Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jason Kenney Makes a Fool Out of Himself on Twitter. Again

Among his many dubious achievements, Jason Kenney is also known as the Con's most aggressive Twitter warrior.

A man who blasts tweets out of every orifice without stopping to think what he's saying.

And today he made a fool out of himself. Again.

By invoking Sharia law rather than Canadian law in the debate over whether woman should be allowed to wear a niqab at a citizenship ceremony. 

The exchange began late Monday night on Twitter, with Kenney touting the religious diversity of members on the government’s new Religious Freedom Advisory Committee. Twitter users almost immediately hit back at the minister, asking how he can be committed to religious freedom but willing to force women to remove a religious garment before becoming citizens. 

One of the users, ex-CSIS operative and counter-extremism expert Mubin Shaikh, said: “Very respectfully, sir: U know full well that the choice of veil in public spaces is protected in Law.” 

Kenney tweeted back, “What law would that be? Certainly not under shariah law during the very public Haj, when hiding one’s face is prohibited.”

Which was justifiably ridiculed by the ex-CSIS agent who was largely responsible for disrupting the terrorist plot by the so-called Toronto 18.

And by others who pointed out that the timing couldn't be worse...

But then the bill, which won't even be passed by this Parliament, is just another attempt to stir up bigotry against a small group of Canadians. and is as I have pointed out nothing but baloney.

Whatever the merits of the government's arguments about Canadian values and gender equality, the contention that face coverings must be banned in order to verify identity does not hold up, given the multiple other ways in which citizenship applicants must prove their identity.

And this latest volley of tweets from Kenney is just as dishonest or absurd as so many of his others.

And it says all we need to know about him and his foul Cons...

They are desperate, they are clowns, they are trying to use bigotry for crass political purposes.

And in the name of Canada and human decency.

We can't get rid of them soon enough...

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  1. Well I must say your timing with this post is impeccable Simon as the government's bigotry played out here locally following a bout of vandalism at a local mosque. Our MP David Yurdiga (Yurd the Turd) as I've christened him spouted off in media about how he's sure this isn't part of a larger problem and failing to acknowledge that its his own damn government who has been feeding in to this nativist anti-anyone-who-is-different-from-me political bullshit for far too long now.

    1. hi Way Way Up....I'm sorry to hear about that vandalism incident. But I'm not surprised. When you portray a minority as something sinister and evil the most horrible things can happen. I am truly fearful that some person might be so inflamed that he could shoot up a mosque, like that evil racist shot up that church in the U.S. As you know I believe in celebrating the diversity of all Canadians, starting with our First Nations all the way to the latest arrivals. It think it makes more interesting and beautiful. It's something that should be treasured and guarded, and to have a Canadian government intentionally try to pit one group against the other is something that horrifies me beyond belief...

  2. There is NO difference between banning the niqab and requiring it. None. If this bill were to pass we would be on the same moral footing as Sharia Law countries.

    Canada is better than this.

  3. hi Punned It....good point. I'm an atheist and I don't particularly like the idea of niqabs. But I go out of my way to be friendly to everyone, I believe it's a matter of personal choice what you choose to wear on your head. Some people are no doubt offended by my ratty tuques. ;) And the targeting of a very small group of women for crass political purposes is both beastly and cowardly...