Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Ghastly Con Michelle Rempel Disgraces Herself. Again

As you all know the ghastly Con Michelle Rempel aka Rempelstiltskin, has recently been out of control in the House of Commons.

First she accused the opposition and the Speaker of laughing at her. Which caused them to laugh even louder.

And then she started flogging some hollow motion on genocide. And when that was defeated. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the majority of Liberal MPs have voted against a Conservative motion declaring that the violence perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant constitutes genocide.

She went absolutely crazy.

In the most cowardly way possible.

Attacking Justin Trudeau, by going after his two-year-old son Hadrien...

Which couldn't be more disgusting.

But was no doubt just her way of imitating the manner her ghastly leader Rona Ambrose went after his mother Sophie...

And while Ambrose sent out more than a dozen messages on the genocide motion.

Each one worse than the other...

And all of them trying to portray Justin Trudeau as a terrorist sympathizer.

It was a hollow motion. As hollow as Donald Trump's demand that Obama use the words "radical Islam."

It would have done nothing to hurt ISIS who our soldiers are bravely fighting. And by screeching like a banshee Ambrose only sounded as crazy as Rempelstiltskin.

"This is a low point for the Liberal party and it is a dark spot on Canada's record as a defender of human rights," Ambrose said during question period.

When everybody knows that there were no worst defenders of human rights than the filthy Con regime.

And nobody spread ISIS propaganda in this country like Stephen Harper did...

When he wasn't promoting the African terrorist group Al-Shabaab...

In his never-ending attempts to scare Canadians, and destroy Justin Trudeau.

But here's the thing. While Ambrose sent out a DOZEN messages and videos, and even wrote an article in the National Post promoting her genocide motion.

She sent out only ONE note on the Orlando massacre, and made no mention of its LGBT victims.

Even though that massacre has shocked and saddened every gay person in Canada.

So who are the great defenders of human rights, or the real monsters?

As for Michelle Rempel, I really don't know how to explain her bizarre behaviour. 

Except to suggest that maybe she shouldn't be sampling and testing so many bottles of wine...

Even though she is a wine expert, or excuse moi, a sommelier. 

And suggest that if that if booze is Rempel's problem, she should check herself into rehab as soon as she can hail a cab.

Before she makes an even greater fool of herself. If that's possible.

And in the meantime, I wish to announce that she has finally exceeded the bounds of decency in my Con Hall of Shame.

And has earned her wings, or her ears.

And a snout to go with them...

For she has been acting like a hog.

Rempel and all the other Cons should stop dragging the Trudeau kids into their political games.

It does exceed the bounds of decency.

And enough is enough...

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  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I am livid. I hardly know the words to convey my disgust of this woman. The only thing Canadians should do is to deny her what she craves the most - attention. She should be ignored. However, considering the MSM is dominated by Harperites this is unlikely to happen.
    As far as I'm concerned Rempel is the Canadian equivalent to Donald Trump. If only the MSM would stop giving her a soapbox then we wouldn't have to be inundated with her nonsense and vicious attacks. She is a truly vile person.

    1. hi anon...yes Rempel seems to be getting more extreme, and you're right she seems almost desperate for attention. My guess is because she is still seething with resentment for not having been chosen interim leader. But that's no excuse for dragging a two-year-old into a political argument...

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    If it was such a great idea, why didn't Harper declare that the violence perpetrated by the ISIL constitutes genocide? He had almost 10 years to do it.

    1. hi anon...I believe Jason Kenney has been pushing for it for a while, and that's the Reason Rona is now beating that drum. And it is the same old game, trying to portray Justin Trudeau as soft on terrorism...

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Morally depleted Michelle lost again....... She will never see the writing on the wall!!!!! Like I said before, you can put lipstick on it, but it still will be what is alway has been....... A Self serving, morally depleted ReformCON idiot!!!!!!! We finally get some women on the hill and this is an example of the result. Please make Rawna, Michelle, and Lisa go away. They are flapping their lips with senseless garbage making us women look bad!!!!!! Such an embarrassment!,,,,, FS

    1. hi FS...well I don't think the actions of Con women should reflect on the others. You have to be a certain type of woman work for such a misogynistic party. And Lisa Raitt is a notch above the others. But yes, Rempel is an embarrassment...

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Steve MacKinnon (Gatineau) is on a Power Play panel and his ploy is to turn his back on Rempel and never ever look at her. My,is she sullen. Seems to work.
    On same show today, Raitt was literally at a loss for words, for about 20 sec, while the Lib winked at host. Someday they will finally get the idea. It's going to be a long 3 years.

    1. hi anon...yes I thought that was sinking in, but now i think they're still in denial. Although making a motion on genocide the main issue to be debated in Parliament tells me that they must be desperate, and still can't shake their bad old habits...

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    The Con clowns and their political posturing would be amusing if they were not so lethal. These are the same clowns that denied safety to Syrian refugees fleeing the murderous barbarians but they were more than happy to bomb their villages and cities.Really supportive as long as the Syrians found somewhere else to hide. Then the Cons helped liberate Libya for the terrorists, only to later chastise the liberals for not doing enough for the victims of the terrorists they enabled.Through diligent efforts they moved Canada to number 2 position as arms supplier to the middle east.Hey its only business but just in case some of the weapons eventually end up killing Canadians we will avoid any embarrassment by not marking them as required by UN regulations. To further promote the arms business and mayhem they quietly tried to pass legislation to put military assault rifles back into the hands of the general public. These are the same types of weapons that were used in the Ecole Polytechnique massacres and Muncton police shootings.There is so much more but its time to stop. In summary,these clowns are not mere economic buffoons but when it comes to domestic security and foreign policy they are lethal.

    1. hi RT...yes you're right, I like to portray them as clowns, but they are more like an insane Con clown posse. Just give thanks that they are no longer in power, for can you imagine how they would be acting. I don't think this country would have survived....

  6. The Conservatives think that they can get back in power by selecting a new leader from the same old group that worked under Harper. If they think that they will become the third party after the next election. The liberals will have 10years of whoever of this OLD group becomes leader to use on them. But they don't get it at all.

    1. hi Bogart...yes I agree with you. The only way the Cons are going to renew themselves is if they can get an outside candidate to run. But so far there are no signs of one...

    2. ExMTLer164211:05 AM

      Well, there is Kevin (Outsider) O'Leary, but he's so much a Harper-style RWNJ blowhard, he might as well be a CON insider.

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I fail to understand why CTV and that giggling cynic Martin would have Ms Rempel on his "show". It's clearly not about an informed and informed dialogue. It's about controversy generating audience numbers. Shame on Martin and Rosie and whoever runs the MSM in this country. I want thoughtful and informed discussion on facts not partisan blathering.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      have to agree Power play and Power and Politics consist of lots of giggling but not much in the way of informed discussion!!!! Partisan blathering sums it up. I cannot stand to watch either of them!!!!!!! FS

    2. hi anon...Don Martin is absolutely in love with Rempel. I remember when she accused Elizabeth May of lying on one show, and Martin didn't want to give May a chance to respond. Andes Power and Politics is not much better these days. There is far too much giggling, and not enough real journalism....

    3. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Don Martin is a shameless Harperite. He cannot be trusted to broadcast unbiased information. The recent libel verdict against him make it clear that he is a rather shoddy so-called journalist.

  8. Got into a bit of a Twitter discussion with her about her congratulating the NDP member Niki Ashton for trying to shame Sophie Trudeau. I finally agreed to disagree as she wasn't getting it. You can't be a feminist while suppressing women for political gain.

    1. hi Werner...yes I remember how Rempel was tweeting her solidarity with Ashton. And it only made the spectacle even more grotesque. My observation would be that Rempel is incapable of empathy. I have never seen any signs of it, and that was only to apparent during the refugee crisis. But then maybe that's a precondition for being a Con...

    2. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Sorry Werner, I don't believe you. Everyone on Twitter knows Rempel is a notorious twitter blocker. She blocks people who even hint at disagreeing with her, and in some cases she blocks people who have never communicated with her, based on the suspicion they may be leftists.
      There is no way you got into a discussion with her, because she does not debate on Twitter she merely blocks.

  9. You are a vile coward Simon, It is because of people like you that we are an international laughing stock.
    Go fuck yourself.

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Hey "Jeff" speaking of cowards, what is your real name, address and phone number?

  10. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Can't you guys recognize one of your own? She's hardly a Conservative but a left wing Marxist. I'm sure the tune of this blog would change quickly if she crossed the floor. Her sexist card she just pulled today is straight out of the Liberal Party of Canada playbook