Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ghastly Hypocrisy of the Shameless Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper has so many monstrous human flaws, I think my fingers would fall off before I finished typing all of them.

But one of the worst is his ghastly hypocrisy.

For he is the leader who promised transparency when he came to power only to turn his filthy regime into the most secretive government ever. The leader who promised to clean up government only to turn it into a pig sty.

The one who talks about "freedom" all the time while passing Bill C-51 that would turn us into a police state.

And this banquet last night is only the latest example. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper may have made Canadian history Monday night, inviting Muslim leaders to 24 Sussex to break the Ramadan fast.

For while if we had a better government, and a more decent and truly Canadian Prime Minister, it would have been an excellent gesture.

But in this evil Harperland, with a brutish Con regime, and a Prime Minister like Stephen Harper, it couldn't be more hypocritical... 

The Conservative government’s relationship with the Muslim community has been tense, with major flare-ups over issues such as a new bill banning face veils during citizenship ceremonies. 

Harper has also been criticized for focusing more on radical elements within Islam than on reaching out to mainstream Muslims in the aftermath of terrorist attacks linked to radicalization.

Considering how Harper and his bully boys have whipped up hatred against Canadian Muslims, to try to create yet another wedge issue, for crass political purposes. 

Jason Kenney is also a hypocrite for having also stirred up bigotry to appeal to the Con's rabid religious base. As he did in his latest idiot Twitter eruption which had to be seen to be believed.

And Tim Uppal, the Con minister with the blue turban that covers his head, and the bushy beard that covers his face, is also a hypocrite.

For having introduced the anti-niqab bill, and when criticized by Justin Trudeau having the nerve to call Trudeau's comments "offensive and outrageous." 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government “used” Sikh cabinet minister Tim Uppal to try to drive a wedge between Canadians of different ethnic groups, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau charged Monday. 

Uppal quickly shot back Monday, however, saying Trudeau’s comments were “outrageous and offensive.”

When in fact Trudeau was absolutely right.

“It is part of the divisive attacks that work around the politics of fear to try to win a few points by raising concerns that people have. I find that it is completely irresponsible for a government to bet on fear but we have seen very well that is what they do — that is what they do with their attacks on different communities and their political adversaries, whether it is MPs or it is scientists and researchers.”

And it's Uppal's actions and comments that are outrageous and offensive. 

For he must surely remember how Sikhs in this country had to fight bigotry for the right to wear their religious garb as police officers...

Or the more recent struggle when the Quebec Soccer Federation banned Sikh kids from playing that game...

For no good reason. 

So Uppal should have known better than initiate an attack on another religious group for what a tiny minority wear on the heads, and for the worst possible reasons.

But then as I've said so many times before, the political depravity of Stephen Harper corrupts everything he touches.

And as this latest video from Operation Maple shows, he has always been a ghastly hypocrite, or Harpercrite...

One day, in a better country, with a more decent government, we will have a Prime Minister who stands up for the human rights of all Canadians. 

And truly celebrates the diversity that makes this country stronger and more beautiful.

Until then all we can do is work as hard as possible to defeat the hideous Con regime.

Before its morally corrupt leader puts on his monstrous garb again, and destroys what's left of this country and its values...

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Anonymous said...

And how many Canadian Muslim leaders accompanied Harper when he visited Israel, the West Bank and Jordan in January 2014?


mark Warburton said...

There is a lot of selective memory surrounding this debate by Minister Uppal. One only has to remember the past debate over the removal of all headgear when entering a Royal Canadian Legion as a member or guest. An institution I might add where one must swear allegiance to the Queen upon initiation. It was deemed that obviously people of a certain faith or belief would be exempt from the procedure even though the removal of headgear was meant as a gesture of respect for the fallen. I think Minister Uppal should be more concerned with his "Uncle Tom" presence front and centre and why he was asked to all of a sudden "go rabid" by the boss man

Anonymous said...

Simon: I also was going to point out that Sikh veterans who had fought to defend the Commonwealth in the first and second world wars had been shamefully refused admission to the lounges of the Royal Canadian Legion because of their turbans:

It is ironic that Uppal had forgotten that many Canadians had supported the Sikh veterans against the Royal Legion for precisely the same reason that they are now supporting the right of Muslim women to decide whether they want to wear the niqab, hijab, or whatever, or not wear them at all, regardless of their personal feelings towards their own religion.

Especially since this was neither a security nor an identification issue, as the Federal Court had gone to great lengths to explain (the woman had already taken out her veil before the public ceremony for identification purposes; she was merely refusing to unveil during the public ceremony).

Personally, I say shame on Uppal, and on those Sikhs who support this disgraceful targeting of Muslim women (I am sure there are many Sikhs who disagree with Uppal), and on those few Muslims who showed up at 24 Sussex to rub shoulders with someone who had been targeting their community. There are times in life when one has to take a strong stand against a government which apparently goes out of its way to exploit racial/religious hatred for political reasons.