Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Con Clowns and the Terrorist Menace

Well it was obvious that Stephen Harper and his Con regime would try to portray the video of that deranged Ottawa gunman, as proof that they were right all along.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau wasn't a mentally ill drug addict, a religious fanatic, a lone wolf with delusions or confusions of grandeur.

He was a real Jihadi terrorist, or a real ‘mujahadeen.’

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s last video proves he was a terrorist “mujahedeen” seeking vengeance for Canada’s foreign military deployments, and justifies the need for new anti-terrorism legislation, the federal government said as the chilling recording was released to the public.

A stormtrooper in the service of the massive Jihadi Army, which has declared war on Canada, and is coming to behead us in our beds...

Or help Stephen Harper win another bloody majority.

In short: just another convenient Con propaganda tool.

Since his attack on Ottawa last Oct. 22, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has become the chilling face of Canadian homegrown terrorism. A widely published photo showing him brandishing a rifle with a kaffiyeh over the lower half of his face and his long hair flowing wildly has helped cement the image. 

But the RCMP's release Friday of what would become his martyrdom video when he was gunned down on Parliament Hill leaves the impression that Zehaf-Bibeau was not a particularly adept jihadist.

Even though Zehaf-Bibeau was more maniac than “mujahedeen.” His attack and his video couldn't have been more amateurish, or less ISIS.

None of the props that have come to be associated with such videos - black flags, Arabic script, weapons - are in the background. There is just a brick wall and the inside of his Toyota Corolla as Zehaf-Bibeau talks into the camera of a dashboard-mounted cellphone.

And what kind of hardened terrorist would end a rambling diatribe like that one with the words "thank you?"

That should be a tip off that something is not quite right. Or that he wasn't all there.

But then of course the Cons will use anyone to try to justify their totalitarian anti terrorism bill. Stephen Harper is trying to scare Canadians into voting for him.

And he needs to make security THE issue of the next election, because his government's economic record is such a disaster.

And how do we know that? 

Because Oily Joe Oliver, the useless Con Finance Minister says so.

Canada's finance minister is saying publicly what political observers have long suspected: expect to hear the Conservatives talking a lot about national security in the upcoming election campaign. 

Joe Oliver told the Manning Networking Conference Friday that the threat of terrorism at home and around the world has become a significant concern for Canadian voters — rivalling even the economy, a perennial favourite.

Who may not know what he is doing or saying...

Since polls show the economy is far more of an issue for most Canadians than security.

But does make it very clear why the Cons are in such a hurry to pass Bill C-51. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver suggested Friday that environmentalists and others opposed to pipelines or similar natural resource projects shouldn’t be using the concept of “social licence” to block major projects approved by federal authorities. 

“There are those who want to oppose any form of resource development —that’s not in Canada’s interest,” Oliver, who was previously natural resources minister, told a conference of Conservatives put on by the Manning Centre for Building Democracy.

Because the bill would make "undermining" the economy a crime. And make it easier to go after those "environmental terrorists" and all their other enemies.

And of course, because they are desperate and their depraved leader has lost his moral compass, and is rapidly losing his marbles...

And the good news? The situation may be desperate, terrorism is a serious subject, and so is the economy.

But with every day that passes, Stephen Harper and his shabby gang are looking more and more like Con clowns...

At the mercy of events, making it up as they go along.

It's so obvious what they are trying to do, and so outrageous.

And by the time the next election arrives most Canadians will almost certainly have had enough of their ghastly act. 

They will vote for change.

And they will give them the hook...

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Omar said...

Elections Canada Lettermail delivered this past week in Nova Scotia. Not an en masse mailing, but enough sent out to get noticed. Early election on the way?

Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly sick and tired of hearing Hypocrite Harper and company babble on about "protecting us". Soon the masses will follow and tire of this one act show. The cruel irony to all this is that Harper has been the real enemy to all Canadians with his contempt for the environment and the democratic institutions he seeks to destroy. I thought lyin' Brian was the worst PM ever. Well, deceivin' Stephen has him beat by a long shot.

hinofan said...

Simon, It is funny how this whole Mujahideen started because we thought the world was running OUT of oil !,9171,450997-2,00.html
North America has had more than its share of crazy "death cults" and religious movements.
Religious fanaticism, and the encouragement of it, is probably a much studied subject in Military Colleges' Psychological Warfare Departments.
My favourite Tom Hanks movie is Charley Wilson's War.
According to that movie, based on fact, the CIA created, or, rather, nurtured the mujahideen movement to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.
Once that genie, or Jinn was out of the bottle it has been difficult to stuff it back in.
Now Canada is suffering from an oversupply of oil, involvement in obscure bombing missions in lands unknown to most Canadians and the prospect of having laws imposed that make Canada a police state with no oversight on the police.

Marmalade said...

Kill Bill! (C51).........

Steve said...

Its not just current events. We are 6000 or more more years old still losing to a fresh asshole.

mizdarlin said...

Someone should ask Harper if the Feds will be subsidizing extra closets in every household...

David said...

25. Deceivin' Stephen

1. Helmet Hair
2. Caligula Eyes
3. Herr Harper
4. Thievin' Stephen
5. The Automaton
6. Great Divider
7. Dear Leader aka Dear Litre
8. Robo Steve
9. Stone Cold Steve
10. The Neo Con
11.The Fascist
12. Cowboy Steve (All Hat, No Cattle)
13. The Deflektor

With apologies to Arcade Fire:

I thought I found a way to enter
He's just a Deflektor (Deflektor)
I thought I found the connector
He's just a Deflektor (Deflektor)

14. Closet Steve
15. Steve Good2Go
16. Lord Harper aka Darth Harper

17. George W. Harper
18. Stephen W. Bush
19. Great Closet Leader
20. Great Warrior Leader
21. Great Economist Leader
22. Mr. Sneaky
23. Stephen Harprano
24. Big Brother Steve "B-B-S! .... B-B-S! .... B-B-S! ...."

At this moment the entire group of people broke into a deep, slow, rhythmic chant of 'B-B! .... B-B! .... B-B!'—over and over again, very slowly, with a long pause between the first 'B' and the second—a heavy murmurous sound, somehow curiously savage, in the background of which one seemed to hear the stamps of naked feet and the throbbing of tom-toms. For perhaps as much as thirty seconds they kept it up. It was a refrain that was often heard in moments of overwhelming emotion. Partly it was a sort of hymn to the wisdom and majesty of Big Brother, but still more it was an act of self-hypnosis, a deliberate drowning of consciousness by means of rhythmic noise.

25. Deceivin' Stephen

Anonymous said...

"Canada a police state with no oversight on the police."
Ur a wee bit late on that one, bub. G20 showed us whose side the police are on forever after here in
Canadastan and it aint ours.
"We have met the enemy and he is us."

Simon said...

hi Omar...I still believe that Harper is looking for an excuse to call a very early election. He would want to strike while the iron is still hot, and many are still. And of course before the Duffy trial drags him into its gaping maw. So my advice to progressives would be, assume that it will come sooner rather than later, and make sure you're ready...

Simon said...

hi anon...I too am sick of hearing Harper pose as our protector, when we need to be protected from him. But like you I believe his act is already wearing thin. And of course it is a sign of weakness, for he has noting else he can campaign on. Unless the country is hit by a major terrorist attack, which he is clearly trying to provoke by shooting his mouth off, I can't see how his fear campaign can continue much longer without making him and his Cons look pathetic. Or as I portray them, like absolute clowns...

Simon said...

hi David...nice list. Caligula eyes as you know is one of my favourites. And I once used the glassy guy in Deflector to stand in for Harper. So great minds think alike...;)

Simon said...

hi hinofan...yes it is ironic eh? One moment we're running out of oil, and the next moment we're drowning in it. I read recently that there is such a glut the U.S. and other countries are running out of places to store it. And as for Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, whatever he was he was no mujahideen. Or only in his own mind. It's a tragic story but to see Harper using that tragedy to scare people into voting for him is absolutely obscene....

Simon said...

hi anon...yeah I remember the G20 well, since it took place in my neighbourhood, and it was transformed for the duration into an absolute police state. But despite almost being arrested myself for no good reason, I am more optimistic than you. We will get a chance to defeat the Cons and make Canadastan Canada again...

Simon said...

hi Steve...I think you're a bit apocalyptic, although I can see how one can feel that way these days, when the whole world seems to be going crazy. But we need to stay grounded, and prepare to fight the Cons harder than ever. And yes, Jason Kenney is living proof that chastity is bad for you...;)

Simon said...

hi mean set up a new porky action plan to provide us all with armoured closets? Very good idea. Living in Harperland I definitely feel I need one. Not to protect me from the terrorists, but to shield me from foulness of the Harper Cons...;)