroy him...

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Anonymous said...

Earlier this week the con media floated a trial balloon by suggesting that Harper would likely leave his position as PM half way through the next mandate should they win the election. This was obviously to pacify party members who are finally starting to dislike Harper but are loyal to the party. The con balloon suggested that Harper would likely move on to a role in international affairs and that Kenney would be a strong replacement candidate. i don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

Bill C-51 was supposed to have had a final vote in the senate yesterday but has now been postponed to next Tues June 9th and there may be a problem.Story is here.

Anonymous said...

The eruption of the Senate problems with the AG report should bury him even if the revolt from his own base in regard to C-51 has not already done that.

We now understand fully why he and Wright were so desperate to sweep the Duffy thing under the rug, to the extent of apparently interfering with a supposedly independent audit, in order to stave off what we are seeing now with the AG audits.

The good news is that people now see that the rot is more widespread than a few bad apples picked by our Closet hero. The bad news now is that it will convince even more people that the Senate should be abolished and that Closet hero is in this mess up to his neck. Especially since his spokesman on Law and Order, Boisvenu, is himself going to be under criminal investigation.

And since the NDP had been the only party that had consistently wanted to abolish the Senate, this is further wind in their sails, coming after the lift from the NDP win in Alberta.

While it may be politically expedient, at least the Liberals were smart enough to have jettisoned their entire slate of Senators. And some pundits had been telling us how smart a tactician Closet Leader was, already anticipating the moves of his opponents several steps ahead. Seems actually that he is quite dumb politically in not emulating the Libs in jettisoning his Senators when he had the chance, no?

Mogs Moglio said...

I finally got it Steve Joe Harper is an evil comedian...

e.a.f. said...

The real terrorist in this country is Stephen harper. he is insisting Bill C-51 is passed. Scares the beguzzes out of me. Then when you consider his unwillingness to deal with the lack of adequate equipment for the RCMP. Only 1 in 12 is adequately armed, with a carbine, well we saw what happened in Moncton. That is some scary. Police not armed to deal with a gun man. The carbines were at a training session, all 6 of them over an hr. away. terrorizing. (you should live in surrey, B.C. where they have shootings several times a week and are short 100 RCMP officers.)

clawing back the RCMP budget for anti child porn, terrorizing.

cutting $30 billion from our health care in 2017, terrorizing, if you don't have any other private health care.

Not doing anything to find out who murdered 1,200 First Nation women, leaving several hundred murderers free and out on the streets, terrorizing.

No right now the guy who is terrorizing more citizens in Canada more than any foreign "terrorist" is the P.M., stevie harper.

Oh, forgot to mention abolishing the long gun registry was pretty scary too.

hinofan said...

I hope, finally , I can see light at the end of this dark tunnel of Canadian Reform Conservative "Mumps".!!!
It has been a particularly long and tedious bout.
It has made Canada a pale and wan shadow of its former self.
I hope we can quickly convalesce to become that world leader in environmental thinking, in caring for our citizens and regaining our tarnished international reputation for being a caring and compassionate country instead of being frightened by our own Harper Shadow!