Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Bloated Ambition of the Con Bigot Jason Kenney

For a long time after his Cons were crushed and humiliated, the foul Harper stooge Jason Kenney kept a very low profile.

So low in fact that some of his closest accomplices feared he had lost his mind at the thought of losing so much power.

But now he's back.

His burning ambition has inflated him like some ghastly blimp.

And he's now buzzing around, telling his fluffers in the MSM that he can't decide whether he want to be the leader of the Harper Party. 

Or the leader of the Cons in Alberta.

As Jason Kenney weighs his options, the Conservative MP and former cabinet minister isn’t ruling out a move to Alberta politics.

In an interview Thursday, Kenney said he has been approached by a significant number of people to play a role in developing a “united alternative” to Alberta’s NDP government and he believes “something needs to be done.”

Which couldn't be more absurd, considering his dismal record in government. Where he managed to botch every job he was given.

From the temporary foreign workers he brought in to steal the jobs of Canadians...

And then tried to fix only to make matters even worse.

To his even more ridiculous stint as defence minister...

Where he also made an absolute fool of himself.

But what makes his bloated ambition even more disgusting, especially at a time like this one...

Is his long and shabby record as a gay hating bigot. 

For he has voted against every single gay rights measure brought before Parliament. Even those designed to protect LGBT people from discrimination and violence.

During the debate over gay marriage he taunted gay people like a Jew baiter in Nazi Germany, by declaring that they were free to marry anyone they liked, as long as it was a person of the opposite sex.

In 2006 Kenney appointed Doug Cryer, a long-time Conservative who opposed same-sex marriage, to the tribunal that decided whether gays got refugee status in Canada.

So goodness know how many persecuted gay people were sent back to the countries they had escaped from, to be tortured and murdered.

In 2010 he erased any mention of gay rights from a new guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship. 

Even though it should have been obvious that some immigrants needed to be taught about the rights of LGBT people in Canada, as much as they needed to be taught about women's rights .

He followed that up by changing the rules for people applying for refugee status to make it harder for gays seeking shelter from homophobic persecution.

And in 2011 it was revealed that he had attended a fundraiser organized by Ezra Levant for a Toronto comedian found guilty by a human right's tribunal of hurling insults like these at a woman in the audience.

Put a cock in her mouth and shut her up, You're a fat ugly cunt. No man will fuck you.
Are you on the rag? Is that why you're being a fucking cunt?

Then physically abusing and intimidating her, and breaking her sunglasses.

So the very thought that a homophobic bigot like Kenney should aspire to higher office, is not only deeply disturbing it's totally disgusting.

And that ghastly religious fanatic, that monstrous Con hog, needs to be told in no uncertain terms that his time is finally over...

He is unfit to be the leader of any political party in Canada.

And after more than twenty years in office he should have the decency to retire.

And hopefully never be heard from or seen again...

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  1. Does anyone in Canada think someone is in the closet?

    1. hi Steve....I can never decide whether Kenney is a closet case or a eunuch. But according to a recent story in the Globe, he likes to spend his nights listening to Gregorian chants, so I think he really does need to get a life....

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Unless something drastic has changed, Jason is a 48-year-old virgin. I doubt Harper's the only one in that party hiding in closets.

    1. hi anon...yes I've always thought that somebody who deliberately chooses chastity, as opposed to those who have it thrust upon them, can't truly appreciate the human experience, good or bad. I wish Kenney would just go away and follow his heart all the way to a monastery or a convent. I bet he'd make a terrifying Mother Superior... ;)

  3. If he leads the reformatoris I will get to enjoy watching his further humiliation.

    1. hi Rumleyfips...although I despise that bigot, I would probably celebrate by drinking a bottle of communion wine if he did become leader. Because then I'd know for sure that the Cons would be gone from power for at least a generation....

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Seems like his ambitions are just in his own head. I don't think CPC or Alberta really want him.


    1. hi TS...As I said in my post I do find his ambition a little bloated. I think the mediocrity of the other candidates has given him delusions of grandeur. He is still popular with the federal Cons, but surely they must know that he is unelectable. And as for the ones in Alberta, I very much doubt that they want that maniac running around giving them orders. Still as I've mentioned before, both Harper and him are very concerned with trying to unite the right, so maybe that's what has him so excited. All I can say is that with a reverse Midas touch like he has, good luck to those who would vote for him...

  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Kenny is most certainly not gay. He does not have the moral capability to respect anyone other this his religious, racist, bigot CON base. He is simply a lonely old virgin that no right minded person would consider to be of human quality, let alone leadership quality. Except for maybe Alberta, you know that racist, bigot province that should join Texas!!!!!! FS

    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Racists and bigots can be found anywhere. Don't judge my province based on a few idiots politicians. Thanks.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      he is actually gay

  6. e.a.f.9:34 PM

    I don't think he could unite much in alberta. Many see Alberta as a right wing province with not much going for it in the way of social attitudes. I think that is wrong. what I see in Alberta is people being accepted for what they bring to the table, not what they look like. Many went there from other parts of Canada for just that reason. They weren't "connected enough" in other parts of Canada and were welcomed in Alberta for their ability to work and bring something to the table.

    Lets remember when theu had the Olympics people volunteered and it broke even, not like in B.C. where it cost a shit load of money and people made lots of it. Look at all the volunteers each year to put on the Stampede.

    When other provinces 20 30 years ago were doing nothing for seniors, Alberta was. It was the right thing to do. I living in B.C. was amazed. Same for day care back in the 1980s. People who needed 2 or 3 day care centres, paying huge amounts of money or getting live in nannies moved to Alberta only to find affordable government licensed day care for all their kids. Better community centres in Calgary, all sorts of things which most never thought would be on the radar for Alberta. Just look at who the Mayor of Calgary is. They were interested in what he brought to the table, not how he looked or his religion.

    In some ways I have found more "socially" minded people amongst "right wing" Albertans than those living in the left coast of B.C.

    Therefore I don't think Jason is going to make it as the leader of anything in Alberta. people actually care about each other in that province. neighbours seem to be more interested in each other than in B.C. Perhaps its because for so long so many Albertan came from other parts of the country and had to rely on each other.

    I for one, if things get much worse in B.C. would consider Alberta as the place to go. Hey, Notley said she wasn't going to cut back on education or health. In B.C. not so much. Vancouver is faced with closing over a dozen schools, Surrey has so few schools it does shifts. Seniors live 50% below the poverty line and 500K of us don't have family doctors.

    1. hi e.a.f...that's interesting what you say about Alberta. And very reassuring. You know in this country we like to stereotype each other. But I have found decent Canadians in every province I've visited. So maybe Kenney won't fit in, and can finally go and join a monastery, and leave us all in peace at last....

  7. If he comes to Alberta, and becomes Premier somehow or other, I really will have to move. But someone reminded me about what happened to the last Federal Tory who tried to take over; Jim Prentice was chewed up and spit out by the voters, and we have Notley in charge and doing ok. Much to my shock, I vote Liberal and assumed the Tories would be back as usual. Prentice was too high handed and took victory for granted. People were really really angry when he would not support LGBT clubs in schools,and let him know in no uncertain terms, then he told Notley math is hard. Alberta is a funny place sometimes. Not at all what people think it is socially. I get the feeling people don't like Feds interfering. And they don't like intolerant homophobic politicians in leadership. Harper tried to get a PC candidate in as Mayor of Calgary, allegedly supplied money to Ric McIver, and again, that was another case of an unknown sweeping into
    office, almost as if people reacted against Harper's interference. 8 years later, still Nenshi. The Wildrose party have never made it because of their bigotry. We had a WRP MLA in my riding by default, first one to get in, and the kids on the Jr High down the road grilled him in an assembly on tolerance, and wrote a letter to the Herald complaining about his LGBT bigotry. He was booted out in the next election.

    If Kenney does try leading the broken Conservative mess here, might get further lessons in humility. Remember when he called Thomas Lukaszuk, Polish immigrant and AB MLA, a "fucking asshole" in an email? That will come up. And the TFW crisis affected Alberta more than any other province, and that was his. We seem to be doing OK with an NDP government that might decide to forge their own identify and break away from the Federal NDP. The Muslim mayor worked out fine, and a new LGBT club just opened. Harper is here, no doubt working in the background with Kenney.

    1. Hi Photo-Clean Your House...hmmm..that's interesting too. As I was just telling e.a.f, we do tend to stereotype each other, when reality is far more complex and interesting. From my perch in Canada I do get the sense that the province has been evolving quite rapidly, and that the extreme right-wing elects in the Wildhog Party are having difficulty gaining any traction. And what you have to say about the LGBT situation is very encouraging, as is the fact that Rachel Notley seems to be doing a good job. You know, if you keep this up I might have to stop thinking of Albertans as the annoying cowboys, and we Eastern bastards will be totally discombobulated... ;)

  8. Anonymous1:18 AM

    This will be an interesting thing to watch to see how it plays out. Kenny does face a few challenges though which leaves me a bit puzzled as to what his motives are. Firstly, to the best of my knowledge, under Alberta election laws, the finances of 2 separate parties cannot be merged. Not like the Wildrose would want to do this anyway since the Alberta PC's are essentially broke and can no longer raise money through corporate donations.

    Secondly, the Alberta PC's lasted as long as they did in part because of their ability to become a big tent party. This pretty much killed off the Liberals who were squeezed out between the PC's and NDP. I have a difficult time seeing Kenney being able to build a large spectrum of support. Personally, I consider myself to be socially very liberal but fiscally Conservative. I was loathe to vote PC in the past 2 elections that have happened since I've lived here and having Kenney as a leader would kill off any remote chance the PC's have left of having me vote for them.

    And lastly, of course, there is the matter of certain other former federal PC who jumped ship to become a party leader......and we all know what happened to him.

    1. hi Way Way Up...yes it will be fascinating. As I've mentioned before, the Cons want to create a provincial Conservative Party, modelled on the federal one. That would get around the problem of being unable to merge the two existing parties. However it's a dangerous gamble, because if they're not careful they could split the right three ways.
      My guess is that Kenney does not have the star power to get everyone to flock to his tent, and if they did get a provincial party up and running, they would need a younger and more charismatic leader to make it successful. I think Kenney has just been around too long, and away too long, and will just be seen as a pushy outsider. The only other possibility I can think of, is that Kenney would only try to pave the way for the return of Stephen Harper, who although he is making it look as if he's gone from politics, is very involved behind the scenes with efforts to unite the right, as is of course Preston Manning. So yes,as you say it is going to be fascinating, and we live in interesting times...


    1. hi David...I think that Kenney is deluded enough to see himself as the Conservative saviour, but I think that his pushy personality, and his social conservatism, will make most people regard him as a trip to the dentist...


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