Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Day Stephen Harper Stared Down the Russians

It had to be one of the scariest confrontations in the Baltic Sea since the darkest days of the Cold War.

Or one of the most ridiculous.

For there was Stephen Harper, on day five of his mega tour of Europe, in feverish pursuit of the ethnic vote...

You know, the mega photo-op that's costing us MILLIONS.

When old Queeg, the self-styled Scourge of Putin, peered through his binoculars and saw the Russians were coming !!!! 

Two Russian frigates were spotted from a Canadian warship carrying Prime Minister Stephen Harper during NATO military exercises on the Baltic Sea on Tuesday.

And since Jason Kenney, Queeg's faithful Smee, was also onboard...

"These two Russian frigates were tracking the bulk of the NATO vessels about 15 nautical miles northwest of here,” Kenney told reporters. “But a few hours ago they changed their direction and started coming west towards the HMCS Fredericton.”

Panic ensued.

And you can probably imagine what happened next...

Until Kenney realized the Russians were NOT coming, and Stephen Harper realized that with a little editing, this episode of his propaganda extravaganza could be turned into The Day I Stopped the Russians. 

Harper used the opportunity to once again denounce Russia’s leader, and possibly win votes. “Mr. Putin’s recklessness threatens global stability, regional stability and has spread fear among our eastern allies,” he said.

And promptly declared VICTORY...

In his never-ending attempt to fight the Battle of the Bulge and seize the ethnic vote.

Pollster Nik Nanos said the comments are aimed at Canada million-strong eastern European community. “There are a series of ridings in Western Canada that are in play, that have significant Ukrainian- populations, and this is an issue that’s important to them,” he said.

Even though, and you won't see this in any Canadian report, his grotesque photo-op blew the Fredericton right out of that NATO exercise. 

The Fredericton is the lone Canadian ship taking part in NATO exercises in the Baltic, which started last year in response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Harper’s presence meant the Fredericton did not participate in any “direct” way in NATO exercises on this outing, the captain said.

So the Canadian navy, like the Harper Police, is now Harper's Navy. 

And Operation BALLS had to renamed Operation MINNOW...

And even though the Con's shameless pandering to the ethnic vote, and Stephen Harper's big mouth cannon, or big ass cannon, is only making the dangerous crisis in Ukraine even more dangerous.

And could help trigger the Third World War...

And kill us ALL.

But of course, even that can't stop the Cons, because they really are desperate.

So today they're in Rome to pander to the Italian-Canadian vote. Before heading to the Vatican to see the Pope, to try to win the Catholic vote.

And the good news?

The Pope might turn out to be even more of a menace than the satanic Putin himself. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper could get an earful on climate change when he meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican Thursday.

The pontiff is set to release one of his occasional "encyclicals" – a letter to one billion Catholics worldwide – with a focus on stewardship of the planet's environment.

And wouldn't that be a slap in the face?

Or poetic justice.

But yes, Great Monkey Leader is crazy desperate and out of control.

He's now threatening our very survival.

And in the name of humanity we can't cage him soon enough...

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  1. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Simon, I am of Ukranian background and I have to ashamedly admit that a lot of my ethnic type are stoopid enough to fall for heil harper's gradeschool ploys and are actually thinking of voting for this imbecile again.
    Sent us to school, bought us books, tried to teach us . . . . AND WE STILL DIDN'T LEARN!!!

    1. hi anon...I'm sorry to hear that, although I does encourage me to know that you aren't one of them. So hopefully there are many more like you. I can understand why many Ukrainian-Canadians feel strongly about what's happening in their homeland. But surely they must understand that Stephen Harper is not their real friend. And that his hollow posturing can only make the situation worse. I long for the day when we can be peacemakers again, and not war mongers...

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    That picture is hilarious! Look at Lurleen in the top right, looking like she's getting ready to jump! lol

    1. e.a.f.11:22 PM

      actually I think she is going to puke. remember she has had to travel with her husband now for more than a week. that ought to make anyone want to puke.

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Putin wasn't after harper yesterday,he had an alibi,he was meeting with the pope.I suggest the pontiff inform his best exorcist to be at the ready for today's visit.Who knows? Maybe harper will follow tony blair who visited pope benny a few years back and convert to Catholicism and come home as a reformed reformer.

    1. hi anon...yes isn't that ironic? But what I hated most was reading headlines in our MSM claiming that Harper got what he wanted. Honestly, those ghastly Cons are doing enough damage to Canada, but when they go abroad they are even more dangerous. As for Stephen Harper, I doubt he would convert to Catholicism, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he converted to Judaism...

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Poor Lurleen looks like she's getting ready to jump. Who can blame her!?!? lol

    1. hi anon...yes I noticed that, and I was going to have her say something. But then I thought I better leave her alone, because try as I might I can't help feeling sorry for her...

    2. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Absolutely NO reason to feel sorry for her. She has made her bed. Until the day she tells all about their phoney life together, I garner no pity for her whatsoever.

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    "An image are worth a thousand words" - hilarious and right-on !!

    1. hi anon...I'm glad you enjoyed the images. I must admit I had a LOT of fun writing this post...;)

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    ... What the heck? Just who do you think the Pope actually um... is? The Episcopal Church is telling the Supreme Pontiff how to run things now?

    What is it with these protestants who fail to realize that if they undermine the Pope, they undermine themselves as well? Theologically, if the Pope preaches heresy, as many have suggested he will do in the upcoming encyclical, or contradicts a dogma, there's no reason whatsoever to be Christian, much less Catholic, because Our Blessed Lord will have been proven to be a liar.

    And if you think that insofar as there's a Catholic vote to be had or gotten that it won't go overwhelmingly in favor of Harper, you really should lay off the substances. That level of delusion is truly staggering.

    Seriously, two parties overwhelmingly in favor of abortion, vs. one that is more or less ambivalent.

    There's only one place to go for the Catholic vote.

    1. hi now I am familiar with your extreme religious fanaticism. And as I told you before I was raised in the company of Catholics, and I trust most of them not to be fooled by the Harperite cult. I know you won't like this, but the fact is most Catholics in Canada and the U.S. are very liberal and decent. So only the extremists like you will follow him blindly. I also believe I've told you that although I'm an atheist, I am more Christian than you are. Look it up, and repeat after me: Jesus is LOVE....

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      but the fact is most Catholics in Canada and the U.S. are very liberal and decent.

      If what that actually means is that they vote left wing, ignoring the atrocity that is abortion, then they are not, in fact, Catholic; they are in a state of apostasy.

      I am more Christian than you are. Look it up, and repeat after me: Jesus is LOVE....

      Love is self-sacrificing and self-effacing. Your entire personality points not to self-sacrifice, but is primarily concerned with self-indulgence, which is in one sense, the opposite of love. So, you're not "more Christian" than I. In point of fact, if you were, you wouldn't attempt to shame, or browbeat others into your narrow box, you wouldn't be attempting to hold it over me in the fashion that you do. Rather, you'd be praying for others, and helping them with their personal sanctification and holiness. See, we have this class of people called "Saints," and while it's not too late for you to join them, right now, they wouldn't recognize anything Saintly about you. Prove me wrong and transform yourself Simon! Everybody's capable.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    An interesting theory that helps explain Harper's irrational disdain for Russia and Putin can be found on the web site. Its called horseshoe theory and states that parties at extreme ends of a political spectrum can be very similar in nature. Its like looking at your worst opponent at the opposite end of a long hallway through a series of safety gates and subconsciously realizing that he looks, thinks and acts like your twin. Suddenly the hallway bends into a horseshoe and psychologically he is sitting right next to you. It freaks you out.

    Although a bit out dated they used the religious right Republicans and the Russian Communist Federation as examples. The traits matched how we view the current con regime perfectly. Some are tough on crime, traditional values, media against them, populist appeal through lower taxes, historical revisionism.... the list goes on. Hopefully this bizarre saga will end in another few months and we have someone with a more balanced view of world politics at the helm.

    1. hi anon...yes that's very true. Extremists like to believe that they own the truth, and both share the view that those who don't agree with them are enemies who must be destroyed. I believe in principles, but I also believe in complexity, and trying to accommodate different opinions, in the search for the truth that can serve us all. I believe that Canadians are fundamentally that kind of people, and hopefully one day we will get our country and those values back...

  8. e.a.f.3:11 PM

    There may be a lot of Catholics in Canada, but not all are in favour of no right to abortions, just as back in the 1960s and 1970s, when many Catholics took a stand in favour of birth control pills.

    Harper's "pursuit" of the "ethnic" vote is funny. He fails to understand how many First Nations people there are in Canada and they aren't happy with that boy. He fails to understand many people with close ties to the countries of their descendants, still put Canada first, the "old country" second, except perhaps when it comes to soccer.

    People regardless of ethnic background understand when a political party has as many people with criminal charges against it as a Hell's Angels chapter, they understand that 3 RCMP officers were killed in Moncton and they didn't have the carbines they ought to have had and still only 1 in 12 do. People of all back grounds understand what it will mean in 2017 when Steve and his Cons plan to cut $30 BILLION out of our medical plan. People understand how badly the Cons treated Veterans, how badly sexual assault and harassment is in the military. People know there are nearly 400 people in a class action suit against the RCMP.

    In the end, it will be steve and his cons's record which will toss them out of office. people wont care what he is saying in Europe. Most people realize Putin is not going anywhere and he isn't about to invade Europe. steve needs to give it a rest and stop wasting my tax dollars on his vacations and campaigning. We could use the money to purchase carbines for the RCMP and then train them to use them along with de escalation training.

    1. hi e.a.f....yes you're right, as I mentioned above Catholics are a diverse group and most of them don't share the very un-Christian Con values. And I also believe you are right, when you say that in the end it will be Harper's record that will bring him down. Everything he is doing now tells me he knows that, and is simply desperate...

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Just a bunch of staging for the next Reichstag moment that we'll probably have before the election to add to Harper's 'Strong, Proud, Free' (which is remarkably similar to the Canadian National Alliance (Nazis) slogan of 'Free, Strong, Proud) Canada.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    The Pope spent a much longer time with Putin than the 10 mins he spent with Steve. And, in the photo op that followed, the Pope did not look happy at all being flaked by Steve and Laureen. Perhaps the Pope found Putin's company much more amiable or perhaps he thought that Steve was a hopeless case? :)

    How much did that 10 min. affair cost taxpayers?

  11. Anonymous5:48 PM

    It's so outrageous how Harper flaps his chicken wings and clucks at Putin. He's like the demented child who craves attention at any cost. You're irrelevant to the Russians Stevie so shut up already.
    I wonder if he'll show the Pope some of his tricks he can do like turning his head 360 degrees and hurling pea soup. Come to think of it, he does remind me a lot of Damian from The Omen.

  12. Anonymous10:50 PM

    No doubt we'll be besieged by fake Russian Terrorists next!

    Crimea River, I'm getting a helmet.

  13. e.a.f.11:26 PM

    Putin may not do some nice things, in fact he does a lot of terrible things, but I am quite sure Putin is not boring or stupid. that can't be said about Steve. So if I had to spend time with one of them, I'd choose Putin. At least the dinner conversation would be interesting. He has even been to an art gallery and opera. Harper, his idea of an evening would be more beer and lies.

  14. I think Harper may be there not visit the Pope but to arrest him. After all the Good Pope Francis is openly critical of Israel and that is now illegal under the Harpenfuhrer's laws...

    He will take a military jet and storm the Vatican [He-he]...