Saturday, June 27, 2015

Watch Kory Teneycke Try to Explain Why the Cons Shouldn't Be Arrested

As you may know the Cons have just released a new attack ad, which uses ISIS' images and music to attack Justin Trudeau.

And should, according to the provisions of their own Bill C-51, cause the Cons to be arrested.

But now you must really watch the Harperite stooge Kory Teneycke try to defend the Con propaganda machine.

And fail miserably. 

Tom Clark : Ok.. Bill C-51 was brought in and promoted by your government as, among other things, to prevent people from putting online anything video that promotes terrorism and ISIS. Haven’t you just done that?

 Kory Teneycke : No. 

Tom Clark: Why?

 Kory Teneycke : What we’re doing is no different than what you do on the news. Which is.. . 

Tom Clark : But you’re not news. You’re there advertising

Kory Teneycke : We’re better than news, because we’re truthful. 

Tom Clark: I’m sorry, say that again ?

Kory Teneycke : I said we’re doing uh, uh, a 

Tom Clark: No what did you just say? 

Kory Teneycke : I’m saying what we’re doing is 

Tom Clark: You’re better than us because you’re truthful? Is that what you just said? 

Kory Teneycke : We’re putting forward the choice 

Tom Clark: No no. What did you just say? 

Kory Teneycke : Well let me finish the thought 

Tom Clark: No you said, I just want you to repeat what you just said.

Kory Teneycke : I’m saying what we’re doing is better that what we’re talking about in terms it’s the choice that will be before Canadians during the election campaign.

And then ask yourself just two questions:

Have the Cons broken their own anti-terrorist law and made a mockery of their Great War on Terrorism?

And if so, what are the police waiting for to arrest them and their depraved leader?

And you know what I think?

I think the Cons are now so crazy desperate they don't know what they are doing.

We will use their own foul bill against them.

And it WILL help destroy them...

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  1. technical the bill hasn't recieved royal assent yet, so its not law yet, I would not be surprised if the ads stop when it does recieve royal assent.


  2. Kory Teneycke is what Pierre PoiLIEvre would sound like on a heavy dose of valium. Both Cons will do or say anything for Great Closet Leader.

    1. hi know Kory has an interesting history. He once worked as a PR guy for an ethanol company and came up with the mascot Corn Cob Bob. Which I have to admit was a good one. But then he went to work for the Cons which corrupted him beyond recognition. And his ordeal at Sun TV seems to have aged him about twenty years. He isn't what he used to be, and my guess is that he must see the writing on the wall, and be mailing our resumes again...

  3. Anonymous4:33 AM

    There are still good judges out there and lawyers who want to see an end to the Harper regime. Just ask Dean 'jail buddy' Del Maestro. We don't need Bill C-51 to put the Cons in jail because they've broken every other rule in the book. Time is against them. They are finished. A new government WILL investigate the crimes of the Cons and punish all wrong doers to the full extent of the law (AND they would be well advised to make that part of their election message).

    The resulting desperation on the part of all Cons in Canada is what scares me most. I predict another 'Reichstag moment' over the summer or close to the election, just to give the Cons what they need to steal another election from Canada.

    1. hi anon...oh absolutely there are many good judges and lawyers out there, and we have to thank our legal system for having defended our Canadian values so well. Without them goodness knows what even more morally depraved hell hole we would be living in. And yes. like you I think the Cons are finished, and fear what might happen as the tyrant tries to cling to power. If for example, progressives end up having to topple him with a coalition, I truly believe he will take this country to the brink of destruction...

  4. He could have easily argued that using ISIS' own imagery to show them as an evil threat is not "promotion," but instead he had to blurt out that nonsense about how the harpercons are truthful. I guess he can't help but fuck up everything he does because he's a right-wing fuck-up.

    1. hi thwap...yes I can't imagine what he was thinking. As I told David, Kory has been badly affected by the stress of what happened to him at Sun TV. I don't think he's playing with a full deck, for only that can explain his almost unbelievable comments. And the best news is that it also shows that the PMO has been greatly weakened, and with a little bit of luck it will help drive the Cons on to the rocks...

  5. Kory should go back to helping Christie Clark to keep her foot in her mouth, a job she seems to do very well without him, but he would ensure it stays there. Certainly this interview didn't help their C-51 cause because you're right Simon, these ads do nothing more than promote terrorism and just what thugs like ISIS (ISIL?) thrive in is free publicity. Is Mr Teneycke so smug to think that the voters are really that stupid to fall for this bullshit?

    1. hi bcwaterboy....As I said in my post, I think they do believe that they can't get away with anything. Stephen Harper has always believed that he is smarter than anyone else, even though he was once made to look like a dummy on the show Reach for the Top. And that attitude has infected the very mediocre talent that now works in the PMO. They are losing touch with reality and that can only help us...

  6. Anonymous9:37 AM

    He is an evil, vicious, hate filled guy. He is also prone to big mistakes I'm happy to say. Maybe it's because they only talk to each other that they are so out of touch. .

    1. hi anon...yes I think you're right. It is such a closed shop, and they are now so desperate, they are starting to resemble a cult, and living in a parallel universe. Just the ad itself tells you they are desperate, and every time they play it I'm sure they are only turning off more voters....

  7. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Wow they are either too dense to realize that this type of video encourages copycats or its part of the plan. I believe its just a density factor but the incessant posturing reminds me of a school yard bully looking for a punch in the mouth. Unfortunately it will be average working Canadians who will pay the price on behalf of the bully.

    1. hi anon...yes playing the ISIS anthem, that creepy cult like song just by itself is absolute insanity. and of course incredibly hypocritical. I was going to make a video mocking it, but I hesitated, because I'm afraid that while the Cons can get away with it, I might attract the attention of CSIS or the RCMP, and be charged myself with spreading terrorist propaganda. We clearly need to scrap that foul bill AND that filthy government...

  8. Get ready at the bus.

  9. Noah Patterson12:52 PM

    It's interesting that Konky, er, Kory, completely fell apart when he was challenged on his ignorantly pithy sloganeering attempt. "We're better than the news because we're truthful" is such an obvious piece of bullshit, it's indefensible. so when he's unexpectedly challenged to say it again, he realises he's been caught. And he can't back up his words at all.

    He's a good fit for the Cons - spineless, deceitful, and loathesome.