Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Rona Ambrose Needs to Chill Out Her Reefer Madness

As you know, I am totally disgusted by the way Rona Ambrose is failing to act as a Health Minister should.

Failing to put the pain and suffering of Canadians before her foul Con ideology. 

Which as a Health Minister, and a human being, is about as low as you can go.

So I'm glad to see the Star editorialists ask the obvious question: 

What on earth has she been nibbling on?

Good grief. What on earth has federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose been nibbling? Steroid-laced Alberta cheeseburgers? She certainly hasn’t been chowing down on soothing cannabis cookies. Her dyspeptic reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling this past week legalizing reefer brownies and Mary Jane tisanes raised more eyebrows than a whiff of skunk at a church picnic. 

It came across like a spasm of ‘roid rage. Or a bit of self-serving Conservative political posturing in the run-up to a federal election. 

Or gnawing on like a rat, who would force even sick children to smoke.

Because her outrage couldn't be more outrageous or obscene. And her foul attack on our decent Supreme Court, the last bastion of Canadian values, couldn't be more INSANE.

For all Ambrose’s sputtering, the Supremes weren’t trying to practice medicine without a licence by declaring marijuana a cure for what ails us. They were just upholding the law of the land.

Despite Ambrose’s wild assertion that the high court justices are branching out into the drug-approval business, this ruling gives the judicial nod to baking brownies for sick people, nothing more. The federal government, under Liberals and Tories alike, has long since given the nod to medicinal toking. This minister needs to chill out.

So insane it makes me question her own sanity. 

As does this tweet...

Because she might as well be getting her advice from Sir John A. Macdonald...

So backward is her thinking.

But of course we know who she is really getting her advice, or her orders from...

He's a little squirrelly himself. Or just plain crazy.

And for not having the courage to defy him, the hapless Con stooge Ambrose has nothing to celebrate.

Or sing about...

And her shame will last forever.

Oh yeah, one more thing, she's no Anne of Green Gables either...

Because Anne could never be that cruel or bestial. That's why she's such a beloved Canadian icon from here to Tokyo.

Something Stephen Harper's monstrous Cons could NEVER understand.

And the good news? 

Two out of three Canadians want marijuana to be legalized or decriminalized. So the Con's Reefer Madness and their desperate attempt to hurt Justin Trudeau, may very well end up hurting them in the next election.

And of course, let's just hope the latest Con to play Anne.

Takes them all down with him...

For they really are the worst Canadian government ever.

And we really can't get rid of them soon enough...

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  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Nothing to see here, folks. Just another hateful, spiteful, sociopathic, megalomanic con doing her job of trying to turn Canada into something somewhere between a totalitarian police state and a fascist dictatorship with a liberal dose of banana republic thrown in for good measure. (PSSST! F.Y.I. They're getting away with it!)

  2. hi anon...well they've been working on turning this country into a fascist state for a while. But as someone whose heroes are healers not killers, I couldn't be more disgusted by the way Rona Ambrose is behaving. When you make people suffer in the name of your deathly inhuman ideology, and for crass political reasons, you not only don't deserve to be in office, you should be in prison. But the good news is I don't think they will get away with it.
    Every poll I see tells me that there is an enormous desire for change, and hopefully by the time the election arrives it will have become a giant tsunami and will sweep them all away...

  3. I'd love to see a photo-op for Ambrose that showed her kindly lighting up a fattie for a child who has the legal and doctor -approved right to use medical pot but is forced to smoke it under her own private idiotic set of 'rules'...this woman is no rocket scientist...

    1. hi mizdarlin...yes, and don't forget not only trying to force people to smoke it, instead of ingesting it in healthier ways, but also making them, or those who care for them feel like criminals. It's cruel, and it's insane, it could only come from the diseased mind of Stephen Harper. And Rona Ambrose like all the others is just his shameless stooge....

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Is it possible that her UnHighNess is protecting big pharma???...The drug Sativex an outrageously overpriced oral spray that relies on THC and CBD for its medical effects is available in Canada.

    1. hi anon...I suppose anything is possible. But I believe the main reason is Harper's insane ideology, and his equally insane desire to use it as a wedge issue, and a way of attacking Justin Trudeau. For even though the Liberals are not the main threat to him staying in power any longer, his hatred for them is pathological...

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Though she no doubt is barking out her idiocy on the commands of her master, you would think common decency would prevail to help those who this would help most. But no, votes first, people later. Appease the base at any cost. Well Rona, you made a complete fool of yourself this time and it proves you are not fit to be any type of minister let alone health.

    1. hi anon...absolutely, it will not be good enough for Cons like Ambrose to claim after the Harper regime is toppled that they were just following orders. When they are passing laws that can hurt even kill people, they will have to bear their full share of responsibility. And yes, Ambrose's show of outrage tells us all we need to know about her....

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I wonder what he life would be like if her brain had the proper amount of oxygen when she was born.

    1. hi anon...I don't know why she is the way she is. I must confess that years ago I thought she was better than most Cons. But not any longer....