Monday, June 08, 2015

Stephen Harper's Absurd Hyperbolic Performance at the G7 Summit

His propaganda machine has been furiously pumping out pictures like this one, to make it appear that Stephen Harper is a big player at the G7 summit.

Desperately trying to portraying him as leading the charge against Putin's Russia, and the charge for a new trade deal with Europe.

And some in our MSM have been helping to foster that delusion. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper may already get what he wanted most from the G7 summit only hours after the two-day meeting began Sunday in the Bavarian Alps.

Worried that Europe’s resolve might crumble with the end of current EU sanctions this summer, Harper, had called many times over the past year for maintaining a strong, unified stance against what Obama has called Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine.

According to the prime minister’s office, Harper urged others at the table to maintain pressure and tough sanctions on Putin’s government.

Even though it's all just hype...

Just more hot air from the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation, designed to make Harper look like a player, instead of the leader most of the others go to desperate lengths to try to avoid.

Or portray him as a Great Warrior Leader to try to win more ethnic votes in Canada.

Or try to distract other Canadians from focusing on his shabby record...

David Parkins/Globe and Mail.

When the fact is Obama and Angela Merkel are the ones leading the charge on the Ukraine front, with more hollow words.

And Harper is only following, or cheerleading...

As for his leading the charge to ratify the so-called Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper used Sunday's opening of the G7 summit to push European leaders to ratify the comprehensive Canada-EU free trade agreement.

"Prime Minister Harper encouraged European members of the G7 to swiftly implement the job-creating Canada-EU trade agreement," his office said in a statement.

That too is hype, and to make matters worse can only be characterized as a mad dash to sell us out.

If ratified, CETA will unfairly restrict how local governments spend money by banning “buy local” policies, add hundreds of millions of dollars to the price of pharmaceutical drugs in our public health care system, create pressure to increase privatization of local water systems, transit and energy, and much more. The secret negotiating process and the overall corporate agenda behind these next generation deals are an affront to democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.

So Harper can claim during the election campaign that he is a Great Economist Leader, as well as a Great Warrior Leader. When in fact both claims are fraudulent.

But sadly for Great Monkey Leader, his hyperbolic narrative of the summit with HIMSELF as its star, is heading for a rude collision with reality.

Because he still has to face the elephant, or the monster in the room...

And explain why he can't seem to understand the connection between climate change and security.

Germany, with the firm backing of neighbour France, is linking climate change to global security following a report prepared for G7 foreign ministers in April that urged all countries to place climate change at the heart of their foreign policy.

 "Climate change is the ultimate threat multiplier: it will aggravate already fragile situations and may contribute to social upheaval and even violent conflict," said the report by the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

Or explain to us why he's doing nothing to help protect us from the greatest threat we face. The one that could kill the future.

Yup. Stephen Harper, nothing but an absurd poseur, blowing his own tin trumpet.

Nothing but a shabby tool of big business...

When can we get rid of him?

How low have we fallen?

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  1. e.a.f6:09 AM

    It is interesting to watch Canadian MSM t.v. It continually shows Steve with Obama and Merkle but when you watch CNN, they showed Harper only once and that would appear to be a mistake because the camera quickly moved to the leaders to the right of Obama and Merkel. CNN showed clips of the other leaders, but not Harper. It is clear Steve is not a player. He's a non entity on the world stage with his continual playing the war rally cry. its boring. this is supposed to be an economic summit. We know why Putin isn't there, but really why isn't China there. they are the 2nd largest economy on earth.

    Oh, well perhaps this is Steve's last hurrah at tax payers expense. of course its good to get out of the country while there are reports about the Truth and Reconcilliation report. lets not forget it was one yr since the killing of 3 RCMP officers in Moncton and it is reported the R.C.M.P. officers still don't have the guns they need. But hey Steve is going to spend $5 Million arming the police in the Ukraine. Well Mother always said charity begins at home and its time the federal government purchased and trained the RCMP on the carbines they need on their jobs. They have been waiting for them since 2004 and now we have 7 dead cops. How many more dead RCMP officers will Canada have before Steve gets it. The Ukraine isn't voting in the upcoming federal election and all those Canadians of Ukrainian descent, well a lot of them are in the RCMP and they and their families would like Canadian RCMP officers to be supplied with carbines before more of them are killed.

    Nice going Steve, having only 1 in 12 Canadian RCMP officers with a carbine rifle and spending $5 Million on Ukraine's police. leave the Ukraine to Europe.

    While steve wants war with Putin over the Ukraine he doesn't understand Merkel is only paying lip service. she isn't going to do anything to endanger Germany or Europe's current position, which may be now being negatively affected by the sanctions aimed at Putin. In due course this will all blow over, but if Harper keeps harping Putin might drop by to tell him to forget it. it is sunny, the artic doesn't have much ice. don't dare Putin to amass his armed forces in the Danish Artic, its sitting right above Canada. Steve had better know Obama isn't going to save our Canadian bacon until the Russians are half way down to the 49th parallel

    1. hi e.a.f....the PMO is trying to pump up his role, but when I consulted newspapers from all over the English-speaking world, I saw nary a mention of him. So let's call it what it is, just more Con propaganda...

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWW MSM.........Wake-up, Canada!

    1. hi Kathleen....I like to sleep with one eye open. To make sure the terrorists don't behead me in my bed, and Stephen Harper doesn't steal what's left on my country...

  3. TILMA is a trade deal between BC and Alberta. Signed in 2006, it has ISDS, which allows businesses to sue Government (ie: taxpayers) over laws they don't like. The BC Govt at the time claimed TILMA would result in 78,000 new jobs, and $4.8 billion in GDP benefits.

    I inquired to the BC Govt whether these benefits have materialized, 8 years later. They could name no new jobs from TILMA. Zero.

    CETA also has ISDS. Govt claims benefits from CETA of 80,000 new jobs in Canada and a benefit to Canada of $12 billion per year. Very similar BS benefit claims.

    China-FIPA also has ISDS, which allows Chinese investors to sue Canada over laws made by any level of government in Canada.

    1. hi Hugh...I like to think of you as this blogs resident specialist on shady trade deals. Sadly everything you warned us about is coming true. And speeding up a bad deal for use in an election campaign is just about as low as you can go. The man is shameless, and this latest bad deal is just the latest excuse to get rid of him...

  4. Obama is being castigated by his own supporters for his weak stance on political questions, his refusal to censor all the privacy breakdowns in his country, Emperor Steve does the 'right' thing to try and align himself to for his constant potshots at Putin, I'm sure that ol' Vlad has a good laugh about it, when /if he notices at all...
    You can bet that Harper's polling numbers are common knowledge at the G7, which is quickly becoming known for it's 'show' of stability and unity, and it's lack of actually doing anything...the focus on climate change is a good thing, as always, but will it result in anything concrete?

    1. hi mizdarlin...yes I'm afraid Obama has disappointed me as well. I was hoping that his last term would be his best now that he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. But let's face it the G7 club is out of touch with the reality of most people. And if we have to wait for them to save the planet, it doesn't stand a chance, and neither do we. We can't tackle climate change without changing the economic system that is creating it, and they only exist to act as its guardians...

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Its unforgivable that Canada is not using what little influence we have on the international stage to promote peace and provide aid to the victims of war. Unbiased information suggests that Ukraine is similar to Canada in that they have two primary linguistic / ethnic groups with a minority of others. When left alone they managed to co exist in a semi democratic manner. Unfortunately they became pawns between Western and Russian forces with the West wanting free trade and NATO forces on their soil and Russia resisting NATO on their border and wanted trade. The result was the destruction of their fragile democracy and war supported by our pathetic leader. Although our democracy is stronger than Ukraine's we can either move to further strengthen it or let it weaken under the current "might is right" leadership and become pawns at some date in the future. Fundamentalists never win they just carve out a little empire by dragging everyone down to the same level and then lob missiles at them.

    1. hi anon...I feel exactly the same way. As peacemakers we might have made a real contribution to the world. As war mongers we couldn't be more pathetic or in the case of the Cons, absolutely shameless.
      Because it's bad enough that Harper is inflamed with the fervour of a Cold War warrior, but using an international crisis for crass political purposes is simply beyond belief, and as low as you can go...

  6. Simon yeas ago when I was researching this New World Order stuff i found a page that stated unequivocally that Ottawa was going to be the heart of the one world government. Makes things with Harper fall into place. He is their loyal servant busboy and slave. That is how we got here. At last years Bilderberg meeting sources leaked that the topic of discussion was [by the 1% and various world leaders] should we plunge the world into an economic crisis where everyone starves and looting and killing is the thing of the day? Or should we merely start WWIII to reduce the population of "Useless Eaters" Henry Kissinger's words. He is a big member in good standing of Bilderberg Group. He is also known as the butcher of Cambodia.

    So Stephen is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with mass murderers because he is one. Who would have known that little Steve would grow up to be a one man bombing party to destroy innocents? Makes me sick Canada is a peace keeping nation. Harper revers the military until they come home injured then he tosses them into the nearest dumpster to fend for themselves.

    1. hi Mogs....yes the Bilderbergers and the Straussians and all those other capitalist pigs are turning our world into a ghastly mess. And until we can pry their bony fingers of the levers of power we will get nowhere and the world can only become more unequal and more dangerous...