Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vic Toews and the Never-Ending Scandals of the Con Regime

He emerged from a Mennonite colony in the Paraguayan jungle to terrorize Canada. He was one of the worst cabinet ministers this country has ever known.

A brutish religious fanatic, a vicious anti-gay bigot, and a ghastly hypocrite.

He called those who didn't agree with him perverts.

He was dogged by one scandal after the other.

And now Vic Toews is in trouble. Again. 

Former federal justice minister Vic Toews, who is now a judge in Manitoba, had his wages garnisheed after a rental litigation where he tried in vain to argue that he didn’t understand a tribunal order sent to him in French.

He apparently couldn't understand what the French word DÉCISION means in English...

And not only that, he is also being investigated for allegedly violating conflict of interest guidelines. 

Former Manitoba Conservative MP Vic Toews is being investigated over a possible violation of conflict-of-interest guidelines — something NDP MP Pat Martin said is necessary "to uphold the integrity of our parliamentary institutions." 

The federal office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner says there is enough information to examine whether Toews's lobbying efforts for Peguis First Nation violated the rules. Toews had significant dealings with the Manitoba First Nation while in office.

And Stephen Harper made him a JUDGE?

And the good news?

Harper will wear that appointment, like he'll wear this one. 

And all those others...

Because you are judged by the company you keep. 

And we will use it against him in the next election.

For if we are ever going to clean up this country.

We really do have to get rid of the source of all corruption...

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Anonymous said...

Tricky Vic strikes again and Harper's monumentally poor judgement comes back to haunt him, again.

Simon said...

hi anon...yes isn't it nice of Vicky to make another appearance, and remind us of his sleaze, and of the appalling judgement of the man who made him a minister and a judge. It couldn't be more fitting...