Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pierre Poilievre's Sad and Desperate Popularity Problem

Well at least now we know the real reason Pierre Poilievre made those ghastly vanity videos.

Which were all about him, but paid for with OUR money. 

Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre commissioned a team of public servants for overtime work on a Sunday to film him glad-handing constituents in promotion of the Conservative government’s benefits for families

Which didn't seem to bother him...

But can now be reasonably explained. He was flogging the Con's porky vote buying scam, as well as flogging himself.

Because he has a serious, possibly terminal, popularity problem 

Pierre Poilievre, the federal employment minister and chief spokesman for the Conservative party in the House of Commons, has “a very significant likeability issue in his riding,” according to pollster Frank Graves, whose company recently polled Poilievre’s suburban Ottawa constituency of Nepean-Carleton. 

 A June 1-3 robopoll of 500 constituents found that 41% don’t like Poilievre very much. Only 17% said they like him a lot. In contrast, only 24% strongly dislike the riding's Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod and 28% like her a lot.

“My guess is that people are looking at him and saying the more I see of him, the less I like him,” said Graves.

Which as you know doesn't surprise me in the least...

But does please me enormously, because I've always despised that brutish little Con.

That union bashing Young Republican bully right out of Nixon's America... 

And the best news is what it means for the Cons and their depraved leader.

Who Poilievre has always served so well...

This -- like many other portents -- suggests that the Conservatives' electoral prospects this fall are worse than the top line numbers indicate.

Just as every hockey team needs a cheap shot artist, every prime minister needs someone who can deliver a well-timed slash to the ankles. But Harper is playing Poilievre as his starting centre, and the poor results are increasingly apparent on the scoreboard.

And who as we know raised Poilievre to be like him.

Only to have Canadians dislike his baby almost as much as they dislike Harper... 

Which must surely be an encouraging sign.

The Cons are in trouble.

And with a little luck.

The monster and his demon spawn will be going down together...

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  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    This theme always comes to mind when I see the little dickhead hopping around town.


    1. hi anon...good one. But when will he hop off into the sunset? Or be confined to a zoo for the rest of his deplorable life...

  2. "Pierre Poilievre, the federal employment minister..."

    Ya hey um and employment has fallen not into the basement but underneath the Earth's crust into the magma. Whoosh jobs gone flushed down the toilet of free trade whatever the hell that means you little turds Pierre Poilievre, Stephen Harper, & Con clowns.


    1. hi Mogs...yes it is hard to say the words "Pierre Poilievre Employment Minister" And since he got the job the situation could be more catastrophic. But think of it this way, he could very well be unemployed soon, and with his resume as a professional politician, good luck finding another job...

  3. Typical Harper approach to everything: A Minister of Employment who has never held a meaningful job.

    1. hi John....yes their talent pool, and their gene pool, is shrinking fast. If this keeps up we'll need a microscope to examine them. Or they'll be leaning out of their office windows and shouting : "Hey anyone wanna be a Minister? "

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Actually, it is quite an achievement to get Cons supporters to dislike him. Many of the Cons supporters would seem to me to be people who are all in it for themselves, for example, they seem to want their benefits but not to pay the taxes. They seem very angry at people who have their noses in the public trough, like all of us, but they seem to feel differently when it is their own noses or those of their cronies that are in the trough. Think how they have no problems with Harper appointing Cons cronies and bagmen to the Senate.

    Thus, for them to dislike him, he had to be something special ..... perhaps a real D***head that is too much even for them (since they would probably love an ordinary one). Lol.

    1. hi anon...well if you put it that way I suppose it is an achievement. And greed in this country is a real threat. But I think Poilievre's contribution to the so-called Fair Elections Act turned off a lot of voters. And when you sound like a mini-Harper it only makes matters worse...

  5. e.a.f.4:05 PM

    with any luck after Oct. the little shit will have to find a real job. Stevie won't be carrying him around in a pouch. Of course Steve's gut is getting so big I don't think there will be room for the little shit.

    1. hi e.a.f.. I will be monitoring the results in Poilievre's riding closely on election night, and saving at least two fireworks to fire off the moment he is defeated... ;)

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    More taxpayer paid propaganda under the guise of informing Canadians. We need an ethics watchdog to end this billion dollar crime against us taxpayers. It's one thing having to listen to their bullshit when they pay for it but this is really pissing me off.
    As for Peeair, what's not to hate?

    1. hi JD....yes it is really annoying to see the desperate Polly pretending to sell his porky plan while really trying to sell himself with OUR money. But now we know why he's doing that, I feel a lot better. I think that rabid little ideologue has pushed his luck too far, and is about to be taught a brutal lesson...