Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dean Del Mastro Is Going to the Big House

He claimed he was totally innocent. 

When a judge said he wasn't, he said he didn't share her opinion.

But of course the judge had the last opinion.

And Dean Del Mastro is going to jail. 

A former member of Parliament who spoke for Prime Minister Stephen Harper when it came to electoral-fraud allegations was sentenced Thursday to one month in jail and barred from running for office for five years for “cheating” during an election campaign.

Dean Del Mastro deliberately broke spending rules then tried to cover up his crime, said Superior Court Justice Lisa Cameron, who ruled that incarceration was appropriate for the first-time offender.

But STILL he claims he's innocent...

As he always has...

And while on Twitter opinion was mixed...

Nothing can change the fact that he IS going to jail, and he WAS Stephen Harper's Parliamentary secretary.

The Minister in charge of ETHICS...

It is just one more example of Harper's appalling judgement.

So goodness knows what he must be thinking...

And the best news?

The Deaner walked the walk first...

But sooner or later he's going down too...

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  1. Deano: "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200."

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    The video of Deano doing the perp walk in leg chains and cuffs made my day, Simon.

    Well, we have got to hand it to Steve for his dubious achievements. Even Mulroney was not anywhere close to his "achievements": (1) His Parliamentary Secretary in charge of Ethics and pointman for rebutting opposition charges of electoral fraud in Parliament is now a double "con", a Conservative and a convict, just like Lord Black, another double "con", (2) his pointman for law and order and victims' rights in the Senate, Boisvenu, is currently being investigated by the RCMP apparently for fraudulent housing expense claims, (3) he holds the dubious distinction of being Great Leader of the only political party ever to be convicted of electoral fraud in this country in the In and Out debacle, and (4) he also holds the distinction of being Great Leader of the only government, federal or provincial, since Confederation, and the only one in the 50 or so countries practising the Westminster form of Parliamentary democracy to be found in contempt of Parliament.

    Imagine these are the things that will go down in the history books as part of his legacy. I'd bet Mulroney must be relieved to know that he has lost the crown of leader of most corrupt government to Closet Leader, eh?

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I bet it wont be crocodile tears he sheds tonight.

  4. Anonymous8:40 PM

    On Power and Politics today his buds assured us that he didn't really like the crazy tough guy role he was forced to play in parliament. As Brian Mulroney was wont to say, "You could have just said no." That's what mature people do. Of course the immature do what they are told.

  5. e.a.f.3:23 AM

    I am sure up to the last minute Del Mastro believed he would not be sent to jail. Such is the feeling of entitlement these Conservatives have. It maybe they simply are all of the opinion they can do what they want. its their right. its their reward for "saving the country".

    Of course poor Steve is having his own hearing and comprehension problems. Trudeau says in a CBC interview, he thinks they can re engage Iran and Steve hears, Trudeau wants to be best friends with Iran. Like how he got from there to there was amazing. if he actually heard that he's crazier than I thought.

    We shall see how the rest of the Cons play out in this little scenario come Oct. If Canadians re-elect this bunch of Cons they really do deserve what they get.

  6. Anonymous4:55 AM

  7. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I'm sure that horrifying, ugly, totalitarian style monument they are trying in their sneaky way to push on our capital city is costing them a thousand votes a day.

  8. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Action then reaction. The Cons just announced the Harperpac is dead. At first I thought they realized Canadians did not like US style politics but on second thought the Del Mastro incident demonstrated they do not own the Ontario courts and could do jail time if any link between the Cons and the HarperPac were established. Congratulations to judge Lisa Cameron, you have done a major service to democracy in Canada. The Cons may think they own the Federal court system but did not count on the provincial courts tripping them up ... the face of this election has just changed for the better.

  9. A win for democracy. I grew up in a neighbouring riding back in Ontario and it's nice to see the garbage being taken out.

  10. I knew Simon would just love this story when I saw the videos. He can still collect his plum pension, however that is only in a decade or so. The creep is much younger than he looks - only 44, if I recall.

    Peterborough is such a pretty region; hope they will choose a better MP...

    And yes, I utterly loathe that "monument to the victims of the other bad guys". Especially since the actual story is so different from that simplistic slogan - many of the best oppositionist to Stalinist and post-Stalinist régimes were actually different types of communists, socialists and other leftists themselves. They often denounced dictatorial and bureaucratic leaders for not living up to socialist ideals, screwing the working class etc.

    Nobody ever denounced Hitler, Mussolini, Franco or Salazar for not being proper fascists!

    I detest any such huge monuments, including the absurd Mother Canada one, which would mar one of the most beautiful places in the country. "Mother Canada" (unlike Mother Russia, for example) has never existed either in English or in French. The "mother countries" would have referred to Britain or France, and aren't heard much any more, in more multicultural and internationalistic times. The Mother Earth of Indigenous peoples doesn't refer to any specific set of borders.