Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Fatal Legacy of Stephen Harper

As you know, Rona Ambrose is finally trying to put some distance between herself and Stephen Harper.

Desperately trying to dispel the notion that she's no longer his faithful puppet, as she was for so many years.

And if you remember, at the recent Press Gallery dinner, she even went so far as to declare that "the bad man's gone." 

But sadly for her and her Cons, the monster may have left the building, but his legacy lives on.

And hangs like a dead chicken or a dead albatross around their shrunken necks. 

Conservative party leadership candidates — particularly the ones who served as ministers in the cabinets of former prime minister Stephen Harper — will have to finesse the issue of Harper’s legacy as they try to appeal to both their party and the broader Canadian electorate, a new EKOS poll indicates. 

According to the poll, almost half of Canadians surveyed — 47 per cent — said they held a negative view of Harper’s legacy. But a majority of Conservatives — 73.8 per cent — held a positive view of Harper’s legacy.

The base is still with him, still thinks he was a great leader.

And that's going to make it very hard to renew the party. Especially since all their shabby leadership candidates will be forced to engage in a delicate balancing act.

Trying to sound like they're new or nouveau, or fresher smelling and nicer.

While still sounding a lot like him...

And when Canadians take in that Con clown show, I wouldn't be surprised if they either scream, or burst out laughing.

For while Frank Graves does offer the Cons a glimmer of hope.

EKOS pollster Frank Graves suggested the terrible view of Harper’s legacy could change if the economy begins to go south and people begin to look back more fondly on Harper. 

But right now, said Graves, “Most Canadians are looking back and saying ‘this isn’t a very good legacy, this wasn’t a very good period.”

The best news is that the poll also suggests that a massive number of Canadians still haven't forgotten the horror of the Harper years.

And until that changes, if it ever does, the Cons will go nowhere.

And progressives will rule this country unchallenged.

Poor Cons. The monster made them in his own image.

And try as they might.

They could never escape his fatal legacy...

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Anonymous said...

a little off topic, but here goes anyway

Steve stuffed the agencies, boards and commissions with extended term appointees who hate Canada so much they accepted these crooked deals.

What to do?
Audit the hell out of their expenses!

These entitled cretins will have stepped so far over the line they will make Duffy look like a choir boy.

Proof? Alberta audited and found egregious actions.

“The report’s findings point to a culture of entitlement in the last administration that Albertans firmly rejected in the election, a culture of entitlement that will not be tolerated by this government.”

The examination of the AFSC was conducted by the province’s Chief Internal Auditor. The auditor’s report concluded that, in the words of the government news release:

“Some expenses related to travel, meals and hospitality were not necessary for AFSC’s business, and expenses were generally not properly authorized
“Senior executives accepted gifts, such as event tickets, meals and golf from vendors, and vendors covered costs related to AFSC corporate events
“For more than half of the vendors examined, AFSC’s requirements for fair, open, competitive or transparent procurement processes were not met”


the salamander said...

.. Presumably MP Bob Zimmer represents holdover Harper 'legacy' policy.. or he a lone jackal Conservatory for petitioning Parliament to lift restrictions on purchase of AR-15 weapons?

That's right. He thinks Canadians should have no restriction to buying the same weapon used in Orlando & Sandy Hook, so they can use it for hunting. Rate of fire is as fast as you can squeeze the trigger & magazines may carry as much as 50 loads @ high velocity .243 calibre.

When taking down a trophy bear, white tail deer or groundhog.. best to have that kind of firepower.. and be sure to carry 5 or 6 mags eh.. And if you 'go postal' or take a dislike for schoolgirls, snort some bad meth & get real paranoid or go after road signs or passing vehicles.. it must be comforting to know you gots the gun n ammo to get the job done..

Oh.. did I mention you can do an illegal upgrade to the bolt & mechanism. so its now actually the fully automatic military M-16.. need to have 10 to 15 magazines, cuz that is a truly rockin rate of fire.. and you don't want to be caught short at the 'end times' or zombies walking around