Friday, June 24, 2016

The Con Media and the Cult of Jason Kenney

As you may remember, when I last dropped in on the ghastly Con Jason Kenney he was busy consulting his shiny crystal ball.

And trying to decide whether to run for the leadership of the Harper Party, or leave Ottawa and try to unite the right in Alberta.

Well, it turns out the ball was wrong.

And although he's still playing hard to get, it seems he is about to make the jump to provincial politics. 

Conservative MP Jason Kenney is poised to announce this summer that he will leave federal politics, fuelling expectations that he intends to run a campaign to unite the right in his home province of Alberta.

But what's really annoying is that ever since that report came out, our useless Con media has been in a feverish frenzy, pumping out one story after the other, and trying to flatter him beyond recognition. 

The buzz created by any hint of what veteran politician Jason Kenney might do next with his political life highlights the power he wields in Canadian politics.

"He has proved himself to be one of not only Canada's but the western world's foremost conservative thinkers and leaders," said Jamie Ellerton, a one-time Kenney staffer who now runs a public relations firm in Toronto. 

"There's a real powerful political actor that people see and they see that potential."

I've counted nine stories in the last few days, and it's practically the Cult of Kenney.

When in fact that ridiculous chicken hawk is just a professional politician well past his past due date. A Con clown of a Cold War warrior...

As well as a weird religious fanatic, a grubby bigot, and a right-wing extremist.

As those who are encouraging him, like Tom "Strangelove" Flanagan make only too clear.

"He mentioned that he was thinking about it and asked me what I thought," Flanagan said.

"I told him, 'You know, Jason, this would make politics fun again. This is something really worth fighting for.'"

And this whole right-wing conspiracy makes absolutely no sense. 

For why would Kenney run for the leadership of the Alberta Cons, when he's spent the last three years supporting their bitter enemies the Wildhog Party?

And is too much of a right-wing extremist to be welcomed by the Alberta Cons, and not enough of an extremist to ride with the Wildhog posse.

Still as Don Braid points out, he could actually win, with the help of the Harper Party. 

When the PCs met in Red Deer May 7 for their first post-defeat convention, they decided to pick their next leader not by provincewide vote of members, but via delegates selected in each of the 87 riding associations. 

It means the fight will be at the riding level. Membership on constituency boards will be crucial. 

Nobody is more expert at packing these boards with their friends than Alberta’s federal Conservatives, who know the nomination is what really matters because victory at the polls is already settled.

So I suppose we have to take that chubby chickenhawk's lunge for power seriously.

Even though all it tells me is that the Harper Party is desperate. Kenney probably took a look at their latest fundraising effort.

Where if you give them $200 they'll give you a "FREE" umbrella...

And realized that those losers aren't going anywhere, and that he better get out of town quickly before he goes down like Harper.

But he's still the same ghastly person he always was. A creepy religious fanatic, a horrible bigot, a right-wing extremist.

One thing might be to do something about those Marxist "academic theorists" who are apparently cooking up a secret plan to promote multiculturalism and "suppress completely the Christian patrimony of Canada," as Kenney explained to an Italian Catholic conference a few years ago. I

If Kenney's talk about "the Frankfurt school of Marxists" sounds a lot like an alt-right conspiracy theory bouncing around the heads of Alex Jones or a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, that's because it is.

And of course an absurd Con clown...

And all I can say is that the Con media should restrain themselves, like Kenney does with his charity vows. 

For anyone who thinks that's leadership material.

Or any party or province that thinks that maniac can save them, is totally deluded.

And will be the laughing stock of the world...

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Steve said...

Just another clown, with all the air out of his ballons.

Anonymous said...

He should unite the right in Alberta. Send Notley packing and throw out the NDP garbage. Then separate from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, unite your reformacons, leave this great country and join team Trump. You'll find you have a lot in common.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Anon 11:19am, I somewhat agree. Let's send the Alberta CONS out of Alberta and let Notley continue to do the great job she is doing despite the fires, low oil prices, and the fact the that Alberta CONS did nothing for 40 years in the way of saving for a rainy day whilst lining the pockets of the Oil Overlords. And for an extra bonus all Canadians will actually be able to enjoy the real beauty of Alberta, Canada. Stop being such a rotten apple!!!! FS

e.a.f. said...

what was that guy sniffing, one of the western world's leading thinkers? Perhaps stinkers, but not thinkers. Jason Kenny is no mental giant. There are conservatives who actually do think but Jason isn't one of them.

The man seems to perpetually sweat while doing nothing. Usually means some one is lying.

Kenny may have support in his riding, but the rest of Alberta, don't think he has the appeal which is necessary. He is a known quantity and most people don't even want an oz. of him. Let him go to Alberta and sink the right. Alberta will be fine without them. They could have a centre party and a left of centre party and do just fine.

David said...