Monday, June 15, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Deathly March of the Zombie Bills

With every passing day Stephen Harper and his rotting Con regime look more desperate, and more deathly.

For not only do they look like escapees from the Night of the Living Dead.

In the dying days of this Parliament, even their bills are looking like zombies.

They are government bills born to die. The Harper government has stuffed the legislative pipeline with newly introduced bills in the past two weeks, despite being well aware that those proposed laws are dead in the water.

With seven or fewer sitting days remaining before the House rises for the summer recess, the bills can’t possibly be passed before the break.

Just so Peter Van Loan, the ghastly Con House Leader, can puff himself up even further, and blow this out of his shameless pie hole.

“I’m sure the honourable members and Canadians will have noticed that we have been bringing forward a number of pieces of legislation in recent days and we will continue to do so for the days to come,” Peter Van Loan, the Conservative House leader, told the Commons late last week. 

“Together they form the beginning of a substantial four-year legislative agenda which our Conservative government will begin to tackle under the prime minister’s leadership after being re-elected on Oct. 19.”

And so Stephen Harper can make more empty promises during the leader's debates.

“This government is just scrambling to throw something out, so I imagine Mr. Harper has something to say in the (election) debates: ‘Oh, in the last couple of days of Parliament, we put forward a bill on that,’ ” said Peter Julian, the NDP House leader. “It’s showing profound disrespect for Canadians, and it shows the utter incompetence of this government.”

Because as you know he's feeling rather vulnerable...

So vulnerable in fact, he's polling like crazy to find out what policies he can use to bribe Canadians. 

And what he can do to try to make more Canadians love him.

And sticking us with the bill.

The Harper government has ordered extra taxpayer-paid polling in the months leading up to the scheduled October election, spending beyond its budget and asking Canadians more questions about hot topics, such as the future of the Senate.

CBC News has learned the current Harris Decima poll asks Canadians for their opinions on whether Ottawa has raised or lowered taxes; on support for sending the military to fight ISIS; and whether the Senate should be abolished, changed or kept the same. Previous polls have asked about taxes, ISIS and the Senate – but not all at the same time.

No doubt so the Cons can save up all THEIR money to launch even more attacks ads against Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau...

So I am glad to see that some progressives are already firing back. 

A group of high-level Liberal and New Democratic backroom veterans has collected millions of dollars from unions and other centre-left interests to run a pre-election advertising campaign attacking Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

This is their first video...

And this is their website, where you can easily help spread some other messages. 

Or make your own. Because as I mentioned before we're going to have to use people power and social media to amplify our messages, to make up for the fact that the Cons have more money.

And the other good news of the day? 

More and more Con rats are jumping off Harper's ship. 

Edmonton-Leduc MP James Rajotte says he will not run in the upcoming federal election. "I'll be turning 45 this summer and it's just my feeling it's time to move on to other challenges," he told CBC News Sunday.

His government is looking even more deathly.

And if we hammer the Cons as hard as we can over the next few months, we can degrade them beyond recognition.

And send them and their zombie bills, and their depraved leader.

To the hellish place they belong....


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  1. Why do Justin and Tom just repeat the message, anything Harper gov says is a lie

    1. hi Steve....they need to come up with a message that encompasses all that's wrong with the Con regime, in the most compact way possible. And couple that with a shining vision of a better future. As I keep saying go big or go home....

  2. Good vid Simon from,


  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    The west political establishment and it's media make a big deal over this ISIS bunch...But none are asking some obvious questions.This article is worth a read for sure.

    1. hi're right the media hasn't paid proper attention to where ISIS came from. Because of course that would inevitably lead to the Gulf States, and in particular Saudi Arabia , who as you must know are our $15 billion dollar buddies. The most egregious failure however is their failure to explain why ISIS doesn't attack foreign targets like Al Qaeda does. Which is as I have pointed out before, because ISIS is an apocalyptic cult which believes above all in holding territory for a so-called caliphate, where they believe the final battles of this world will be fought. Which explains so many things, and without which we cannot truly understand what we are fighting....

  4. I see Conrad Black is back to being, Harper's propaganda machine. He is praising Harper on his wonderful stance regarding the F.N. Harper was said, to have a humble bowed head as, the bs was loaded on the heads of the F.N.

    Conrad Black was a member of, Harper's Northern Foundation of 1989. Black is every bit a good sneak, that Harper is.

    1. hi gingersnap...yes I've noticed that Connie now has a regular Friday evening spot on the Amanda Lang show. But then how credible can he be after spending time in prison? I regard him as a Dickensian character full of hot air and nothing else....

  5. e.a.f.2:31 PM

    we can only hope more cons decide not to run. if more of the "rats" leave the sinking ship, it would work well. Glad to read there are more ads coming. Voters need to be reminded of what Steve and his Cons have done to this country and will do to this country. One of the most important is Bill C-51 AND the cutting of $30 Billion to the health care budget in 2017. Voters need to know about the cuts to health care.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes the Harper front bench is starting to look incredibly thin, and the absence of so many incumbents will make holding on to some seats harder. And you're right we do need more attack ads to soften up the Cons before the all-out battle begins...

  6. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Once again we foot the bill so Harper can bolster his election chances with these bogus bills. This conniving SOB has no conscience when it comes to all things sleazy and underhanded that will give him any advantage. I long for the day we are rid of him and I will be sure to wish him good riddance on his way out and hope many inquiries follow him in retirement.

    1. hi JD...yes it is both disgusting and depressing, and the Cons are shameless. But the good news is I doubt any of these attempts to bamboozle or bribe Canadians will change the outcome of the election. When the desire for change sets in it is very hard to reverse, and that I believe will finally finish off the Cons...

  7. I believe Health Care should be one of the major issues in this American Style run-up to Election 2015! Of course. the sooner 'we seniors' die, the more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the Government will save!

    1. hi're absolutely right, health care should be one of the main issues of this campaign. It is for me and I'm working on a video which hopefully will help spread the message. And I know other groups, including one with many doctors in it, are also planning to make themselves heard....