Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Latest Senate Scandal and Stephen Harper's Horrible Image Problem

As you know Stephen Harper has a terrible image problem. His numbers are tanking, his personal popularity is about as low as it has ever been.

He can't call himself a Great Economist Leader without risking being charged with fraud.

Many are calling him Great Chicken Turkey Leader, and hardly anyone believes a word he says.

So this latest desperate move can only make matters worse. 

Stephen Harper is washing his hands of the growing Senate expenses scandal as the Auditor-General prepares to unveil a forensic audit flagging hundreds of thousands of dollars in questionable travel and housing claims, saying it’s the Red Chamber’s problem.

Because goodness knows he's no Pontius Pilate...

He neglected to mention that it was he who appointed some of the senators who have allegedly fallen afoul of rules, including Mike Duffy and Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, one of the Conservative Party’s top spokesmen on law-and-order issues, whom the Globe and Mail has reported is facing an RCMP investigation over his Senate travel claims.

And this attempt to escape responsibility for the corruption in the House of Turkeys can only make him look more like a liar. Or more like a crook.

Especially when Ol' Duff reminds Canadians that Harper is at the centre of the scandal...

And takes him down with him.

So I really couldn't see what he could do to improve his image. Until I read this story.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's first tentative step singing in public at the National Arts Centre in 2009 helped him craft a softer image for the public and set the stage for future performances, says Carleton lecturer John Higney.

"[Harper's] image was not known for being soft and approachable and I think music was one of the ways [the Conservatives] have as a means of deploying a softer edge," Higney told Robyn Bresnahan on Ottawa Morning.

And my heart sank. 

Because surely he wouldn't assault our ears again in this ghastly manner?

But then I thought no, he wouldn't dare. Like his tired government that ghastly act is too old and tired. 

And that reassured me for a while, until I remembered a video he made almost three years ago.

And wondered whether his desperation might drive him to inflict this upon us again...

And you know he just might. He is THAT desperate. 

But I still don't think it will do him any good.

Canadians have finally understood that the mad emperor has no clothes.

Nothing can improve his image.

His time is really up.

He is the living symbol of Con corruption.

And he's more than good to go...

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Anonymous said...

Steve thinks he will be the "KING" of the "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" ... what a complete moron ... LOL ... TY

Marmalade said...

Harper is being 'told' what to do by the Bilderbergers.......New World Order coming soon!

Mogs Moglio said...

Stephen Harper style loved the clip...