Thursday, March 05, 2015

Stephen Harper the Not So Great Economist Leader

Well now we know why Stephen Harper would rather talk about terrorism than the economy.

Why he would rather scare people into voting him, than promise them better jobs.

Because if he did talk about the economy people would be REALLY scared.

Or really ANGRY. 

One of Canada's major banks says the quality of Canadian jobs is taking a nosedive. And even though Stephen Harper likes to pat his own back and praise his own jobs record, CIBC tells us the quality of Canadian jobs has been steadily trending downwards throughout Harper's time as prime minister. 

Released Thursday, the new report from CIBC shows part-time jobs and self-employment rising sharply at the expense of full-time, high-paying jobs.

Because although he likes to say this over and over again in Question Period. 

That shabby old Con artist is just misleading Canadians...

As economist Mike Moffatt points out "the claim that the number of Canadians with a job is at an all-time high is factually true, but misleading due to population growth.

" So there are more jobs than at any time in Canadian history in 2015 because there are more people than there were in 1867. In reality, the percentage of Canadians with a job is actually lower now than at the lowest point of the recession."

Old Fingers Harper, who thought morality was for suckers, and that he was smarter than the people AND the police.

And if you thought that something good could come from the diving loonie, or the Harper peso...

And that it cause Well you can forget about that. 

“There has been a hollowing out of the industrial base here in Canada, a lot of jobs lost,” Aubrey Hearn, a portfolio manager at Sentry Investments Inc., said by telephone from Toronto. “Does that race back? I wouldn’t bet on it.” 

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz told a business audience in New York in December that during the last period of low global demand and a rising local currency, between 8,000 and 10,000 Canadian exporting companies went out of business.

Because he killed our manufacturing sector with the high petro dollar, and now his low interest and low wage policies, are drowning us in DEBT.

Canadians are once again proving they have an insatiable appetite for debt. Despite warnings by the Bank of Canada that the country’s economy is in for a bumpy ride this year, household debt grew by 4.6 per cent in January, a new report says.

And making us look like Greece:

Canada's household debt-to-income ratio rose more than any other country outside of Greece between 2007 and mid-2014, according to a recent analysis by McKinsey Global Institute.

Or the U.S. before the crash. 

Canada is one of a few countries in the Western world where household debt burdens are higher than they were in the United States at the peak of the global credit bubble, McKinsey said.

And since you can't sweep a mess like that one under the carpet, by just yapping about terrorism, one really has to wonder how long it will be before Harper starts blaming others for the disastrous state of the economy. 

Like his good buddy Jim Prentice. 

As if recession and depressed oil prices weren’t bad enough, Premier Jim Prentice compounded his problems by seeming to blame his province’s fiscal woes on Albertans, leading to a stiff public backlash and calls for an apology.

“We all want to blame somebody for the circumstance we’re in,” Mr. Prentice said on Wednesday. “In terms of who is responsible we all need only look in the mirror. Basically all of us have had the best of everything and have not had to pay for what it costs.”

And since his mental state is being described as somewhere between delicate and

And he's in such a mad rush to pass his dangerously flawed anti-terrorist bill Bill C-51, I do believe he's capable of ANYTHING...

And the good news? 

He can run, he can hide, but he will not escape his economic record.

He didn't know what he was doing, he was no Great Economist Leader.

The economy will be THE major issue in the next election.

And it WILL help destroy him...

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hinofan said...

Hi Simon,
We gave the oil and gas away for a few years of high paying jobs for some.
Treated temporary foreign workers like shit.
And all we have left is that shiny pickup truck, bull balls a'dangling with that tatty ol' bumper sticker that reads:
"Please God send another oil boom and I'll promise not to piss it away !"
And, dear God, the payments!!! Oh the payments!!!
Pray for us Simon, 'cause Canada's economic Super Power engine is only firing on one cylinder

Anonymous said...

Harper's economic record has been a dismal failure. The huge tax breaks given to corporations has not been reinvested in the country. To the contrary, they're constantly looking at ways to nickel and dime the front line workers or the backbone of a company as I see it, while rewarding themselves with obscene compensation packages. Jobs are going overseas so corporations can cheaply make, then sell the products to the people they've taken the jobs away from. I try to buy Canadian when I can but with Harper and his morons running this country, it is increasingly difficult to do.
I hope you're right Simon, that Harper's economic record will be his downfall, but when he's using our money to tout his "record" and the MSM is failing to expose their incompetence, well, it'll be an uphill battle, so keep informing us as best you can and we'll keep spreading the news.

David said...

Fact check: putting the Conservatives' "million net new jobs" into context

3 stinging graphs that cut Stephen Harper's million jobs problem wide open

Marmalade said...

My "action plan" is to vote........provided there is ever going to be an election !

Simon said...

hi hinofan...don't worry, I am praying for you cowboys. It's almost beyond belief how badly managed your province has been, when although it doesn't collect enough royalties, it has had enough money to build for the future, but didn't. Still, I'm sure Alberta will be fine, although you guys may have to pay more taxes, like the rest of us. And that will be painful... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...although I'm no Great Economist myself, I do understand how incompetent and shortsighted they have been, and it stuns me to see polls that suggest that many Canadians still trust them to manage the economy. Even though in all their years in power they have never come up with an industrial strategy for the future. Still I'm pretty sure that the economy will be the main issue of the next election. It will be very hard for the Cons to keep the terrorist hysteria going all the way to October, And I'm hopeful that Canadians will finally understand what a lousy job the Cons have done....

Simon said...

hi David...every time I hear Harper talking about those1.2 million jobs it makes me want to throw something at the TV. It really is outrageous how that Con artist can lie so easily....

Simon said...

hi Kathleen..oh there will be an election. And yes we all have to vote. I've challenged my friends to get just one person who wasn't planning to vote to turn up at the polls. Because if we do get a good turnout we will crush the Cons, but if we stay at home we could lose. It's too bad I'm relentlessly honest, or I might try to vote four times... ;)