Friday, June 24, 2016

Scotland Prepares to Give Donald Trump a Rough Reception

It's hard for me to imagine a more disturbing image. This file picture of Donald Trump screaming like a maniac at one of his two Scottish gold courses. With a piper beaming behind him.

And in the background the grass covered dunes, that line the shore of the North Sea, that I used to play on when I was a boy.

It feels like a desecration. It's just too horrible. 

But the good news is that Trump is heading back to Scotland tomorrow, and he's going to get a very different kind of reception.

The word is out, the bigot is coming. 

These posters are going up all over Glasgow...

And all over the country protesters are getting ready to greet him. 

Donald Trump is scheduled to land at Glasgow Prestwick airport after dawn on Friday for the start of a two-day visit to Scotland. He will be greeted with far-from-traditional Scottish hospitality, with no senior British or Scottish politicians prepared to meet him and protesters preparing noisy and colourful demonstrations.

Keir McKechnie, one of the organisers of the Stand Up to Trump protest planned to take place at the Turnberry Hotel, said: “We want the whole world to know he is not welcome in Scotland because of his toxic, racist views, his Islamophobia, his misogyny and homophobia.”

There will be a mariachi band from Ayrshire.

But no political leaders. 

Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who has criticised Trump over his remarks about Muslims, is refusing to meet him as are other Scottish party leaders: the Conservative Ruth Davidson, Labour’s Kezia Dugdale and the Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie.

And of course his timing couldn't be worse. Coming just after the LEAVE side that Trump supported won the EU referendum, while Scotland voted overwhelming to REMAIN.

But what it will show is that Trump always puts business first. The family business.

And that in the only country where he was even the slightest bit interested in  demonstrating his diplomatic skills, apart from the bikini contest in Azerbaijan, he was a miserable failure.

So the next time he accuses Hillary Clinton being a bad diplomat, he'll only sound like an absolute idiot.

Something I see the Clinton forces have been quick to point out...

You know the only thing worse than that picture at the top of this post, would be this one...

Because while Drumpf might be proud to be half Scottish, most Scots are definitely NOT proud of him. 

And the only thing better than greeting him with a mariachi band.

Would be for me to call out my hairy highland hordes, and command them to greet him in this manner...

The Scots are about to show that monstrous misogynistic bigot what they think of him.

And I couldn't be prouder of them...

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  1. Speaking of the EU referendum outcome; a fringe benefit for my upcoming biannual trek to Scotia in the fall will be pound sterling that just became much more affordable! Xenophobic bigots, Fuck Yeah!! lol

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      So you're saying the majority of UK citizens are xenophobic bigots?

    2. The majority of UK citizens in general? No. The English and Welsh? Oh yes. Yes indeed.

    3. hi Omar...wouldn't you know it, I had to convert the money for my upcoming trip to Scotland, and for once in my life chose exactly the rights time and ended up saving about $200 bucks. But yes the referendum was an appalling spectacle, and the triumph of ignorance and bigotry over decency and reason...

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Hi Simon, Thank you for sharing the Clinton clip. Comic relief for a very stressful day.

    Remember when the cons wanted a referendum on electoral reform, and those of us who had voted in two Quebec referendums were aghast at the inevitable frenzy that would entail? Fast forward to dice throwing-tiny-hands David Cameron. What an idiot, what a simpleton! For all of his privilege and Panama Paper trust fund Eton/Oxford education, he could not negotiate himself out of a paper bag. Life is complicated at best, rarely does a yes or no question solve anything.

    Donald Trump is happy with Brexit vote. How telling.


    p.s. I am looking forward to seeing Trump's reception in Scotland. My spouse is 100 % Scottish lineage. There's something in those genes :))

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      For anyone interested here is the full press conference.


    2. hi're welcome. And yes good point, referendums are not fun, they bring out the worst in people, and it is another good reason we should not have one on electoral reform. And yes, Scotland may be a small country but it has contributed a lot to Canada, including from my small town, Donald Smith the co-founder of the CPR...

  3. Just read a article about a British comedian who crashed Trump's new conference and started tossing bright red gold balls with a swasitka painted on them towards Mr. Popular.Too funny.

    1. hi GreazedLitenen...yes I saw some video of that, there were red balls everywhere, and Trump's flunkies were running around picking them up....

  4. e.a.f.1:03 AM

    One could say the politicians of Scotland certainly know how to unite around an issue, none of them are meeting with Trump. Loved it.

    Sure hope some one posts the "band" in Scotland which will "greet" Dtrujmp.

    1. hi e.a.f....all the political leaders in Scotland are pretty decent, including the Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.And since three of them are women, their debates are always very civilized...