Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Why Donald Trump Is Suddenly Looking So Vulnerable

One of the main reasons Donald Trump is so popular, is because for so long he was given a relatively free ride.

All he had to deal with were attacks from the other Republican candidates.

And as we know they weren't much competition...

But now the general election campaign is about to get underway, the Democrats are coming after him.

And it turns out he's just not ready.

He's already failing or flailing.

After Ted Cruz left the GOP race and Trump had all but clinched the nomination, Republicans tried to sell themselves on the idea of a silver lining in all of this: that Trump might be more competitive that he looks, that he might help the party expand in traditionally Democratic states. But if this week is any indication, those hopes are delusions. 

Trump isn’t just a compromised candidate hated by large parts of the electorate—he’s hardly a candidate at all, with few of the skills or qualities you need to survive at the highest levels of national politics. Trump has all the markings of a paper tiger, and there’s a good chance he’ll be torn apart like one, too.

And there's no better way to illustrate that, than by comparing the first crop of general election attack ads.

With this one courtesy of Trump's biggest super PAC...

Which looks like it slipped gently painfully out of Drumpf's rear orifice.

And now compare it to this one from a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton...

Which packs a real punch, and makes Trump look like an inhuman monster.

And golly I like this one too...

Which in just a few seconds makes it clear why he's unfit to be the leader of the world's most powerful nuclear armed nation.

If this endorsement from another "Great Leader" didn't already do that...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

And then of course there's this attack ad, that  sums up what Trump really is...

A blowhard, a fraud, and a Con artist.

Now imagine what six months of ads like all of the above are going to do to that ghastly bigot's reputation, and his poll numbers.

And yes, as I long ago predicted.

Humpty Trumpty has been cruising for a bruising.

And now he's going to get one...

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e.a.f. said...

things will change a tad now. they have the two runners. Trump to date has simply made statements and doesn't answer questions, much like the B.C. Lieberals in B.C. they and Donald deflect. its a good skill, but at this point the American media will be more instant than say the B.C. media.

Trump will no longer be able to just ramble. There will be journalists who will continue to bring him back to the point/question. That will be troublesome for Trump.

On the other hand, they say his base is older white males. They now make up only 19% of the American population. However, give the very low voter turn out in the U.S.A. one can not say Clinton is in, yet.

Of course it will be entertaining to hear from the more serious people in Europe, Australia, etc. regarding Trump.

GreazedLitenen said...

Unfortunately, it seems that nothing Trump says, or does, sticks to him. It seems that a lot American voters, and a whole party on the right, don't care that he is a pathological liar and a fraud. On the last episode of Real Time, someone claimed that if any other candidate went after a judges credentials based on his parents ethniticity, (and I would add, refusal to disavow an endorsement from the Klan, threatened to 'Brownshirt' a whole group of American citizens simply based on their religious beliefs, attacks the media when confronted by a reporter who asks tough questions instead of lobbing him soft ball fluff, makes insensitive, and frankly, repulsive, attacks against special needs people, makes ridiculous claims to build a wall and have the Mexicans pay for it) they would be toast and their campaign would be over. It also is amazing to me that the media, even outlets that are supposedly left leaning, are giving this guy unlimited access to their airwaves. At first I thought this was funny, and that it would make for another great comedic Republican presidential primary show, with the nut bars spouting their insane rhetoric for the sane people of the world to laugh at, but now I'm scared. I look at the past elections from our neighbors to the south, especially the fact that they elected George Dubya, TWICE!', and it scares the bejesus out of me. The worse part is, is that Hillary is probably hated by as many Americans, as Trump is, and if she does indeed win the Democratic nomination, than the election will be a flip of the coin type of scenario, and there is no way in the 21st, that a guy like Trump should even be considered a candidate in a race to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. I feel like I'm living in Bizarro World.

Anonymous said...

Bernie could stay in as an Independent and split the vote.

If Sanders takes enough of Hilary's vote and a bit of Trump's... The US could get its 3rd party president from a mainstream party.

Or, he could hand the Presidency to Trump.

David said...


Geoff Garin
The contrast between Hillary's speech and Trump's speech tonight should deepen the panic in the Republican Party. He's not in her league.

Dan said...

Trump is completely out of his depth.

eaf is right about his base. Low information angry white predominantly christian males can't carry him beyond the GOP primaries.

At this point, he's already lost the significant ethnic groups (Hispanic, Blacks and Asians) so he pretty much needs to overwhelmingly win the white vote (male and female.) The major problem is that McCain and Romney won a slim majority of white voters and still lost significantly to Obama.

Trump has proven to be so damn thin skinned that all Hillary has to do now is poke him a few times and he'll go nuts. His ego/masculinity/small hands won't let a woman get the best of him and he'll do it so badly and with so over the top misogyny that he'll lose the female vote just on principle.

The GOP doesn't get that they have become the political Trump Taj Mahal and he is going to lead them straight into political Chapter 11.