Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Donald Trump and the Money Pit

It's the ultimate irony. Donald Trump the billionaire, who is always boasting about how much money he has.

The man who claimed he could self finance his own campaign.

Now finds himself in a really embarrassing position.

Up to his big mouth in a money pit of his own making.

With not enough money to run a presidential campaign. 

The most important number in the filing is $1,289,507.76. That’s the amount of cash the Trump campaign had on hand as of May 31, a grossly inadequate sum for the demands of a contemporary presidential campaign, which requires a large national staff, a sophisticated get-out-the-vote operation and lots of television advertising. It wouldn’t even be enough for a good Senate campaign — or a three-bedroom home in Santa Monica. 

In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had more than $42 million in cash on hand and raised $16 million more than Trump in May alone.

And to make matters worse, he's funnelling a lot of the money he has received back to HIMSELF.

As if Trump’s money problems weren’t bad enough, he’s also spending the little he has unwisely. Upward of 20% of his campaign spending is being funneled to various Trump properties as rent or expenses. Presumably in lieu of television advertising, Trump spent more than $200,000 on hats. And while Clinton has a staff of 700 people, Trump has just a tenth of that.

And by the time he starts spending more on TV ads than he's spending on hats, it may be too late.

Clinton already has begun to advertise heavily in battleground states in which Trump isn’t running ads at all. And by acting early, the Clinton campaign is locking in advertising at favorable rates, so even when Trump does begin to buy air time, he’ll get less bang for his buck.

All of which is already allowing the Clinton campaign to portray him as a REALLY bad businessman...

Which can only weaken him further, and make him look even more like a fraud or a Con artist.

And that's before Bernie Sanders, who has seven times as much money as Trump, joins the campaign to defeat him.

“The major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly,” Sanders told supporters in a live-stream video. “And I personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time.”

Which is really good news, because Bernie and his young army will help make mincemeat out of that misogynist bigot.

But my favourite Trump story of the day is this one. 

In a few days Drumpf will be off to Scotland to visit one of his golf courses near Aberdeen.

And if he looks over at his neighbours this is the sight that will greet him...

Two angry Scotsmen and their Mexican flags. 

Two of his neighbours, David Milne and Michael Forbes – the man Trump once branded a “disgrace” and his home a slum – have erected Mexican flags on their homes in plain view of Trump’s clubhouse and golf course. 

“It’s just to show solidarity with the Mexican people,” Milne said, “and everyone else that Trump has derided, insulted and intimidated.”

Because they really hate loudmouth bullies in that country.

And since I'll soon be passing through Aberdeenshire on my way to my family home in the rebel highlands, I'll be sure to salute them eh?

And shout Viva Mexico !!! Down with Trump !!!

And of course as always, Scotland forever...

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David said...

Adelson’s Money Puts Us All in Bed with Trump

David said...

6 Celebrities Who Have Suffered Head Trauma That Support Donald Trump

John B. said...

Trump will turn this into a net positive.

"Hey look - I'm the little guy fighting an uphill battle for the poorly educated and all the working slugs against big money and the establishment by taking on their number one stooge, crooked Hillary."

e.a.f. said...

Love the Mexican flags!

Anonymous said...

Trump has not shown any sign of changing tactics to appeal to a wider electoral base.This leaves the RepubliCons and their masters with a huge problem.Support Trump and risk loosing majorities in the House and Senate or risk fracturing the party by attempting to replace him which would have the same effect.Without a majority in either they cannot trust the Democrats to do their bidding in the longer run.If there is no change in course expect that Trump will experience some well deserved turbulence as he tries to swim these shark infested waters.The angry Scotsmen with their Mexican flags will be the least of his worries.

Simon said...

hi John...I don't doubt he will try, but how a guy who lives in a golden palace can get away with that I simply can't imagine. Of course the problem is that Hillary Clinton is also a millionaire, which is why Bernie Sanders would have made a better candidate. But I still think that in the end, voters will reject the whole Trump package....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...yes it's a great statement, and since Scotland has a long history with Trump, I note that thousands of demonstrators are getting organized all over that country to give Trump a real warm welcome....

Simon said...

hi RT...Trump will try to moderate his image, but I can't see him changing his message. What he will do is focus more on attacking Clinton, because both the tea baggers and the Republican establishment both hate her. Hopefully despite her weaknesses, demographics and her superior organization will carry the day. But it's going to be a nightmarish campaign, and I suppose anything could happen...