Monday, March 09, 2015

Amanda Lang, Rex Murphy, and the Journalistic Crimes of CBC Management

If there was any doubt that CBC management has either lost its moral compass, or its marbles, now there can be none.

For all you have to do to arrive at that conclusion is read how they are defending Amanda Lang.

So, let's add it up: the government thought RBC did something wrong and RBC apologized for doing something wrong. But Lang said they didn't, and now CBC management says she's "technically correct."

Which couldn't be more absurd.

Or watch Rex Murphy in action this weekend at the Manning Networking Conference, along with all the other Con clowns...

Because let me isolate that absurd gibberish so you can watch it again...

And then throw this into the mix...

Or how about this zinger?

Then ask yourself why does that absurd climate change denier and Con demagogue appear regularly on the CBC's flagship journalistic news show The National?

Why doesn't he EVER appear on CBC management's list of speakers? 

Even though he is a shameless pimp for Big Oil...

And while we're at it, ask yourself why Lang, who is said to be Peter Mansbridge's successor in waiting, gets off so lightly?

Or is buffed like a Gucci shoe.

"It should be understood that Amanda Lang is probably the only journalist we have who could have secured an interview with Gord Nixon that day. This was a significant ‘get’, and it is due in no small part to the knowledge Lang possesses, the contacts she has, and the sense from Nixon’s side that the interview would be fair."

While Kathy Tomlinson, the decent reporter who broke the temporary foreign worker's scandal, gets admonished by her bosses...

"Before going with an investigative story, there should be consultation with any relevant content unit. If it’s about business, that means the Business Unit."

For the "crime" of not checking with Lang first. Right.

Oh yeah, that's absolutely what Tomlinson should have done. Take note, CBC journos: before scandalizing a major Canadian institution, find out if anyone in the building is involved with a board member therein, and run your stuff by them first.

And when you've absorbed all of that, and the idea of Rex Murphy as a streetwalker.


I think one thing at least is clear.

With friends like CBC management who needs enemies?

You know, I'm a huge fan of public broadcasting, and I want the CBC to be saved from the depraved clutches of Stephen Harper.

But it should be obvious that if the CBC is to be saved from the Cons and itself, some of its hapless managers are not part of the solution, they're part of the problem.

Heads need to roll.

And enough is enough...

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Anonymous said...

the CBC is dead, Simon. It has been ever since it was invaded by harpie's nightmare minions. get over it.

Marmalade said...

The CBC has been mismanaged because of high political influences..........what does one expect when we are ruled by a Narcissist?

PS: I'm being polite!

Simon said...

hi it's not dead, and you get over it. It's management may be useless, but the CBC does not belong to them. It's the home of some of the best and brightest radio and television workers in this country, The corporation is still a Canadian institution worth preserving. And the fact that Stephen Harper hates it, it's just another good reason to save it...

Anonymous said...

Actually Jennifer McGuire needs to go - and remember Amanda can still keep her paid speaking gigs that were arranged prior to the speaking ban.

Anonymous said...

where did the quote about the fabulous "get" come from? I want to see what else the bloviating clown that uttered it may have spewed. It sums up so much of what is wrong with journal these days. Of course Lang could "get" the head of RBC, he knew she posed absolutely no threat to his talking points. None.

This is the same thing that gets the rats scurrying to every media availability regardless of whether questions will be taken. They claim they are afraid of losing access; I say if you can't ask questions hard questions and follow-ups, much less any questions at all, then you don't have access.
A. Nony Mouse

Hugh said...

CBC Radio (I don't watch TV) is still great, with the potential to be even better.