Sunday, June 07, 2015

Stephen Harper's Great Desperate and Shameless European Tour

He may not be looking his best, and it was a grim scene on Air Harper last night, as Great Leader and the First Lady left Ukraine and headed for the G-7 summit in Germany.

And there was certainly no danger of something like this happening.

Thank goodness.

But don't be fooled, he is inflamed. His nose isn't as red as Rudolph's for nothing. Because he is making a frantic dash across Europe in a desperate attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records. 

By pandering to the greatest number of ethnic voters, in the shortest amount of time.

Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Rome, and even the Pope himself in just six days. That's has to be a new world record !!! 

And doesn't it make you proud to think WE'RE paying for it?

Or shudder to think what he might do at the Vatican...

But then his polls are tanking, he needs every ethnic vote he can get. And on the plus  side, so far so bad.

Because although he did try to earn as many brownie points as he could in Ukraine, by blasting hot air out of every orifice in the general direction of Vladimir Putin. 

It just didn't work. The Ukrainians want weapons not hot air. Putin like most other world leaders doesn't care what Harper says. 

Especially since he knows that our puny sanctions are hurting Canada as much as Russia.

And of course the presence of so many neo-nazi thugs in the streets of Kiev didn't help matters. 

I mean whose side are THEY on? And whose side are WE on?

And of course when Harper gets to the summit things can only get worse. Because the last thing the Europeans need is to have someone like Harper try to inflame the already dangerous situation in Ukraine, for crass political purposes.

And since most of them consider him to be a climate change skunk. 

You know this summit is going to end BADLY.

Like all the others...

Although hopefully not as badly as the one where he almost missed the leader's group photo, by sulking in a washroom...

But yes, he is an international embarrassment. He is pandering to the ethnic vote on a scale never seen before. 

He's pitting one group of Canadians against the other. And threatening to rip apart our social fabric. 

He is playing a dangerous game, in war zone.

And in the name of sanity, decency, and our own safety.

We can't flush him soon enough...

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  1. "You know this summit is going to end BADLY."

    I am sure Mr. Harper will maintain his spotless record. He has not made any successful international decision or move so far, so I don't see any reason to expect anything other than another failure.

    I was impressed with the offer to train and equip a Ukrainian police force. I am sure the RCMP officers waiting for new carbines were also impressed.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes, Harper's massive propaganda team will no doubt spin it into a triumph of diplomacy, and make HIM look like the star of the show. And all we can hope for is that he doesn't sell the furniture to the lowest bidder, or shame us further in the eyes of the world...

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I think it was a relatively unknown politician somewhere in the world who described heil harper as "all pudge and hair". How accurate can one guy be, ya know? No reason to believe the pudgy toupee will do anything different this time indeed . . .

    1. hi anon...well they're going to have to put up an electrified fence if they hope to keep Harper away from the buffet table. Because when he's stressed he eats a lot and it's starting to show... ;)

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    The thought of sex on a plane is just too funny! Lets hope someone takes him out to the wood shed at the G7 but its unlikely they will be bothered so it will just be another media promotion on taxpayer money.

    1. hi anon...yes it was a bit naughty of me to include that story about sex on a plane. But honestly when I first saw that photo I immediately thought that they are definitely not the kind of people to join the !0 Mile High Club. Actually I have no idea how people manage to have sex on planes. I recently had the misfortune of travelling on Rouge Air Canada's cheapo airline, and so small was the legroom I had to sit sideways, with my feet in the aisle. Believe me, the last thing you think about in a situation like that is having sex... ;)

  4. 2 million Europeans apparently think the Canada-CETA/TTIP so-called 'free trade deals' are not so good:

    1. hi Hugh...yes I know. Unfortunately thanks to the outrageous secrecy many Canadians have no idea about what's in the bill, or how it would undermine our sovereignty. So unless that changes fact, I fear the worst...

  5. e.a.f.6:22 AM

    The Ukraine is too divided and unstable for the Europeans or the U.S.A. to be handing much out in the way of weapons. They have enough to deal with in the middle east.

    Anyhow as Steve runs around trying to win the "ethnic" vote, they are ignoring him. they are more concerned about the increasing unemployment; the auditing of their churches and charities if they disagree with harper, they are concerned they and theirs in the RCMP may not have adequate carbines to protect themselves and get killed on the job like 7 RCMP officers have already; they are concerned about the looming reduction in funding for our medical system i.e. $30 billion in 2017. People may be some what concerned about what goes on in the "old country" but their feet are in Canada along with their bank accounts and their under employed kids.

    1. hi's a very dangerous situation, and quite frankly I don't trust either side. But one thing is for sure, the rebel parts of Ukraine won't be brought back into the fold by force of arms alone. Not with the Russians on the other side of the border. So cool heads have to prevail, and negotiation and compromise are the only solution....

  6. e.a.f.12:47 AM

    That is why Merkel goes over to visit from time to time. Europe will deal with Putin. They most likely would like steve to keep his mouth shut so the adults can get on with the work of getting the region to settle down. of course Steve doesn't seem to get there are more than a few neo Nazi types playing in all of this. This could really blow up in Steve's pie hole