Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stephen Harper Takes On The Russians: The PMO Movie

Well I'm sure you remember the day Stephen Harper borrowed a Canadian frigate, the HMCS Fredericton, and went for a spin on the Baltic Sea.

And how the appearance of two Russian frigates on the horizon was hyped by his propaganda machine into sounding like he had faced down Vladimir Putin himself.

With the help of Jason Kenney...

Well now the PMO movie is out, and it turns out to be considerably less dramatic.

I mean who knew that such a life and death confrontation could be so BORING?

But then as Scott Taylor, the well known military journalist points out, it was just a stunt or a non story. 

I’m not sure exactly who is masterminding Prime Minister Harper’s public image machine these days, but whoever it is, they seem intent on convincing Canadians that he is some sort of Warrior King. The latest instalment was last week’s photo op aboard HMCS Fredericton, conducting a NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea. 

To drive home the level of intimidation on the part of the Russians, it was announced that, at one point, the Russian ships came as close as seven nautical miles from Fredericton. This, of course, sounds a lot closer than the metric equivalent of 13 kilometres, but then, why hesitate to torque up what was truly a non-story?

And far from defending the free world Harper's expensive photo-op was actually undermining it.

The ironic part of Harper’s photo op, complete with anti-Russian aggression rhetoric and hype about Canada’s contribution to NATO’s containment of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was the fact that in order to stage the PM’s visit, Fredericton had to interrupt its participation in the NATO squadron exercise. In other words, if we really are on the brink of Armageddon, Harper actually jeopardized the safety of the free world by taking Fredericton off station in order to get his photo taken.

So much for Great Warrior Leader...

But of course there are consequences for needlessly provoking the Russians.

And now Putin seems poised to humiliate Harper.

Russia appears to be angling to make it the G8 once again and President Vladimir Putin suggests it’s something Prime Minister Stephen Harper will just have to accept.

“I don’t want to offend anyone, but if the United States says Russia should be returned to the G8, the prime minister will change his opinion,” Putin told The Canadian Press during a meeting with the heads of world news agencies at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

For if the Russians do make it back to the G8, as they almost certainly will, it will be embarrassing.

Washington’s position is unclear, but having Russia resume its seat would mark an important thaw in international relations after months of Cold War-like rhetoric over Ukraine. 

It would also represent a small personal embarrassment for Harper, who has been among Putin’s most vocal critics.

And judging from Harper's performance at other summits, let me guess how this one will end...

Oh boy. One day we will have a real Canadian Prime Minister, who seeks to defuse dangerous situations instead of inflaming them, for crass political purposes.

And makes this country a force for peace, in a world that badly needs peacemakers not war mongers.

But until the day we defeat that wretched chicken hawk we are stuck with him.

And it couldn't be more embarrassing...

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Just like the people he appoints to cabinet you can be sure whatever Stevie supports is 180 degrees out of phase with reality. The US, Russia and eventually China are playing on a global chess board with the rest of us either strategic pieces or pawns. Best to remember even strategic pieces can be sacrificed if need be.

    1. hi anon....Stephen Harper is indeed living in some kind of parallel universe. He views the world through the prism of the Cold War, so when you add to that his crass political pandering, he's not only incompetent, he's dangerous...

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    24ISeven-Stephen Harper's personal Potemkin village.

    1. hi anon....and what a tacky little village it. I can't believe what an amateur hour it is, it resembles a high school production. But since we're paying for it I guess the chapter the better...


    62:47 (June 10/15) Stephen Harper speaks onboard HMCS Fredericton in the Baltic Sea.

    67:00 Harper: "President Putin's invasion of Ukraine, undertaken to serve his own domestic political agenda, to divert attention from Russia's long term decline under his rule, and to interfere with the democratic aspirations of a sovereign country, these things must not be allowed to stand. The people of Ukraine, like all free peoples, must be able to choose their own future..."

    I say: Prime Minister Harper's invasion of Canada, undertaken to serve his own domestic political agenda, to divert attention from Canada's long term decline under his rule, and to interfere with the democratic aspirations of a sovereign country by ramming through Parliament the "Fair" Elections Act and Bill C-51, these things must not be allowed to stand. The people of Canada, like all free peoples, must be able to choose their own future, and they will do so in the upcoming federal election... unless Harper and his Harperites manage to steal it!

  4. e.a.f.5:05 PM

    it just made my day when I read the Putin quote! Can hardly wait for Putin/Russia to be back at the G-7/8 and the two of them to meet. My money is on Putin.

    it would be funny if Canada was bounced from the G-7/8 as not being "important" enough to belong anymore. why we are there is beyond me anyhow, perhaps because of the role we played in WW II and peace keeping missions later, but now, really, we're not one of the top economies in the world, Hell California out ranks us and they're a state. What about China? Ought they not to be there? Well if we're talking economics........

    poor old steve, bad make up, being deserted by his cabinet ministers who prefer big pensions over him, can defeat be far behind at the polls. I guess Putin will get the last laugh.

    1. hi e.a.f....Harper's big mouth is bad enough at home, but when he wanders abroad he behaves like an absolute clown. His whole foreign policy from the war in Afghanistan, to his ghastly trade deals is an absolute disaster. But yes it is great to see so many of ministers jumping overboard. Hopefully he'll soon be joining them....

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Duceppe destroying Mulcair in Quebec ..... Harper trashing Justin in the ROC and Mulcair will be next ..... ANOTHER Harper majority government .... soooooo obvious .....lolol

  6. hi anon....don't get your hopes us, the Bloc Quebecois isn't going anywhere. It got a small bump in the polls because of the new PQ leader, the death of Parizeau, and the return of Duceppe. But the sovereignty option is at present dead in the water so it won't last. Quebecers will realize like they did last time that the Bloc can't get rid of Stephen Harper, so they will vote for the progressive party they believe stands the best chance of doing that. And BTW when your Cons are at 14% in the polls in that province I'd be weeping not gloating....

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    And now, there is the new group twits on TWITTER (LOL) ... they are asking for "DONATIONS" ... I'll be running out to the mailbox shortly, with a "DONATION" ... it just won't be for them ... LOL ... TY