Monday, March 02, 2015

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Could End Up Hurting Stephen Harper

Oh. My. Gorilla. I see Benjamin Netanyahu has begun his controversial visit to the United States.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in the US to argue against a possible nuclear deal with Iran. Mr Netanyahu says the deal would be inadequate to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. He is due to give a speech in Congress on Tuesday which was not agreed in advance with the Obama administration, angering the White House.

And although he has spent the last few days trying to portray it as a "sacred mission."

And claiming to speak for the "entire Jewish people."

He not only risks making a fool out of himself, he could also end up embarrassing his faithful stooge Stephen Harper.

Because the visit is dividing the Jewish community, many are coming forward to say he does NOT speak in their name. And Harper wants them ALL to vote for him.

And since even a lot of Israeli hawks think he is making a big mistake. 

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers his apocalyptic message to Congress on Iranian nukes on Tuesday, he will seem the personification of the Israeli hawk. 

But back home in Israel, where I’ve been reporting for the last two weeks, there’s a strong sense even among hardliners that Netanyahu has blown Israeli foreign policy and is making his nation weaker by imperiling its relationship with its most critical patron, the United States.

If Harper keeps supporting Netanyahu's position, and Benny comes out sounding like a maniac, so will his boyfriend.

Especially since it's also clear that Netanyahu is using the same tactics as Harper is using these days; posing as a Great Strong Leader and trying to scare people into voting for him.

As he did at the United Nations a few years ago...

Only to have that claim recently exposed as FRAUDULENT.

And the last thing Harper needs is for more Canadians to think that he too is trying to scare them for crass political purposes...

So although we know how he feels about Benny...

And what he thinks about Obama...

The fact is his support for Netanyahu's attempt to scuttle any nuclear treaty, could prove a political liability, and undermine his own terror campaign.

And as for insulting Obama, that could also backfire, since he is more popular in Canada than Harper. 

So Netanyahu's invasion of America could end up costing Great Stooge Leader votes, just as he's trying to decide whether to call an early election.

Which as I have pointed out before, is only poetic justice.

Because both Benny and Steve are ghastly Cons, disgusting bullies, and the lowest of political opportunists

They are both war criminals.

And they both deserve to go down together...

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Okay Simon you are getting to funny I think you missed your calling as a comedian [no insult intended merely a compliment] but you should have added the picture of Harper and his con clowns wearing a yarmulke and kissing the wailing wall in Jerusalem now that was one of the finest jokes I've ever seen:

    Enjoy the links folks Stephen Joesph Harper is the biggest phoney North America has ever seen.


    1. hi Mogs...If I didn't kid around a bit in this miserable winter when everybody is so gloomy, and the world is going to hell, I would probably go crazy. But I did have quite bit of fun with Great Leader's Junket to Israel. It was hilarious. I should also say that I smile a lot, I think it's a nervous tic, and it does drive people crazy. If I didn't hear "wipe that smile off your face" a million times when I was a boy, I might do it now. But this country is gloomy enough, and a sense of humour definitely helps...

  2. Desperate people do desperate things! Getting more prevalent by the minute........whether you 'believe' what you hear or see via MSM or not!

    If Stephen Harper is voted back in .........Canadians have no one else to blame only themselves!

    1. hi Kathleen...if Harper does get voted back in, if I can't get Quebec to separate., I'm leaving the country. You can find me somewhere in Scotland, tending to small herd of sheep, while fly fishing, and doing my best to forget I ever lived in Harperland....

  3. RE: the title of this blog post > we can only hope that it will be so.

  4. hi sassy...well he's definitely caught between a rock and a hard place. He would live to side loudly with his darling Benny, but taking on a guy like Obama could prove hazardous. So I expect him to remain almost silent, and let people like John Baird do the talking...