Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another Religious Fanatic Prepares to Run for Con Leader

As we all know the hideous religious fanatic Jason Kenney has been hinting strongly that he is about to leave Ottawa, and ride west to unite the right in Alberta.

No doubt believing that he will be given a hero's welcome, or be greeted like Jesus himself.

Which sadly for him appears to be more and more delusional.

But just the prospect that Kenney could leave, has another monstrous religious fanatic threatening to run for the leadership of the Harper Party.

Yes, believe it or not, the ghastly Con Brad Trost is thinking of throwing his cap, or his cross, into that shabby ring. 

Social conservative MP Brad Trost is exploring a bid for the Conservative leadership, The Huffington Post Canada has learned. Trost, a vocal anti-abortionist who fought to keep the definition of marriage as the union of one man and woman in the Tory policy book in May, confirmed he is in the exploratory stage of a bid.

And making it very clear who will be the main targets of his unholy crusade: women and gay people.

“We need to have the nuclear family otherwise you have the social welfare state replacing it,” he told reporters. “Next election, I will say homosexual marriage, gay marriage is wrong, I will be public about it.”

And what makes it even more appalling is this question:

What kind of Canadian party in the year 2016, would be the home of bigots like Kenney and Trost?

And of course Kellie Leitch...

The hideous fascist barbarian.

Or ask yourself this question: why would ANY of those Con candidates think they could win, or that they are fit to be the leaders of ANY Canadian party?

And of course the answer is because it's still the Harper Party...

Still the home of the religious fanatics and the bigots, and as evil as it is crazy.

And finally ask yourself this:

Why would any of those bestial Cons want to whip up hatred against gay people so soon after this massacre?

And how much blood do those monsters need to satisfy their murderous hatred? 

And the good news?

As long as it is the Harper Party, the Cons will never be able to renew themselves, and attract more supporters, instead of repelling them.

So Kenney, Trost and Leitch are our useful idiots bigots.

And they will help us destroy them...

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David said...

Painful to watch Kenney, Clement support Brexit
Weren’t these guys members of the cabinet that championed the Canada-Europe trade agreement?

Hypocrisy is often the bed-mate of a politician in search of opportunity to advance his or her own ambition. But putting your finger in the wind to find out where it is blowing and knowing it represents a storm of no good is an altogether different type of shallow—Tony Clement and Jason Kenney, I am talking about you. At least Andrew Scheer had acknowledged he was supportive of the “leave” vote before it took place.

As the Brexit votes were coming in, Kenney tweeted, “Congratulations to the British people on choosing hope over fear by embracing a confident, sovereign future, open to the world! #Brexit” He then went onto criticize the prime minister for interfering in the British people’s internal decision. On both counts, Kenney was being politically shameless and ironic.

Percivus said...

Useful bigots - great name for these people. Would also be fitting as a name for a late 70s punk band."Hey Simon, wanna go to the 'Shoe tonight and catch the Useful Bigots?"

David said...

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update (HBO)

Steve said...

We see in the USA the most homophobic politians are usally Gay. Wonder if the same applies to Mr. Trost?

Anonymous said...

At least one PC MLA (Sandra Jansen) has threatened to quit the party as well. I know her name has been mentioned as a possible replacement at the helm. While I'm not keen on her party she is one of the few Alberta PC's I do respect given her (successful!) efforts to push for protection for Alberta's LGBTQ community. Personally I don't see a merger happening as neither side wants it and Kenney just isn't a good fit for the PC's no matter how you slice it. Even a lot of WRP members don't want the guy. Which really does have me wondering just what the hell is going through the twit's head.

Anonymous said...

You mean Kenny right?

Anonymous said...

Don't respect Sandra Jansen. She stood by and said nothing when the Redford government was violating LGBTQ rights, and she was Minister at the time.
She is pure political opportunism personified. At this point she realizes the political climate in Alberta has changes so she changes with it. She's still an Alberta Con, and she's still intent on advancing her career. Never trust a con.

Anonymous said...

Simon when you get Canadian news headlines like "Steinbach, Manitoba Pride Marchers Get Permission To Walk On Street" it really does not look good in the West!!!!! Something you would expect from the 50's maybe!!!!! It gotta be something they are breathing in from the tailing pond pollution of Alberta. Seems to be affecting SK and MB obviously!!!! Pathetic that we are dealing with this in 2016!!!!! This kind of ignorance rates up there arranged marriages. Young man like Brad Trost being so ignorant in 2016 absolutely makes him a pathetic racist CON!!!!!! FP

e.a.f. said...

On one level its would be great if Troste became the leader of the Cons, they'd never surface again. On the other hand, for a democracy to work, there must be viable political alternatives for all voters. Should the Cons become a "joke" party, it won't be good for democracy. Canada needs 3 good strong political parties.

as to Jason arriving on his whatever in Alberta, he may find he doesn't receive the welcome he expects. it is doubtful the other two party leaders are willing to give up their roles in life so he can have a new one. Kenny doesn't have enough appeal to people to give up their parties. Kenny is finished. If he thinks he might have a new career, he is delusional.

Arthur Vaso said...

It is always funny to see people who act like the people they propose to be against.