Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Day a Ghastly Trudeau Hater Came After Me

It had to be one of the most bizarre posts I've ever read. One of the most notorious Trudeau haters in the blogosphere, claiming that he doesn't hate Justin Trudeau. 

There are some who say that I hate Justin Trudeau. One even claimed that I had suggested that JT be tossed in prison and ass raped. I can only assume that individual, who can be erratic in his vitriol, was either off his meds or onto some other product.

And while normally I would chuckle at the ravings of the Mound of Sound.

Since that first paragraph is aimed at me, I will respond and let you be the judge.

For although the Disaffected Lib didn't have the courage to mention my name, many people know it was me who objected to that filthy post. The one who let him know that while it's OK to criticize Justin Trudeau, it's not OK to link him and his government to prison rape.

Or denigrate those who are its victims. It's disgusting 

But then that's not the only problem I have with the miserable Mound.

For not only does he have a problem with Trudeau, he also has a problem with women. He was roundly criticized for his misogynistic posts during the Ghomeshi Affair.  

And to make matters even worse, he also has a problem with gay people.

For when the actress Ellen Page came out a couple of years ago, to show her support
for the victims of anti-gay bullying. 

This is how he responded to a supportive post on the blog Politics and Its Discontents.

As if gay people should be seen and not heard, even if they're standing up for bullied children. As if Ellen Page's announcement had something to do with "sexual activity?"

How creepy and clammy is that? And what is his problem?

But sadly that's not all. For at about the same time as his diatribe against Ellen Page,  and after writing a post about a gay issue, I also started receiving weird late night anti-gay comments from him. 

I didn't write anything about that, because it would have meant repeating those vile comments. And because quite frankly I thought he was mentally ill.

He has had at least one scary and very public mental breakdown. A few years ago,  he started spewing the weirdest and craziest stuff, insulting people left and right and centre in the foulest manner, before abruptly quitting Progressive Bloggers.

Only to come crawling back a few months later, after deleting his disturbing posts, but never bothering to apologize to all the people he had insulted.

So having him accuse me of being off my meds or spewing vitriol, couldn't be more absurd or hypocritical.

But yes, I admit that this is one of the many reasons I admire Justin Trudeau. 

And no doubt one of the many reasons the Mound of Sound hates him so much.

But his outrageous claim that he is a bigger defender of the Charter of Rights than Trudeau can only be the product of a diseased mind.

You see, Trudeau's problem isn't really with the Carter decision or the assisted dying law. His problem is with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Like Harper before him, he wants to ignore it, sneak around it. It was despicable when Harper tried it. It is at least as despicable when a Liberal prime minister tries it on - for partisan political considerations. Your Charter rights are subject to his partisan political interests and the temper of the mob.

Or of his absurd megalomania.

When as the Globe points out, the situation is far more nuanced and complex.

There is both a need for restraint, and a need to move quickly.

The Canadian Medical Association is not the mob. I know about a thousand times more about the realities of the dying process than he does. And he doesn't know what he's talking about.

More than eighty percent of the expected cases are already covered by the present legislation. Only about five percent of Canadians are expected to apply for assisted dying. And every country that now provides that service has proceeded at first in the same cautious manner. And expanded it once they saw what it looked like in action. 

So it is just an excuse to attack Trudeau. For he is obsessed with him in an unhealthy manner, and claiming that he is the same or worse than Stephen Harper is absolute insanity.

So why is he now pretending he doesn't hate him?

My guess is because it must be driving him absolutely crazy, or crazier, to discover that he is just part of an angry minority. 

And that he is sharing his bully pulpit in some rancid place with the Cons, bitter NDP types, and the pornographic Trudeau haters of Ezra Levant's mob.

His overheated words are falling on deaf ears, and he's feeling lonely.

And while as I said before, it's perfectly legitimate to criticize the Trudeau government, demonizing Justin, or stirring up stirring up such blind hatred against him is not OK. Not when he's already being attacked in the most vicious manner. Not when it's so personal, and there are so many death threats against him all over the internet. 

And it's all helping to create a climate of violence like I have never seen before.  Which is something everybody should be concerned about.

As for why the miserable Mound is coming after me for having the temerity to criticize his prison rape post, that's even simpler.

One, that pathetic old man seeks to dominate Progressive Bloggers. He's always trying to turn it into his personal Facebook page. Blogging from dawn to dusk, filing as many as a dozen posts a day, Driving other bloggers off the front page, in his quest for Total Domination.

And I am one of the biggest obstacles in his path. Even though I only publish a couple of posts a day so as to give other bloggers a chance to showcase their work.

And two, also believe it or not, because he probably thinks that he can get at me by attacking Justin Trudeau.

Which may sound weird. And is totally ridiculous. But I'm pretty sure these lines in this post yesterday morning were what set him off.

And the sad truth is that like so many other Trudeau haters, he has made a complete fool out of himself.

Because although they were directed at Tom Mulcair, I'm sure he took it personally. 

And it's a pattern I have noticed over and over again. Which needless to say I find somewhat disturbing.

Now I must admit that people like the Disaffected Lib make me feel like giving up blogging. I don't much care to share the same space on a supposedly progressive site, with a misogynist, a homophobe, and a Trudeau hater. 

But that is of course what he would like love me to do. So while I have been tempted to leave and do something else, now there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

And this is what I would tell him. 

He really should seek help, he really should take his meds, he really should get a life.

I don't want him to come anywhere near this blog, or leave any more foul comments under any of his many aliases, or this time I will report him.

I'm sorry for this angry rant, which as you know is not my style. But when a man like that accuses me of being a mental patient or a drug addict, I will fight back.

I have fought bullies, homophobes, misogynists, and hate mongers like him from the time I was fourteen years old.

So that hideous foul mouthed bully will NEVER intimidate me...

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  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I'm with you Simon. The mound of suck needs to get a life. Maybe see a therapist or get some fresh air by yelling at kids and animals to stay off his lawn. As for Justin Trudeau I'll be forever grateful that he brought out the best in Canada by offering up a positive, inclusive and progressive alternative. Sending Angry Tom and Shady Steve off into the wilderness is just icing on the cake. DN

    1. Hi DN...thank you. As I said it's not my style to rant on like the Mound does. But nobody accuses me of being a mental patient or a drug addict and gets away with it. And especially not a man with his record....

  2. Justin Harper8:33 AM

    Wow. "Misogynist". I remember a time not too long ago when that word actually had a meaning...

    1. You don't think it means anything anymore? How about homophobia? You like prison rape stories? The dirty old mound might think that, but I don't....

    2. Justin Harper4:08 PM

      Nope. Like "sexist" or "racist", etc., the word is inexorably losing its power, having become too convenient a stick for sanctimonious Lefties to wield against everyone and everything they don't like. It's pretty much a synonym these days for "eew".
      Soon enough, the magic tumblr incantations won't work at all...

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Good for you Simon! Bullies need to be called out, even if they are mentally ill. Mental illness alone does not explain or excuse Mound's behaviour. Like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, he is bad and ugly.

    As a follower of your blog, I appreciate the way you write about injustice in a thought provoking way. We are all human, and our hard wiring is to react to attacks. It's healthy. React, move on, go sailing.

    Bullying, from either side of the political spectrum, is wrong.



    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Hi TS....there are no people I hate more than bullies, and I don't care what part of the political spectrum they come from. Misogyny murders, bullying kills. But I've said what I needed to say and I will move on. We're planning a BBQ on the beach this evening, so maybe I'll jump into the lake and really cool down... ;)

  4. i always feel like a child when i come across hate - it always comes unexpected and it always hurts. the only harder thing is watching others hurt. the fact that you have to deal with this crap sucks but i am glad that you shared this (though i think that this person should be reported to the police anyway - no need to search for latent meanings - this person is stupid enough to be pretty manifest). anyway, i hope the new day brings you a good reason to belly laugh because with people like your troll, it couldn't be more obvious that Canada and Canadians need your whipper-snapping spirit, heart and mind.

    and Canada loves montralsimon

    1. Hi I would never report that pathetic old man to the police, compared to the hate I've had to face, or the guy with the knife, he's a mere tadpole. What really disgusts me see is the way he throws his weight around and how some of his enablers kowtow before him. Well I don't kowtow before anyone, and anyone who insults me or twists my words for standing up for human decency, will be sorry....

  5. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Could be worse, Simon.

    You could have had your government certify you as a mental patient for initiating legal action over genocidal statements.

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Hey Simon, when did being accused of being a mental patient and a drug addict become a pejoratives? That's like Ambrose trying to insult Trudeau by insinuating he is a woman.

    All of us are mental patients, but most of us don't know it. Second, being a drug addict is a medical condition not a character flaw. do people realize that prescription drugs are in fact drugs? Do people realize that cigarettes or alcohol are drugs. Heck at some level even coffee and tea are drugs.

    Drug addiction is not a crime committed by criminals, it is a medical condition needing our compassion and medical intervention. it is right-wing religious fanaticism to equate drug addiction with evil or personal failings. These are the same right-wing fanatics who want you to believe the same thing about poverty, as if the rich are somehow more virtuous and therefore deserving of our admiration. Fuck that I say!

    Mound of whatever is living in a hateful delusionary world of shit of own creation. Don't get sucked into his false reality.

    To you Simon, I say keep up the good work because you bring a smile to many people every morning, and that includes me. You are part of my morning ritual, as I look forward to reading your blog after my first coffee.

    Don't change, and let the piles of whatever wither on their hateful vines. there are many more of us than their are of him.

    1. Hi're quite right, there is nothing shameful about being a mentally ill person or a drug addict. I've made that point so many times, I should have chose my words more carefully, and I'm sorry I was so angry that I forgot that. And I won't let myself get sucked into Mound's delusionary world again. I will simply ignore him. He is his own worst punishment....

  7. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Looks like at worst he was just calling Trudeau a bitch. Doesn't sound like he implied that Trudeau should be raped in prison. Mind you, it was a pretty gross analogy nonetheless. I have no horse in this race.

    1. Hi anon....he was calling Trudeau a bitch in a prison context. Prison rape is a huge problem, and nobody should make light of it, or suggest that Trudeau or any other politician qualify for that fate. It is gross, in all my years of criticizing the Cons I never suggested that any of them should be raped or hurt, so the Mound should no better to use that kind of analogy to describe a government which is about a million times better than the Cons...l

    2. Anonymous10:34 PM

      Love u Simon

    3. Hi anon...thank you I love you all too. There are too many haters like the ghastly Mound in this world, but love will eventually defeat them all...

  8. I see no rape connotations in the bitch bit . Not really helpful but ignorable.

    I didn't know who Ellen Page is but you made me Google her. My response to the coming out was so what. She is allowed to do whatever she wants to do .

    As for Trudeau. In my opinion MOS is hypercritical and you are super uncritical. I think a new House leader would help him a lot.

    I read both of you everyday , enjoy both and hope you both continue what I consider good work.

    1. Never worked in a prison, eh?

    2. Hi rumleyfips....he is talking about prison rape, he is calling Trudeau and his ministers bitches, so what do you think he is saying or suggesting? The analogy is disgusting. Period. And since it also has a homophobic tinge, there is no way I was going to let a man with his record get away with it. But don't worry now that we've both had a chance to scream at each other, life in the tiny shrinking blogosphere will continue as it does in the hobbit shire....

  9. A followup. If saying so what, I don't care whether she is gay or straight is offensive I apologise. I don't see it as an issue.

  10. Trudeau just did the right thing and the smart thing about the electoral reform committee. I hope you and MOS can both agree with me that athis is a step in the right direction.

  11. Simon, I can only speak for myself on the subject of Trudeau. I would feel like a hypocrite if I didn't. I do not like Trudeau. He has done some really good things and I appreciate that. His personality draws people to him like a magnet and that is a pretty wonderful thing. My concerns are to do with some of the decisions he's made, such as supporting the BDS motion. He threw the Palestinians to the curb. I worry about the Liberals ratifying the CETA and the TPP, but I will withold judgement until a decision is made. He has done nothing to change the NEB board, who as you know recommend what happens with pipe lines being built. HE has continued with Harpers appeal in the Vancouver court against the veterans. He is continuing with Harpers Neoliberal agenda and that is a huge worry for my country. He did try to go around the charter with the assisted dying legislation. The constitution is there to create legislation based on it rights and freedoms, not to go around it. There are going to be some very, very tough decisions to be made in the future and they will involve Canada remaining or not a sovereign country.Trudeau seems to have accepted completely the propaganda the US is spewing about Russia. That worries me. He is not creating an independent foreign policy for Canada, but instead is following the US/NATO. I'm just not sure that when he is confronted with the really hard decisions and they will come , that he will decide in the interest of Canadians.I am aware of the horrible personal attacks against him and his family and the people who do these attacks are simply sleaze. I read your column everyday and know how much you admire Trudeau. I wish it were so for me, but it isn't. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

    1. hi Pamela...there is a difference between criticizing Trudeau and hating him with a passion that in many cases seems almost homicidal. You may have not noticed but we have a real hate problem in this country which is escalating out of control and could lead to tragedy., Do you really want his blood all over your hands? Trudeau, like Notley, and Wynne in Ontario are the objects of the kind of hate I have never seen before in this country. Trust me I know what's out there and it is frightening. It is also insane to personalize every issue and make it sound like EVERYTHING is Trudeau's fault.
      It doesn't work that way. He is governing a very complicated country in a globalized system, and he can't go where most Canadians who are still pretty small-c conservative don't want him to go? For example on the question of the NEB board, he can't get rid of the Harper appointees unless he disbands the whole NEB and creates a whole new body with a whole new mandate. What he has done is give them new marching orders and forced an environmental review upon them which will make it very difficult for any new pipeline to be built, especially since the environmental review is also accompanied by an obligation to seek the approval of aboriginal communities, which will make it even harder. As for the assisted dying that's another myth as that Globe article and the Canadian Medical Association make abundantly clear. Did you know for instance that when the deadline expires on June 6th and Carter comes into effect, that almost no doctors will provide assistance because of the possible legal obligations? It's so much more complicated than many people imagine, and hating Trudeau makes absolutely no sense, for he does not have a magic wand. And what does this hate from older people say to millennials who see him as the generational change they want, or say to LGBT people who also admire him for being the best prime minister they ever had? Does that count for nothing? And is he really worse than Stephen Harper? And who do you suggest should replace him with? Tom Mulcair? Finally, there is also in case you hadn't noticed a serious national unity problem taking form in this country. Due to the economic situation in Alberta if Trudeau came out and openly started campaigning against pipelines he could split the country in half. So what he is doing is staying relatively neutral, and making nice sounds about the importance of the energy industry, while as I said before imposing a series of hoops that they must jump through which would have the same effect as just saying no. You know, I find the negativism of some in this country sickening, almost like disease of the soul. After only seven months in office the Liberals have done some very good things to dismantle Harper's could legacy so the least people can do is give them a year before they start declaring them an absolute failure. As I like to remind people, sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good...

    2. First of all I don't Hate Trudeau. It was Pierre Trudeau who was the best or at least one of the best Canadian Prime Ministers. I am not a conservative small c and never have been.As far as worse then Stephen Harper, we don't vote our PM's in because they are not as bad as the previous PM. You're right there is a difference between criticizing Trudeau then hating him. Harper I hated. Trudeau I criticize. Let's see where we are at in 3 yrs. In the mean time as I said let's agree to disagree.

  12. Anonymous12:16 PM

    It's too early to tell whether Trudeau did the right and smart thing. If it results in more FPTP elections, it was the wrong and dumb thing.

    1. hi anon...since all the progressive parties outnumber the Cons, and all want electoral reform, the chances of the FPTP system remaining are nil to nothing. By giving a vote to Elizabeth May and the Bloc he has made sure of that...

  13. The Mound has always provided invaluable information to his readers and for the most part avoids the pitfalls of identity politics; there are more serious matters to discuss. Indeed, his distrust of Trudeau is warranted when you consider how the election that brought him to power was essentially a vote to un-elect Steven Harper. I share his apprehension.

    1. Hi Stig....I have praised the Mound for his excellent work on climate change most recently about a couple of months ago. And I still consider him a valuable member of our tiny blogosphere. But being a progressive means more than focusing on one issue, and the struggles of woman and gay people can't be dismissed that easily.. And I will always fight for them. Being distrustful of Trudeau is perfectly acceptable, but spewing hatred against him is not. He is the democratic choice of Canadians, he is supported by an overwhelming number of Them. There is a climate of violence out there, and he should know better than to fuel it with his deranged ravings...

  14. Anonymous12:28 PM

    The sputtering rage that Disaffected Lib inspires on this blog, and on at least one other I could mention, is quite something to behold. And for such trivial offences.
    For his dissent, Mound of Sound must now be cast in the role of right-deviationist bogeyman, apparently. He seems to have become your very own Trotsky.
    Only Stephen Harper causes more hyperventilating round here than he does, and only barely so.

    1. Hi anon...misogyny and homophobia are not trivial offences. The Mound is not a martyr, he is not criticized on this blogl like Stephen Harper, he is definitely not Trotsky, and I don't have an icepick. He just got called for being a gross bully, and it's about time somebody stood up to him, and both of us will get over it. He attacked me, I attacked him, end of story...

  15. Come on you bloggers, I may have to cut you guys out of my day if all you can do is fight amongst yourselves like kindergarten kids.

    1. I hear that! This anti-Trudeau rhetoric comes off as being more than slightly unhinged. Get it together people. The guy has been prime minister for only 7 months! Embrace what he has reversed from the Harper era and come to the realization he still has to govern within the confines of a globalized economic world. I'm not exactly sure what your expectations were. Did you think he had magic powers or something? Sheesh!

    2. Hi hinofan...hey come on this is Canada, fighting is part of our national character. But yeah now we'll both go and stand in the corner, as long as Mound is the one wearing the dunce cap... ;)

    3. And I thought PEACEKEEPING was what Canada aspired to.
      We bombed Libya and look at the human carnage getting rid of Gadhaffi has caused.
      Is feeling guilty part of our national character too?

  16. Simon, I am sorry to say this, as I really respect your opinions, but I think both you and Mound are over-analysing each other's posts. While I am disappointed by Mound's referring to PM Trudeau as "Slick" (as name calling usually means a lack of sound argument), I think it's time for the 2 of you - both "Progressive Bloggers" - to take a break. Maybe even have a "drink together" somehow. (And, I don't mean "shake hands and come out fighting!")

    1. hi UU4077...don't be sorry I accept all criticism, but as I've pointed out I have a long history with the Mound, and I honestly believe that he is helping to fuel the insane hatred directed at Justin Trudeau. As it is against Rachel Notley, and Kathleen Wynne in Ontario. We are becoming a nation where progressive politicians are becoming moving targets for haters, and if it is not controlled it will lead us to a very bad place.
      But as for taking a break, well it is summer, so I might have to give that suggestion some serious consideration... :)

  17. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I remember the mound's epic meltdown I don't think I have seen ever seen anything like it on the Canadian Internet. I wish he hadn't deleted those posts so everybody could see how ugly and violent they were. I can't remember what his problem was except that he was screaming at everybody including the people who run Prog Blogs, only to return as if nothing had happened.

    1. Hi anon...I have a copy. Two of my friends downloaded the "best" of the Mound and submitted it to a contest on Reddit of the most epic meltdowns of the year. Where if I recall it did quite well, not in the top twenty or anything, but definitely not something to be proud about...

  18. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Simon don't let the MOS get to you. He has always had a potty mouth and he's out of another time. Old men like him have to google misogyny, and homophobia is in their genes. Just ignore him and keep doing what you do best.

  19. .. goodness gracious.. deary me.. (us.. the salamanders)

    Simon.. remain calm.. The Mound is not your enemy, nor will he hurt you.. of course he's damn opinionated.. and like you, highly motivated, concerned and functional.. You're not a threat to him either. Of course he's called you out on occasion.. did the same to me (us) That's the point of opinionation ! We all yak like troopers.. but among the Indy bloggers I treasure, its done with glowing hearts.. Haha.. I caught Mound's blog re 'I don't hate Trudeau' - not knowing he was referring in one aspect to you.. and left a brief comment - go ahead and read it.. I would say it the same knowing he was referring to you..

    We're adult Canadians.. can take a licking and come back like hungry boreal wolves.. We're tougher than nails & that Ten Year Harper Assault trying to bury Canadians? Turned out you & Mound and many many others were seeds - and grew taller & wilder than 99.99 of hired & paid mainstream media... Anyways.. as always I found myself putting the 1 + 1 of you & Mound together and getting more informed, intrigued.. involved.. and feeling mucho Canadian.. Neither of you require defending - due to being so awesome.. but you always have our respect and support.. and admiration.. The Salamanders have spoken..

    1. hi you know I don't often lose my temper, and I don't enjoy doing so. But I am concerned with the tone of our politics these days. I don't believe that however much one might disagree with Justin Trudeau, or Rachel Notley, or Kathleen Wynne, that they deserve the vitriol that is being aimed at them from the right, and sadly some on the left. Because none of them are bad people, and all this hate could take us to a very dark place. However, I have said what I wanted to say, and that should keep me mellow for at least six months... ;)

  20. Hi anon...don't worry I won't. The last thing I need is to think about him more than thirty seconds every siz months, and especially not in summer. As I suggested his biggest problem is that he clearly has no life, and when you blog from morning until night, you tend to lose sight of how real people live. It's also very bad for you, and too many hours spent staring at a screen will take years off your life. I admit I probably spend too much time blogging (about three hours) but I'm working on it, and I'm thinking of getting a desk I saw on TV, so I can blog standing up....

  21. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Hi SIMON, thanks for the clarification. I started following your blog over a year ago during the dark days when it looked the Cons could pull off another majority government by driving up the middle.I did not realize that you and the Mound go back a long way. In my opinion you are a true progressive, the direction is charted but it is a long and difficult journey with the BS and the truth sorted out at each step and possibly even revised as time goes on.I especially like your use of cartoon like characters to help make your point without resorting to an angry, basic approach. Suffice to show Kenny in a attractive hooker outfit, pig riding,rats jumping ship etc without going down to the sewer to make your point.

    As for the Mound I do not understand his motivation, whether its an evangelistic belief that some on the left have to push the envelope otherwise the journey will stall or whether its just impatience that we are about to run out of time and we are still leisurely strolling along. Once anger emerges it often means that ego and some form of evangelistic belief is involved. Not especially helpful characteristics.

    1. hi RT... thank you for your kind comments. The only way I can explain the hatred of some progressives for other progressives is that they are fixated on one issue, and forget that you can't judge leaders like that, and that you have to look at the big picture. And in that regard we are doing so much better than we were under Stephen Harper. So we should celebrate that, and realize that when we set out to change society, as we must, unless we all rise together it just won't work. But if we do, it will be worth all the struggle, and we will build a kinder, gentler, world....

  22. Anonymous4:35 PM

    The Mound is a real piece of work, and does not belong on Progressive Bloggers. He's a pervert and a group of us are going to petition PB to remove him.

  23. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I love you Simon. Please never leave me. Who else would tell it like it really is. The graphics make me laugh so hard that it scares the dogs. The joy I get knowing that the cons are reading it too makes me laugh even harder. Screw the Mound of Manure, I don't read his crap unless you post it but from what I've seen I think I would rather have a root canal. I want to sign the petition though so please lemme know. It sounds like he should be shut down. The hatred towards Justin and Rachel is unexplainable and hate mongers like the M.O.M need to be charged. I also worry about their safety and wish the RCMP would do something. You can bet if Harper or Rawna got threats those people would be in jail. After the Darkness I'm loving the Sunshine. Is everything perfect? No but Damn near. I think it's a small faction making a lot of noise, and we're the happy quiet majority. I don't think even fptp could save them now. They must think we all have Ambronesia, I'll never forget the 9 years of hell and I'll make sure no one else does either.
    I could tolerate a break since biking weather is here and I know how much we love biking. I'm still hoping your cartoons will be a book in time for Christmas. I'm gonna need a few copies.
    Thank you for putting up with the RWNJ's I know how ugly it can be when they target you. I had the gun nut on me for a while. Then her followers join in. Truly pathetic sad bunch of low life scum. But when Harper is their Idol what can you expect. We will ride off into the Sunshine. Luv Luv Luv You. Pamela