Sunday, March 01, 2015

Stephen Harper's Fear Card and the Canadian Revolt

It's so cold out there, and the ice is so thick in the bay, that the Island ferry has stopped running.

This small police boat was having a hard time getting anywhere yesterday.

And I have to admit that I feel half frozen too eh?

Because I still can't believe that Stephen Harper would use fear and bigotry to try to win himself another bloody majority.

So it was really good to read these letters from Toronto Star readers letting him know what they think about him and his fear card.

Stephen Harper is always quick to wrap himself in the flag and co-opt the valour of the armed services who fought and died for our freedoms. Then, without a hint of irony or shame, he abuses the democracy they defended and diminishes those freedoms by ramming Bill C-51 through Parliament...

Terrorists simply cannot take our freedoms away. They can only scare us into giving them away for nothing; shaming ourselves and the memories of those who sacrificed for them. Ostensibly for the sake of not letting those terrorists win, this is exactly what Stephen Harper is trying to do.

Kevin Farmer, Toronto

One doesn’t need to cast their gaze back very far to see that for all the talk, spying and surveillance is consistently more about power, and keeping an eye on those who challenge it, than protecting citizens from threats or terrorism.

Canadians should be cautious. For our all the Conservatives’ dire warnings about how these arbitrary measures are needed to protect Canadians from others, as history shows us, those measures usually turn out to be more about the powerful protecting themselves from us.

Kevin Caners, Brockville

Not one of our previous Prime Ministers has done more to corrupt the ideal of democracy than Stephen Harper. With his latest move to ram through the “terror bill” with only the most minimal amount of discussion in Parliament, Harper has demonstrated once again how, under his tenure, he has dismantled democracy in Canada.

M. Schooff, Orangeville

And the reason I find them so encouraging is because it tells me that the revolt against Bill C-51 is growing. And that the more Canadians learn about the bill the more they will hate it and fight back:

“We as a government are not interested in politicians doing that oversight.” With these words Stephen Harper has officially declared that Canada is an autocracy.

Here is the issue for this year’s election: “Our Democracy” vs the “Harper Autocracy.” The opposition parties must unite and rally Canadians in this fight for democracy. 

Keith Parkinson, Cambridge

So it will be yet another issue we can use against him in the next election campaign. To help neutralize the advantage the war has given him. And strip him down to his underwear.

Or his economic record...

Which is of course where we want him. Bubbling in the stew of his incompetence and his depravity.

Yup. It is brutally cold out there. 

But the little propeller boat did make it home safely....

Brian Gable/Globe and Mail

And so will we.

It definitely is still Canada eh?

The revolt is growing 

And better days are coming...

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    From that article

    "And so, the Harper government is hyping our fear of terrorism — according to their definition of the day — out of all proportion to the actual threat in order to stampede us into accepting endless war and a creeping police and surveillance state."

    Stampede us would that be The Calgary Stampede Harper's adopted home after Toronto Edmonton and now Ottawa? So he wants to be a permanent resident of 24 Sussex Street warmonger and control the House of Commons which today is anything but common it is the house of the rich of ill repute.

    Cheers Simon,

    1. hi mogs...that paagraph sums up the situation we're in, and if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it could happen here. And Harper in my opinion has gone off the deep end...

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hi Simon:
    It seems Eric Margolis got Harper and some other like minded so called leaders past and present figured out, as well he takes a shot at the media.A great read for all Canadians.

    1. hi anon...thanks for the link. Yes, Margolis also sums it up well. And I am glad that more people are starting to use the word fascism, because that's exactly what it is. When you use fear to try to stampede people into voting for you, and compound that with xenophobia, it can only be described as fascism. And Harper and his Cons have never stooped lower...

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Simon if you have not already read this you should:


    1. So glad to see the National Post do a "G&M" on #HeilHarper!! LOL ... Geez, he's lost the Sun, the G&M, and now, even the NP! What is a poor wannabe dicktator to do? All that seems to be left is the CBC, - but wait! They're growing their cajones back too! Better direct The Press Gallery to add some bully rules - even tho they did ok for 148 years w/o any!! The road gets more narrow and the ditch seems to be widening!

    2. hi anon...yes it is good to see that the criticism of Bill C-51 extends right across the ideological spectrum. As it should. For it is only in the interest of a handful of Canadians to turn this country into a police state....

  4. norberto12:40 PM

    Let me share this article from 2005, that may explain the root of harper's philosophy on war, "noble lies", deception, and things like that:

    If you want to read more about Leo Strauss, go here:

    It is scary !

    1. hi Norberto...Thanks for the links. And yes, I am familiar with the philosophy of Leo Strauss, and Harper's attraction to that elitist philosophy explains a lot of his actions. It was harder to detect at the beginning of his ghastly reign, but now it's only too obvious...

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Harper. One day he's Mother Theresa Harper saving the mothers and children of the world, the next, he's ignoring the missing and murdered aboriginal woman at home while some scrounge for food at the local dump.
    Then he's Captain Democracy, helping free the Ukraine from a despotic leader that stifles democracy while he stifles it at home. We all know how it ended for Dr. Jeckyl.

    1. hi anon...I have always had fun talking about the voices in Harper's head, but after all he's done, and the way he behaves, I now realize it was no joke. The man is weird and definitely dangerous. And the first voice that speaks to him in the morning gets to common him for the rest of the day. But then he has always hidden his true personality, which behind the scenes is that of a brutish bully, who uses foul language all the time, and gets off on power like few others...

  6. Simon -- have you heard of the " " lawsuit -- ( if not read )-- you were away during their second victory , on your holiday down south - the government has now less than 60 days to surrender - or go to the supreme court -this is HUGE - and I mean this means we can totally drop our debt and as far as I'm concerned - arrest everyone in the top government positions. and banksters criminals,-- who prosper from stealing our money -- Why are we paying someone to borrow our own money - something stupid here.....

  7. hi jolly roger...the whole capitalist system is in its final spasms of degeneration, is totally corrupted, and unable to cope with the current situation, or lead us to a better future. When I was in Edinburgh recently, I say down next to the statue of Adam Smith on the Royal Mile. And it reminded me that once capitalism demanded some sense of social responsibility for the poor, but now it has none...

  8. Simon, when capitalism fails socialism with take its place and the world with be better for it.
    - K.