Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Other Big Reason Stephen Harper Wants to Bomb Syria

One of the things that horrifies me the most about the living nightmare that is Stephen Harper's Canada, is that so many have lived for so long in his depraved shadow.

But yet so few in the MSM seem to understand him or his motives.

And today was another good example of that curious blindness which is killing this country.

When Harper mounted his shiny steed, sticky with excitement, and announced that we will now be bombing targets in Iraq AND Syria. 

Canada’s fight against Islamic State militants is entering a more complex and dangerous phase under a plan unveiled by Stephen Harper to expand air strikes to Syria. The Conservative government has tabled a motion seeking the endorsement of the Commons for expanding the Iraq mission and extending the deployment by one year until the end of March, 2016.

For while the Globe and Mail did point out that attacking targets in Syria would make those missions riskier.

The expanded mission carries more risk for Canadian Armed Forces and for Mr. Harper. Should a Canadian military aircraft crash in Syria, the pilot or crew would be farther removed from friendly forces than if they were similarly stranded in Iraq.

In December, Islamic State militants took hostage a Jordanian pilot whose plane went down in Syria during coalition air strikes. They later killed Moaz al-Kasaesbeh by burning him alive.

And although the Star editorialists did point out that the move into Syria serves no national interest. 

It’s far from clear that Canada’s national interests, as distinct from Conservative political calculations, hang on bombing targets in Syria, a country already in pieces. What Canadians are witnessing is something more akin to “mission leap” than mission creep, as New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair aptly put it. 

We are being press-ganged into what Trudeau sees as an “unfocused, unending” tour of duty in a notoriously unstable region plagued by civil war, jihadism and shifting rivalries.

Only Stephen Harper's crass political purposes...

Nobody in the MSM as far as I know, bothered to ask this burning question: Why Syria and why NOW?

And as a result missed the other big reason Harper is in such hurry to bomb that country.

His religious base is in an uproar over the plight of Syrian Christians. 

They're praying up a storm from Alberta to Alabama, and demanding more earthly intervention.

A prominent Syrian Christian political leader has called for US-led coalition forces to use air strikes to aid fellow Christian and Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State militants following abductions and church burnings in northwest Syria.

Demanding more action from their Con government.

And Stephen Harper will do ANYTHING to pleasure his base. 

Even if because the Christians in Syria are some of Bashar al-Assad's strongest supporters that DOES mean siding with that butcher.

Even though this expanded war makes it MORE not less likely that we could become terrorist targets.

And increases the chances that one of our pilots could be beheaded or burned alive in a cage...

Because all Harper cares about is winning the next election.

And really what more can anyone say? 

Except that these are the ravings of a madman. 

ISIL has made it clear that it targets, by name, Canada and Canadians. Why? For the same reason it targets so many groups, in fact, for the same reason it targets most of humanity: in ISIL’s view, anyone who does not accept its perverted version of religion should be killed. It is as self-evident to them as it seems insane to us.

Canadians did not invent the threat of jihadi terrorism, and we certainly did not invite it. Nor, as this global threat becomes ever more serious, can we protect our country or our communities by choosing to ignore it.

Who is playing politics with war, and trying to scare people into voting for him, while working feverishly to turn us into a police state.

And would dare use the words "perverted" and "insane" When nobody is as politically perverted or as crazy as he is. Or a greater threat to this country and its values.

He is desperate, he is dangerous. He is leading us to disaster.

And if anyone deserves to be defeated and caged.

He surely is the one...

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  1. Replies
    1. hi Steve...I never thought we would be reliving all the mistakes of the last two Wars on Terror, but we are definitely heading in that direction. It really is unbelievable and a real nightmare...

  2. Anyone who doesn't see that Harpers evangelical religion plays a part in many of his decision, does not understand Harper.

    1. hi Pamela...I agree. You can't understand the guy unless you understand his black and white world. And let's not forget that hence said he didn't care about the judgement of Canadians, all he care about is the judgement of his god. For that alone, he never should have been elected...

  3. So many innocent people being killed..........maybe it will take a Global Catastrophe to bring people to their senses? "Lest We Forget"!

    When war actually lands on Canadian soil........people will not wake up.

    1. hi Kathleen...well unfortunately history seems to indicate that it sometimes takes catastrophes to wake humans up. I can't remember a more apocalyptic time, but I like to think of it as the darkness before the dawn...

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I don't think ISIL wants to conquer the world. They don't have the resources to do that. But they want westerners out of the Middle East. And perhaps Harper doesn't really care if a Canadian pilot falls into their hands. Think how much support he would get for fighting them if that happened. Psychopaths think that way.

    1. hi anon...ISIS doesn't have and will never have the resources to conquer the world. They are the product of the breakdown of a society, the intervention of the West, and the catastrophic war between the Sunni and the Shia. And yes I hate to think how Harper might use the capture of a pilot. Because I haven't the slightest doubt that he is hoping for another terrorist attack. I wouldn't say that lightly about any other person, but he is so twisted and desperate I really do believe he is capable of anything...

  5. Foreign policy based on Alliance Church core beliefs, including the belief in the infallible Word of God.
    Let's assist in the Second Coming!
    Gott mit Uns!
    The best excuse for a war !

    1. hi hinofan...yes there are some very disturbing vices in the head of our Great Leader. We couldn't have a worse Prime Minister than Harper at such a critical time in human history, and I truly fear what might happen to this country is he does manage to be re-elected. He is a wretched war monger and he is definitely dangerous...

  6. Great read, Stephen Harper chicken hawk war monger, running away from his economic failures..

    1. hi Grant....thanks for the link, and yes it is a good read. Siddiqui really nails it from the phony war to the ghastly bigotry...

  7. This may not be directly about harper - but it is about his mirror image, ted cruz and his upbringing by his nut case dad -- read it and see for yourselves what insanity we need to STOP..

    1. hi jolly roger...for some reason the link didn't work, but I know all about Ted Cruz, and I can't believe that Republican zombie is still standing. He is an absolute asshole, and I have to believe that he won't get very far. Although if he does become the Republican candidate, I want to be the Democratic candidate so I can be President !!! ;)

  8. e.a.f.11:12 PM

    harper and 60 of his Cons are members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. They believe the bible is "inerrant" and the second coming is "imminent". Now having read the bible, no where does it say killing is o.k. As a matter of fact it says very clearly, Thou shalt not kill. I don't know what part of that stevie doesn't understand, but perhaps we could ask him some time.

    stevie's devotion to his faith would appear to put him on the same level as the jihadist he proport to want to "eliminate".

    stevie and his cons have no legal basis for going into bomb Syria. Entering their air space to bomb them could be construed as an act of war by Syria. that would leave them open to ask assistance from their allies, RUSSIA. yes, Russia has supported Syria and its president for some time. Now think of this, how did we get into WW I & II? Allies supporting each other.

    Putin a couple of weeks ago had a little exercise in the Artic, 40K soliders and 30 some odd war ships. We can't match that. Our 6 jets are in Iraq. A tad far off to provide any assistance. Asking the Americans to engage the Russians in War in our Artic? Might not make an immediate decision. as long as the Russians Do not go into Alaska, the Americans might just enjoy it. The last time I checked it was stevie who told Obama, he wouldn't take NO for an answer regarding the pipeline. Given Stevie's good friend Bennie isn't exactly on Obama's "friends" face book page, we could be in a tad of trouble.

    Perhaps this is what stevie wants, to watch the world go up in flames. He threw the first match. it is not beyond the realm of possibility. We have always thought wars would be fought in Europe or the middle east, but there really is not reason we can't have one fought in Canada. we do have a lot of open space. Before anyone thinks it couldn't happen, just remember they had the Olympics in Savarjo and then they had a war.

  9. hi e.a.f...there are indeed some disturbing similarities between the Harper Cons and the terrorists. They are both bullies and religious fanatics, and the truth is what they say it is. And when you think that the Cold War warrior Jason Kenney is the Minister of Defence it's positively frightening. We have the worst government we could possibly have at exactly the wrong time. I'm still confident we can defeat them, but in this insane atmosphere anything could happen...