Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Politics of Madness

Well so much for Great Strong Leader, who would try to brainwash into believing that all we need to do to feel safe is to trust our fate to HIM.

Trust that only HE can stop the terrorist hordes from beheading us in our beds. 

And allow HIM to turn Canada into a police state. 

So we can feel even safer...

But now it turns out you don't just need Great Leader to feel safe, 

You also need a gun in the house. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, after years of cautiously linking gun ownership to farmers and duck hunters, now says firearms are needed by rural Canadians for their own security so they can shoot people who pose a danger.

Because you know he can't protect everyone ALL the time...

But he can keep trying to turn Canada into that deranged shooting range called Amerika. Or keep encouraging Canadians to break the law.

Eric Gottardi, chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s criminal justice section, rejected the notion Monday evening that Canadians have the legal right to defend their homes with a gun.

“At 3 a.m., if someone is breaking into your house, you might think that your life is in danger. But the reality is that if it’s an unarmed intruder and you blow them away, you’re going to be arrested for murder.”

While he turns the country into some kind of crazy fascist jungle.

But then of course this latest campaign does come from Jenny Byrne.

Harper’s comments are being promoted by the Conservatives’ election campaign manager, who says she is “proud” of how Harper said gun ownership is “important for safety for those of us who live a ways from immediate police assistance.”

She is a beast... 

Who is just trying to create another wedge issue to use against Justin Trudeau.

And her depraved leader is now so crazed that he is not only trying to scare people into voting for him. Or fanning the flames of bigotry.

He is as Lawrence Martin writes, also threatening to torch the country. 

It’s hard to recall another time when we have witnessed such a flame-throwing approach to politics, policy and Parliament. Too often, the governing party resembles a band of belligerents rather than sage public servants. How many fights do they want to pick? Are they not concerned about the impact on the country’s social fabric, the dangers of pitting one Canadian against another?

He's out of control, he's not just whipping up the mob at home, he's inflaming tensions abroad.

Last week, James Bezan, parliamentary secretary to Defence Minister Jason Kenney, raised the ante with Russia, claiming that our navy was “confronted” by Russian warships and “buzzed” by fighter jets in the Black Sea. NATO officials said this was nonsense – that Russian vessels remained far off and that there was no buzzing.

The idea appears to be that if you provoke some kind of clash with Russia, you’ll get the patriotic juices flowing back home. More support for your party.

Because he doesn't care whether he sets Canada on fire, or whether he turns our country into a shooting range. Or even if he helps trigger the Third World War.

All he cares about is winning another bloody majority.

And for that alone, never mind all his other crimes against Canada, he has now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is unfit to remain in office.

The depraved emperor is as I have portrayed him all along...

Crazy, desperate, diseased, and dangerous.

He's taking us to a very dark place.

And if this country is going to survive.

We can't defeat him soon enough...

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Anonymous said...

"Mr. Harper now knows no restraints. He is Paranoia Unbound."

The more I see and hear of him I think he is mentally unstable like his grand-pappy...

"In his book Full Circle, Bob Plamondon writes about times in which Mr. Harper has "gone dark," turning inward and reclusive. Others, including Preston Manning, have written how he was quick to draw away from situations where he was not in control." From --->Lawrence Martin

@ http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/a-family-tragedy-that-stephen-harper-has-not-forgotten/article787903/

Also this:


He was at it long before Justin Trudeau stepped in as liberal leader. He aparantly constantly fantasizes about terrorizing and destroying the Liberal Party of Canada and the legal fabric of Canada. Who is the terroist now?

Taking your own life is an excuse for admitting you are not and refuse to get help. We will all croak sooner or later let nature take its course. And while we are here let's enjoy one and other not be bitter hatefull scum like Harper creates by waging his un-magical toungue.



e.a.f. said...

the Montreal Gazette quotes harper, "My wife's from a rural area. Gun ownership wasn't just for the farm. It was also for a certain level of security when you're away from immediate police assistance." what I'd like to know is what do the people in that community have to say for themselves? Is it so dangerous? Was it so dangerous 40 years ago that people had to have guns on their farms?

Crime has been in decline in this country since the 70s. Canada's murder rate is the lowest its been since 1966. What is "great warrior" talking about. I live in B.C. We had 7 murders in the past week. All in urban areas. The 3 murders in the DTES, I'd venture to say had VPD officers within a couple of blocks. The ones in Surrey, close by also. Murders in rural areas in B.C., not so much.

I'd bet a good bottle of B.C. wine, that the murders we do have in Canada are almost all committed in urban/suburban areas. We have had home invasions in urban/suburban areas, rural farms, not so much. O.K. the odd grow op has had some problems from others in the non legal business, but its few and far between.

This P.M. is a nut bar. He abolished the Long Gun Registry. this is second step. it works if he is planning further cuts to the RCMP. Is Harper trying to arm northern citizens so they can fight against an impending Russian invasion? Steve try to remember Putin only has his troops in the north out on an "exercise". If Putin plans to invade, you'll know it. it would be funny. Our few fighter jets are in the middle east, our subs don't work. we never did get new war ships and the military has been defunded year after year. If Putin promised to leave right after he gets rid of Harper, I may be o.k. with that because right now Harper doesn't look all that different to me than Putin. In my opinion, they're both crazy as rabid dogs.

Anonymous said...

"...they're both crazy as rabid dogs.' Now e.a.f. you are insulting rabid dogs only because they are much more intelligent even though they have Rabies eh?

Cheers e.a.f. cheers,
Mogs Moglio!

David said...

Do we want to become a gunfighter nation like the U.S.?


Won't you take me down, down to the wild frontier
I want to meet an action hero, bring back a souvenir. I want to have some fun keep the piece in the neighborhood
I want to shoot a gun like they do down in hollywood.

Down south of the border, they got some things down there that I'd like to see
They keep the law and the order because even the kid next door could be packing heat

See them stop those crazies in a way you'd never guess
get a new gun down at Wall-mart. Put that Ar-15 to the test
Gunfigher Nation

From Binghampton to the halls of Columbine
Since the civil war the constitution's on their side
welcome to the rodeo, there's 3 shot dead in Texas A&M.
Remember the Alamo, so keep you background checks for the Canadians

Who's gonna stop the crazies? Save the crop from the weed? Put a gun in every home cause more arm chair sheriffs are what we need
Gunfighter nation

Won't you take me down, down to the wild frontier
You know they got some things you just can't get up here
down south of the border, you get to see first hand how the west was one
they keep the law and the order
The sixth grade teacher's got a loaded gun
(survival 101)

See them stop those crazies on the next shooting spree
with just a military rifle and a high capacity magazine
Who's gonna stop the White House from parking their tanks on my front lawn
There's slapping leather at high noon
there will be pistols at dawn

Gunfighter Nation

Simon said...

hi Mogs...Stephen Harper has done more to terrorize this country and its values than any other Prime Minister. But I will never let him scare me, or reduce me to despair. And I live for the day he is defeated...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I have very strong views on the proliferation of weapons, for I have seen close-up what terrible damage they can do. I give thanks to my Dad who never would let us have a weapon in the house, no matter how loudly I begged him to get one ;)

Simon said...

hi Mogs...yes you're right, I should not insult dogs. Or pigs either. For they are both better than the Cons....

Simon said...

hi David...good one. I have no idea why some Canadians would want to turn us into armed Amerika. I can't think of a worse nightmare, where even a minor argument can turn into a bloody confrontation. In fact when we visit family in Maine, and I have unfortunately been known to give other drivers the occasional finger, Seb doesn't let me drive in the U.S... ;)