Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Disgusting Con War On Women Continues

One of the worst things about about our fallen king Stephen Harper, was the way he treated women.

The very first thing he did when he came to power was order that the words "women's rights" be erased from thousands of government documents.

His wacko church instructed him that women should be submissive.

He treated even his own female cabinet ministers badly.

And some things it seems never change.

For when Rona Ambrose made a fool of herself at the Con convention by calling Justin Trudeau a woman.

And followed that up by insulting his wife Sophie by comparing her unfavourably to  Laureen Harper.

Even though that's how Laureen reacted when asked by a young activist to support the cause of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

The Star writer Heather Mallick wrote this column.

Flashback to 1952. After comparing Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Laureen Harper modest lady-wise, Ambrose suggested Justin Trudeau was the “first female prime minister.” 

What fascinated me was the sight of a woman in 2016 insulting a man by calling him a woman. “Female” has always been a pejorative as indeed has the word “woman” — try saying “silly woman” and note that it isn’t the “silly” that stings — but what a lack of self-knowledge on Ambrose’s part.

Only to have the Cons put out this fundraising message the other day...

And have their supporters flood Mallick with hateful messages.

Can you believe that? First the Cons claim they're shocked by Mallick's claims that they don't like women.

And then they go after her like a pack of rabid zombies.

Which couldn't be more disgusting.

But does help explain why Peter MacKay is said to be getting ready to run for the Con leadership, despite his sexist record...

Or why Lisa Raitt is also said to be considering doing the same thing.

Despite the way she attacked Sophie, her husband, and their kids

And it also does help explain why Kellie Leitch is the only woman so far to have entered that race...

Despite her reactionary views on everything from marijuana smokers to Muslim women. Or the fact that she's anti-choice, voted against pay equity, and supported her misogynistic leader so loyally until the day he was defeated.

You know, at the recent Press gallery dinner, in between f**k bombs, Tom Mulcair revealed that when Leitch was in university she once dated the ghastly Con Peter  Van Loan.

Who led the charge to punish Justin Trudeau during the elbowgate affair...

And Mulcair said "now that's cultural barbarism !!!"

Which was a great line.

But sadly he was only half right.

They are ALL barbarians trapped in the past.

And it is just one more good reason they should never be returned to office...

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to get a "real" opposition government????? FS

e.a.f. said...

if the Conservatives keep going at this rate, the NDP could make official opposition after the next election or the Greens.