Thursday, June 04, 2015

Chicken Harper's Possibly Fatal Great Debate Miscalculation

I don't know  who came up with the idea to have Stephen Harper dress up as a chicken and boycott the debates organized by the three main television networks.

Whether it was Kory Teneycke, or one of the other incompetent stooges in the PMO.

Or whether Chicken Harper himself laid that egg.

But one thing is for sure, that decision is starting to look like an absolute political disaster.

For if he was hoping that he could fragment or shrink the number of people who were planning to watch the debates, as this Abacus poll suggests he couldn't be more wrong. 

Just over 19 million Canadian adults (69%) intend to watch at least one leaders’ debate this fall, including almost 6 million (21%) who say they will watch as many as possible, according to results in our survey. 

Millions are planning to watch, about half of them say it will help them determine who they will vote for in the next election.

And to make matters worse, most Canadians think that the three big TV networks should go ahead with their debates even if Stephen Harper is only represented by an empty chair.

Or whatever...

When informed that Stephen Harper will attend several debates but not those hosted by CBC, CTV, and Global, the majority (62%) believes the networks should host debates anyway. This includes 40% of those who intend to vote Conservative, and 51% of those who are considering supporting the CPC. Women are particularly of the view (67%) that the debates should be held despite the PM’s absence.

And even more of them, including a lot of his own supporters, believe he should change his mind.

A large majority (74%) believes the PM “should change his position and attend the debates hosted by the networks as they reach the largest audience”. Only one in four (26%) are persuaded by the argument that “as long as he is participating in some debates he is entitled to decide which debates he wants to be part of”. This view is held by 63% of CPC voters and 65% of those who say they will consider voting CPC. 

So as Geoffrey Ray Hall points out, Chicken Harper has only managed to shoot himself in the foot, or the claw. Not once but twice.  

Stephen Harper has finally succeeded in doing something few Canadian politicians have done. He has made election debates matter again. 

This time, it’s different. Debate participation is now an election issue, largely because the character of the players — especially the prime minister — has become more important than the debate itself.

Not only has he boosted interest in the debates, rather than diminishing it. He has made his participation a campaign issue.

And set himself up to be plucked by public opinion...

if Harper doesn’t show, and if the consortium leaves an empty podium on stage to mark his absence, what the other leaders say won’t matter much. What will matter will be the image of that empty podium, reinforcing the idea a great many Canadians have of Harper as a secretive and controlling autocrat who doesn’t want to play by the rules. That could nudge a lot of undecideds even further away from the Conservatives.

Along with Kory Teneycke, the failed Sun TV executive who has been fronting this Great Con Debate Scam.

And who is no doubt also running for his political life...

Or looking for another job.

And it really couldn't be a better story.

Stephen Harper thought he could pull a fast one, and get away with it.

But his inner chicken came back to haunt him...

And it could be the egg, or the self inflicted wound.

Or the fatal miscalculation.

That finally finishes him off...

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  1. CD Howe institute to the rescue. Just as the pension heats up they move the goalposts for Harper. Tax free never adited think attack

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Harper is not only afraid of the opposition but also of the split in his own party of fundamentalists versus progressives. As long as he does not have to take a stand on anything his voters can read in what ever they want. For example for some more relaxed gun laws means you don't have to go to jail for a registration error where as for others it means that you will soon be able to purchase assault rifles and grenade launchers to defend yourself against a Russki or liberal attack. Most women voters interpret his policies as reverting back to a more moral and safer society but don't realize the fundamentalist chauvinist view is that the only attribute a woman in a position of power has is pretty hair as per the Trudeau attack ad. He simply cannot let his followers hear the same story at the same time. Just ask him about nuclear weapons and how can you stand up to the big bad Russians if you don't have them and watch the sparks fly.

    1. hi anon...yes you're right, Harper is walking on a tightrope. But when you consider how much time he spends catering to his base, just the thought that he could lose some of them must give him nightmares. As for his posturing on Russia, it's not just pathetic, it's dangerous. The last thing that tense situation needs is having him stick his big nose into it, for crass political purposes...

  3. I think it's rather like an execution in the old days, people flocked to watch some poor bastard twisting in the wind...hmmm, think I might even click over to the MSM debates myself..although wouldn't it be fun to watch Mulcair eviscerate Harper? Mulcair said he would debate Harper anytime anywhere and I do believe Tom would enjoy that slaughter as much as I would...

    1. hi mizdarlin...I am looking forward to seeing Mulcair rip into Harper as he does all the time in Question period. As for the big television debate I'll watch them too, because whatever happens they will hurt Harper, and I believe convince many people to vote for one of the progressive candidates, which hopefully will also include Elizabeth May...

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    The methodology of that poll is about the dodgiest I've ever seen, and worse, it's Ekos, who can't exactly be trusted to be impartial.

    For instance, it's reported that roughly 74% of Canadians want the Consortium debates to go ahead anyway, even if Harper boycotts them. Okay, I can accept that.

    But then, it's reported that a statistically similar number, 69% feel that the debates should be organized by an independent commission. Independantly of one another, I have no issue with either result, but, the Consortium-organied debates are not independantly organized. To have this number coexisting in the same poll indicates either questionable methodology, or that Canadians don`t really understand the facts concerning the debates.

    The cracks get worse the more you look. Under`a question saying "Satisfied with old debate format," the phrasing of the question doesn`t reflect the headline at all. It reads, "both have been hosted by the major
    national Broadcasters, namely CTV, CBC, Global/Shaw, and Radio Canada. All things considered, how satisfied were you with this approach?"

    Hmm.. What are they actually asking? About one debate in French and one in English? About how many broadcasters are involved? About the actual debate formate? Which is it?

    And then there's this charlie-foxtrot of assumptions; "In the interest of democracy, all party leaders should participate in all of the debates" which got something like 75% support.

    All leaders? REALLY?

    Leaders from the Christian Heritage Party of Canada? Canadian Action Party? Communist Party of Canada? Marxist-Leninist Party of Caada? Libertarian Party of Canada? Rhinocerous Party of Canada?

    Elections Canada has 17 registered political parties. If we want Elizabeth May that badly, can we please invite the Rhino party as well? I'd like to see that.

    Once again, Frank Graves attempts to provide fodder for his friends in the media. Good thing that leftists don't read polls huh? Otherwise you might have to think that it was worth much more as a sanitary product.

    1. hi anon...I didn't refer to the Ekos poll in my post, preferring to stick with the Abacus one for matters of time and space. But they only tell me what seems to be obvious, if Harper says away from the ones most people watch his absence will hurt him. The other important thing is the Cons have yet to announce how they intend to provide French-speaking Canadians outside Quebec with a debate in their own language.
      And that can only damage Harper further in that province, and to a degree in some others. But I think what will hurt him the most is the perception that he is once again tampering with our democratic traditions. And for a man already weighed down by the length of his time in office, that's the last thing he needs....

  5. Actually I would prefer Harper not attend the debates on CBC CTV and Global so his callous voice does not get heard. An empty chair is what he is anyways. He is absent from his duties most of the time or he sabotages Parliamentary procedures. So let the other leaders voices be heard and let the majority of Canadians decide whom among them they want to vote for leave Harper out. Chicken little is doing us a great favor by staying away we will get to hear a real civil debate. Not a broadside slam and tantrum chicken shit hit and run.

    Now I've got something to cheer about Harper hiding in his broom closet wetting himself while the other leader debate about his incompetency eh.

    Ya cheers all around,

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    The "chicken" term for the "MONSTER aka CRIME MINISTER" must have come from the USA calling his twin brother from the same mother (LOL) "CHICKEN SHIT" ... tiz my guess ... TY

    1. hi anon....I don't know where it came from, but after his closet ordeal, the last thing he needs is for people to tag him as a chicken again. And you can be sure I'll be working hard to reinforce that image... ;)


    1. hi Mogs....a fine song indeed. And in this stressed out Harperland I find myself telling people to take it easy all the time. The only one who doesn't like that message is my boss... ;)

    2. That Simon and humor one thing I learned in my 60 year tenure is if you don't have humor life can be incredibly dark. You will Steve Joe Harper seeing terrorists in our closet and under our beds. No wonder he is afraid those are his two favorite places. There is something drooling under the bed waiting to get him:

      Ya Steve its voters who can't wait to heave Steve we are drooling at the thought of you getting rid of your pestilence.

      Cheers Simon,

  8. e.a.f.3:17 PM

    an empty chair at the debates would say it all, just like the empty man Stephen Harper is. He is just a shell with bad make up.

    Did see that Con ad of him in his office. My question is, are the Cons actually using he office of the Prime Minister of Canada for their political ads? Like that is so not on. That is disgusting.

    Now of course I'm sure Steve won't want to come to any debate following the CBC report regarding the lack of weapons for the RCMP. Last evening, was a great bit of reporting. P.M. "law and disorder" still hasn't provided for carbines for the RCMP. From the killing of 4 RCMP officers in 2004 to the killing of 3 in 2014 the RCMP still didn't have enough carbines. The six Moncton had were on a training exercise over an hr. away. Even today only 1 in 12 RCMP officers have access to a carbine while on the job.

    Harper, the chair of T.B., and the finance minister need to be arrested for dereliction of duty and contributing to the deaths of 3 employees. If Harper and his Cons hadn't been so busy trying to save money and give tax breaks to their base, perhaps these officers would have had adequate equipment and might not have died. Nice going Steve. Lets see how many more deaths you cause while in office.

    If Steve doesn't come to the debates maybe they could just put up a picture of the 3 dead RCMP officers and the 1,200 murdered First Nations women.

    1. hi e.a.f....yes it's true, they turned his office into a movie set, to the point that when he turns out the lights his film crew was left in the dark. I think there's a metaphor there.)
      As you know I'm pushing for the big three networks to put a cut-out or a Harper puppet in the chair. Although I would settle for a hamster called Steve going round and round on a wheel.... ;)

  9. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Stevie knows his non answers in the HoC wont cut it in the debates and that Tom would chop him up into little pieces. He is plain and simply a cowardly control freak who's abuse of power will no doubt spark some first hand looks into this depraved thing once we boot him out of office.
    So keep on playing by your own twisted rules Stevie and they will keep leading you to your own destruction.

    1. hi JD....I don't know what other conclusion anyone can reach. He is afraid to be seen by millions having his rotten record ripped apart. And whatever reasoning the PMO had to try to blow up the big debates, I'm pretty sure it will explode in their faces. As you can se from the poll, a lot of people are counting on the debates to help them decide who to vote for, or firm up their choice. And if Harper isn't there he stands to lose a great deal...