Monday, March 09, 2015

Jason Kenney and the Great Con Clown War on Terror

As you probably know, I'm still having a REALLY hard time coming to terms with the brutal fact that Jason Kenney is Canada's Defence Minister.

The very thought that a chubby chickenhawk and religious fanatic like Kenney should be in charge of any armed force is frankly frightening.

Especially now that the Great War on Terror and/or Muslims seems to have inflamed him. He can't stop playing Patton.

And sounding like Strangelove...

Because of course, he doesn't know what he's doing, or saying. As this tragic incident so clearly demonstrates. 

The Canadian government is disputing claims from its Kurdish allies that Canadian special forces are to blame in the friendly fire shooting death of Sergeant Andrew Joseph Doiron, the first Canadian soldier killed as part of Canada’s military mission in Iraq.

Where Kenney claims outrageously that the soldiers who were fired upon were NOT on the front line.

“Well, they weren’t on the front lines,” Mr. Kenney told CTV’s Question Period Sunday. The minister said the Canadians were returning to an observation post that “was about 200 metres behind the forward line of our troops, so 200 metres from the front.”

Even though an average assault rifle has a range of at least 500 metres.

So either he's an idiot, or he's lying. Again.

Or he's CRAZY...

Because when you pit one religious fanatic against another ANYTHING can happen eh?

But of course it's all cheap politics. Nothing must be allowed to tarnish the Great War on Terror.

And what's even more disturbing, is that I can't shake the feeling that the chickenhawk Kenney, and his depraved master Stephen Harper, might even welcome a casualty or two.

Because there's nothing like a big funeral to inflame emotions...

And the Cons need to keep war fever raging all the way to the next election. 

Because as Don Lenihan points out without it they've got NOTHING. 

Canadians are rightly concerned about terrorism, but there is an air of crisis around it that is exaggerated and unsustainable. Things have to settle down, likely sooner rather than later. So what happens to the Harper government’s election strategy when they do?

But using fear to manufacture a terrorist crisis, and scare Canadians into voting for them is a risky strategy.

To succeed, Canadians will have to believe there is a global crisis. At the moment, that might seem to be the case. Turn on radio or TV news or scroll through social media news sites and terrorism is everywhere. It’s quite extraordinary, really. But eight months is a long time in politics and sustaining this air of crisis is likely to be the Conservatives’ biggest challenge. 

It won’t be easy. Even when danger is real and imminent, getting people to focus on a single issue takes a huge effort. All the more so when the crisis has to be manufactured. And cracks are already showing.

And the more Canadians come to understand the dirty game the Cons are playing, the more challenging that foul strategy will become...

It is challenging because, unless something big happens on the international scene, the focus on terrorism will shift. People will tire of talking about it. It is risky because trying to sustain the air of crisis, say, with inflated rhetoric will not only sound opportunistic, but increasingly desperate.

And more will question why Stephen Harper is in such a hurry to pass his infamous Bill C-51 that would turn us into a police state. When he's the biggest threat this country faces. Or the real terrorist.

Until the day when they realize that the Cons are armed and dangerous.

The worst kind of chickenhawks

And that we will not be safe.

Until the day we defeat them...

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thwap said...

"Not at the front" would, to a normal person, be measured in kilometers, not meters. Kenney is, surprisingly, turning out to be a bigger idiot than even Peter MacKay in this portfolio.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the family of Sergeant Andrew Joseph Doiron, the 2nd casualty of Harper's war.
And, my condolences go to the truth, the first casualty of Harper's war.