Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two Way to Fight Bill C-51 and Shred Stephen Harper

With Stephen Harper's anti-terrorist bill now being rammed through a parliamentary committee.

And the Con regime sounding ever more desperate. 

“The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chamber. It began with words.”

Or veering into the realm of farce.

I see there are now at least two ways we can help shred the bill AND Stephen Harper.

We can take to the streets on Saturday and join in this Day of Action. 

Or we can do as Mary Walsh does and shred Stephen Harper...

Personally, although I love donuts, I would suggest the Day of Action.

For it is time to show what we think of that foul attempt to turn us into a police state.

But the more we ridicule that foul bill. And mock the Cons

The easier we will shred Stephen Harper and his gang in the next election...

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Love these .... "cowardly lion" .... "remember the time he was cringing in the closet?" .... Mary certainly has a way with words, eh?

    Now we are hearing that they want the Ottawa police to guard the ceremonial guards. Why don't they just issue them bullets with the rifles they carry?

    Besides, are there any police personnel left over after guarding Closet Leader and his family from the jihadis that are supposedly all around us?

    1. hi anon...yes Mary Walsh is great, As for the cowardly lion, the situation in his parliament hill palace is becoming the stuff of farce or something out of the Kingdom of Grand Fenny. He failed to properly protect Parliament, he hid in a closet, and from what I hear he's now so paranoid, he fears everyone and anything...

  2. Thank you Simon. The Mary Walsh Video is beyond brilliant!

    1. hi Blue're welcome, I've always believe that one of the best ways to fight that maniac is to expose his pretensions, and mock him mercilessly. And Mary does that well...

  3. Bill c-51 is a total farce because -*privacy is an essential right*.. It makes freedom of expression possible, and sustains freedom of inquiry and association. It empowers us to read, write and communicate in confidence, without fear of persecution.. Enough said...

    1. hi jolly's a farce because it's not needed, police have all the powers they need to do their job. And a farce because as you point out it's an outrageous attempt to curb our freedoms in the name of freedom. You can't get more insane than that...

  4. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Given that the attackers last fall were on the RCMP's radar and the ongoing investigation of terror suspects and arrest of others, I'd say the authorities have more than enough tools to combat the terrorists. If Harper hadn't slashed their budgets instead of blowing millions on his disgustingly self serving ads, there's a good chance those servicemen would be alive today.
    Bill C-51 isn't about protecting us, it's a means for Harper to spy on and retaliate against law abiding citizens who oppose him and his regime.

    1. hi're quite right. The police have been given all kinds of powers since 9/11. They haven't even used many of them, and giving them even more is absurd. And you're right, it is just his latest attempt to try to spy on his enemies and intimidate all of us. Good luck with that one...

  5. e.a.f.8:33 AM

    This "anti-terror" bill will spread more terror around Canada than any other piece of leg. we have had. its not about "fighting terrorism". Its about harpers quest to control Canadians, how they think, how they organize, how the protest. We have already heard Cons say environmentalists are terrorists. Who will be next. When we protest, will we be terrorists?

    There are enough laws on the books to deal with terrorists. Stevie just wants total control over everything in Canada.

  6. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Mary Walsh how does that old nursery rhyme go? Mary Mary not contrary how does your garden grow? If you use as an analogy your audience to garden with the mocking of Harper your garden is now billions of Canadians. No shit!

    Simon beautiful journalistic piece I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mogs Moglio